Monday, December 04, 2006

MONTENEGRO- The Last Terrorizing Bully in Europe

Rochester Hills, Michigan, 26 November 2006 – In response to the Montenegrin state campaign against Albanians, the Albanian-American Association “Malësia e Madhe” has a compulsive and mandatory commitment to unveil the vicious and atrocious propaganda against Albanian citizens in Malesia...the Montenegrin Government [has] wrongfully imprison[ed] Albanians, but then having them subjected to torture and abuse while in jail is absolutely deplorable...

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad to read that someone in the Diaspora is actually taking the time to assess the situation "intellectually" rather than just heresay...

Anonymous said...

Who wrote this?

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter who wrote it, the point is is that this organization collectively works and publishes in a unified manner, something all other orhanizations have failed to do, which subsequently led to their demise.

When ever we have individuals that believe to be greater than the whole, then there is a problem; and believe me there are individual characters in this Albanian community who are in it for their own personal self-interests and gain -- "STARDOM" for lack of a better word!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha .. Tuzjan, that is so true; why do you think I don't attend "their" meetings and functions? Not because I'm not patriotic or sympathetic to what's going on in Malesi, but because you have the same people running their mouths with absolutely no basic knowledge of what's going on over there (or over here for that matter).

I mean come on ... as a college graduate I did not foresee myself following the footsteps of restaurant workers, construction workers, painters, and those who run travel agencies! What the hell do they know about (1) international laws; (2) decentralization; (3) UN/European charters for human/minority rights; (4) the ICCPR; (5) legal means for municipal government construction; (5) European due process laws; (6) interstate relations between State Dept. and foreign countries; (7) American political processes; (8) dissemination of political doctrine as per EU stds.; (9) corresponding with elected and executive officials; and (10) to speak eloquently as to not embarrass our people?!?

These PEASANTS think they can handle this? HELL NO! And those that promote and follow them are below their standards, which is below sea level right now.

Pardon me (and I may be a little out of line) but I will not degrade my accomplishments and dignity to these KATUNARS that flash a few dollars in the air in an attempt to buy their way into the world of knowledge.

The only thing worse off than these people are those "supposed" intellectuals that kiss-ass to them and choose to be their puppets for public attention -- just tune in every night to your local Albanian TV channel and you will see what/who I am talking about. PATHETIC!

And believe me when I say this, there are dozens of other students/graduates who feel this same way, but they will not waste their time to even write this much about them.

Anyway, see you all at the demonstration! I pray there will be qualified speakers to represent our collective interests in the eyes of America and Europe.

Anonymous said...

I read the editorial and have a few questions. Aside from the numerous errors in grammer and symantics there seem to be some loopholes in the statements.

1. Medenica declared the intensions of the "terrosits" to set up a secret organization. Is this so? Because the Editorial seems to agree that she is "very well informed." If this is so, then doesn't she have a right to declare this and pursue on the basis of this claim?

2. What are the "abusive actions taking place just miles from [Medenica's] office"? Should be more specific

3. What facts and evidence have been "manipulated" by Medencica and the Montenegrin government?

4. What is the purpose of inserting the bit about Dukanovic and Italy's investigation? It seems way out of place here.

5. What ever transpired from the letter sent to the Secretary of State? Letters are easy to write, but are there any responses worth mentioning here?

6. What is the point about Ted Coppell? The editorial misses the point here, you forget to make parallels to the Iranian teaching methods and the Montenegrin teaching methods, I believe. Was this the intention? And if so, what proof is there, has anyone analyzed the curriculum to exploit these teaching methods?

7. 90% of all investment in Malesi is credited to the Diaspora? I find that hard to believe. I have read reports that Montenegro has invested in roads, schools, sports and cultural facilities, etc, in the Malesi region. That should account far more than 10%. Didn't Montenegro also subsidize some money for the banquet facility/hall next to the Tuzi church?

8. Claim that "Montenegro is the only state in Europe that manages to arrest people, and then release them, tortured and physically abused..." I think this is a practice all over Europe. America is a prime example of torturing supposed terrorists (just read their Torture Memo from 2002; i.e., Guantanamo). Point is, a state can basically use any methods they want to extract information from those who threaten the stability of their country or are accused of "terrorist" plots.

Don't get me wrong, I think it is wrong what Montenegro is doing, but let's not jump the gun here, there is an investigation going on, there is evidence on the table, there are testimonies from the detainees and witnesses, there are Albanians speaking out against Albanians.

Let's wait and see what the evidence is then we can make more sound judgements. Who knows, perhaps Albanians did want to start a war in Montenegro. After everything that has transpired over the past few years maybe a war is the only solution.

Anonymous said...

