Saturday, August 23, 2008

Playing with our Minds & Hearts

20 August, 2008, Podgorica, Montenegro -- As a sure sign of illegitimacy and inept governing, the Montenegrin police forces gathered up and jailed all the accused from the infamous "Eagle's Flight" case that has gripped the Albanian community for the past two years.

The arrests were made in two fronts, the first coming Thur day evening and the rest on Friday morning. As the Court of Appeals waits to hear testimony from the defense, the detentions are thought to be those to fulfill the verdicts after the August 5th reading from the chief justice.

Reaction from the Albanian community in Tuz came swift, where many were cited as saying that the temporary release of the prisoners was just a facade to lessen the blow when all those detained were found guilty of acts of "terrorism."

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Released on GUILTY verdicts

5 AUGUST 2008, PODGORICA, MONTENEGRO -- The case known as "Eagle's Flight" handed down its verdict today and found all the accused guilty of crimes charged. Under Montenegrin law, the prisoners will be relased to their families while the appeal process gets under way.

Doda Lucaj (Doci) was the exception, where he will serve six (6) years behind bars and was ordered not to be released.