Tina Kalaj, your comments are uncalled for and have no right to degrade a persons means of earning a living, these so called "PEASANTS or KATUNARS", as you describe are CONTRIBUTING in any form they are able to, whether this may be in volunteering ones valuable time, such as in writings, teachings, informing the public or politicians on Albanian issues, or reaching very deep into their pockets through their monetary donations. All forms of contributions are most appreciated and whole hardily accepted. Therefore, you should focus your negative energies toward a more positive approach. A college degree will not make you an expert in everything, this coming from one with a college degree, but unfortunately not educated or informed on Albanian lack of rights in Montenegro.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

Regrettably to you, my comments ARE CALLED FOR, but unfortunately you failed to read into my message.

I directed my comment on those "Katunars/Peasants" that attempt to shape political activity in this community and abroad in a way they are unqualified and untrained to do so. YES, I agree that they can be a valuable asset to the community, and to use your term -- "reaching very deep into their pocket(s)". BUT that's where it stops, or should stop, am I correct?

Although their inputs are valuable and desired, it is most important for them to realize the best approach to situations at hand may not take their points into consideration, and they should be able to live with that and not push ahead with disregard.

Every human being has the capacity to contribute in their own special way, but to step across their boundaries is where I get frustrated.

For example, I went to the demonstration in Detroit a few months ago and witnessed a disasterous speech by one Lek Lulgjuri, calling for the destruction of the Montenegrin state, etc. He, and others like him, have no place in today's contemporary political world, no one, including you and I, want to approach politics with that tone, its not constructive and it sends suspicion to political authorities that we attach our hopes to.

Let them interject whatever they can but stay away from projects that should be reserved for those trained and qualified. That's all I am saying.

I am not degrading these people, and certainly not stopping them from "making a living," they are obviously more successful than I am if you count success by dollar bills.

A college degree does count for something, and I am saddened to hear that you don't know what it is in this particular case, and if I have to explain it to you, then the story only gets sadder.

We need the balance that we have in our community, everyone counts for something, BUT when certain people overstep what they can achieve, that only leads to failure, (inter)conflict and lack of achieving ones objectives.

Now why would you disagree with that?!?

Anonymous said...

Tina, you're contradicting yourself, Tuzjan applauded Shoqata's actions in that they don't devote their time, money, and effort because they're big shots, but rather because they truly believe in greater rights for the citizens of Malesi. When you say, I don't attend Shoqata's meetings because it's the same people each and every week, trust me, these people would LOVE to see a young, female, college graduate be interested in Malesia's struggle. Just attend a meeting introduce yourself as who you are, your creditentials, and don't be afriad to open your mouth and speak your opinion. Many of the members of this Shoqat have worked diligently for the Albanian cause for the last 20 years, considering how much the Albanian Diaspora (which these people are members of) did for Malesi you should reconsider not attending these meetings simply beacuse not every single person finished college (by the way many did). You don't have to get along with every person either, choose which people you share a common belief with and work with them, you'll be doing more to "save Malesi" by doing this than sitting on Free Malesia and bashing on the people who love Malesi enough to devote their time, money, and effort!

Anonymous said...


I am sure they would love to see a young female member attend; that would be a first in history, right?

I don't just sit on this site and post comments, I am an active member of the Michigan State Amnesty International chapter and Red Cross. I also major in Peace & Conflict Studies, so a subject matter like this one and the posts that I have been reading here interest me and my academic aspirations quite extensively. And the fact that I am Albanian from Montenegro only adds to the appeal.

I still stand firm in my belief that the wrong people are heading "Malsija e Madhe" organization. Seems like most people there should me members of the AARP and not AAA.

Incorporate some students there, including young females, who know and understand the issues involved and can coherently address the issues, then you may see me there getting involved (and I would love that).

Anonymous said...


They're not going to go to Michigan State, look for you and drag you into their meetings. Believe me, they're trying to bring new faces to their movement more and more each day. High Five on your credentials, your post sounded more like a resume than an opionion, but that's beside the matter! Considering your're a member of such prestigious organizations you can do much help to the AAA "MALESIA, not Malsija e Madhe". Please read, then re-read every press release and look at the associations' ARCHIVES, and then tell please re-consider your thoughts that these guys are corupt, katunar, because correct me I'm wrong but, KATUNAR cannot stimulate congressman, senators, and the State Department involved in our effort! Nor can they donate over $100,000+ to progess the situation of the Albanians in Montengro.

So, stop thinking that you're above everyone else because you completed college, because many of the guys that are a part of the organization have completed higher education than you, and don't share the stubborness that you have showed with your posts, which is why they have done so much for Malesi!

Anonymous said...

Tina Kalaj,
I think I now understand what your theory is on these outspoken pesky unknowledgeable katunars, "confine & restrict". This is what the Slavs have done for decades, made the underprivileged a “VOICELESS PEOPLE"... NO MORE!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't believe Tina is acting above anyone else, she is simply acknowledging that with such a monumentous task at hand (prisoners, Albanian rights, etc.), we need to have more qualified people at the helm.

Most of our college (or whatever you want to call it) students/professionals are disenfranchised from Albanian issues because current activists are either too extreme or radical (calling for ethnic Albania, war, etc.) and that is not the way to approach issues that we are witnessing today. Diplomatic approaches and communication is needed; more academic approaches and reserach and writing is needed; this is what we saw in Kosova where intellectuals took over and ultimately bacame advisors to today's politicians, including Thaci, Rugova, Suroi and others. Where are the books, the articles in journals, etc. Press releases can be written by anyone, but more citable resources are needed so the international community can take notice of what needs to be done.

Malesia has no intellectual base like that. I am sure there are highly schooled individuls working with Malesia e Madhe, but only a handful, but we need an army of them.

I agree that Tina's words might be a bit too hard, but I understand her angst.

Anonymous said...

Slavs would love these "Katunars" to keep doing what they're doing (screaming for ethnic Albania and starting a war) because they know that with them leading things Albanians will never move ahead and no one will listen to them.

BUT when professional academics take the lead then Montenegro gets frightened because they know there are people who will correctly challenge their authority to the pooint where the EU and USA will listen.

Don't put your foot in your mouth "anonymous"!

Anonymous said...

Tina Kalaj, I would agree that most of the people that head these organizations are relatively uneducated; however, intellectuals are not much better. I've dealt a lot with the latter and believe me, most do not have the willpower to create change. They worry too much about how others (ie. The US or EU) will react, rather than concentrating on how to create change. This is why it usually the uneducated that begin movements. Further, I personally don't think the Albanians of Montenegro have a chance of gaining rights without a display of power, whether it be political, economic, or military. Thus, the way I see it these uneducated people are using money as a show of political force; precisely what is needed at this point.

Anonymous said...

Tina Kalaj, I would agree that most of the people that head these organizations are relatively uneducated; however, intellectuals are not much better. I've dealt a lot with the latter and believe me, most do not have the willpower to create change. They worry too much about how others (ie. The US or EU) will react, rather than concentrating on how to create change. This is why it usually the uneducated that begin movements. Further, I personally don't think the Albanians of Montenegro have a chance of gaining rights without a display of power, whether it be political, economic, or military. Thus, the way I see it these uneducated people are using money as a show of political force; precisely what is needed at this point.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of what you people are agreeing or disagreeing about. The fact is that the slavs are treating Albanians like second class citizens, which has been so for years. Even the fact that Montenegro re-wrote the constitution to include rights for minorities (such as Albanians) is still being protested by the Serbs of Montenegro. Another fact is that the Montenegrin Slavs use Albanians against each other. Make no doubt!!! The situation in Malesia is Slavs in conjunction with Albanians. Why Albanians do this to themselves. Simple, their own selfish personal goals. I find it disgusting, disgraceful and unjust. However, Malsia faces much more problems in the future than it will today, mark my words. The Albanian population of Malesia within the last 10 years has diminished dramatically! This means, that without a large voice your calls will be unheard. The only way for Albanians to get support will be from Albania and Kosova. Specifically Kosova, because I believe Kosova will be the forefront of Albanians rights in the Blakans.

Anonymous said...

none of you really understand,you guys are trying to outsmart one another.the problem is albanian territory occupied by foreign people.

Anonymous said...

now tina kalaj if you dont want to join a existing org. create one of your own with these so called students.let me tell you, montenegro is just as blood thirsty as her wicked sister serbia.ALANIANS have a window of oppurtunity,right now they should take full advantage,but unfortunatley they have to many albanians on the payroll,yes it would be nice to be able to settle things diplomatically but you cant. as was the case with KOSOVA. we are ignorant to politics,a united ALBANIA would be to much for the balkans,and why should'nt have a united MOHERLAND

Anonymous said...

KLA -- What "window of opportunity" are you referring to? An ethnic Albanian state?

You are right, there are too many divisions, including Kosova, Macedonia, Albania, etc., and including Montenegro. I am willing to bet that if a "united Albania" was up for referendum in any of these regions, it would fail.

That is discouraging, but too many selfish and self-serving Albanians out there, including many Slavic sympathizers. And no where else do you find more than in Montenegro.

The difference between Serbs and Albanians in Montenegro is identity and nationalism -- Serbs identify with themselves more than we do, they would fight if put under the same duress as, let's say, Albanians in Montenegro.

And if the state jailed 19 innocent Serbs with no formal charges and evidence ... WATCH OUT!!!!!