Sunday, December 31, 2006

Urime 2007

Nënë Shqipëria - Kosova e pavarur -Tetova - Malësia mbi Shkoders - Ulqini - Plava & Gucia - Kraja - Ana e Malit - Camëria - Presheva, Bujanovac, & Medvedja...
...May 2007 bring these pieces of the "Great Puzzle" closer together, as they once were, and as they shall be once again...
...For it was written ... that only when these "pieces" are placed together and the "Whole" is created that there will be true peace, calm and proliferation in the Balkans ... and only then will the ghosts of the past be put to rest, and along with them we shall put to rest our redemption against those of the Congress of Berlin who in 1878 shatterered our whole...
Peace and God be with everyone -- and -- May God look over the Illyrian sons of the Eagle...

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Merry Christmas Malësia! Detroit Fundraiser a Success for the Needy

ROCHESTER HILLS, MICHIGAN USA, December 28, 2006 – The holidays just got a little jollier for several dozen Albanian families in Malësia where they will become recipients of this years’ “Ndihmë për Malësi” fundraiser which was held on December 10th at St. Paul’s Albanian Catholic Church & Community Center.

The event, which was hosted by the Albanian-American Association “Malësia e Madhe,” raised approximately US $37,500 which upon will be dispersed among the neediest families in the Malësia region. Given recent political developments in the region, the Association will also extend portions of the funds to the families of the political prisoners who are fatefully spending their holidays behind prison walls.

In addition to the funds collected, the Farmington Public Schools donated an electric wheelchair (estimated cost $4,500) that will be contributed to a 27-year old man from Bajza who is paralyzed from the neck-down after being struck by a petrol boat five years ago while fishing on Scutar Lake.

The funds will be delivered to the Tuz municipal offices where they will be proportionately dispersed, hence once the recipients are notified, members of the municipal offices will personally hand-deliver the monies accordingly.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Montenegrin Police Refuse Albanians’ Constitutional Right to Assemble

PODGORICA, Montenegro, December 15, 2006 – A peaceful demonstration that was planned by the families of the prisoners was snubbed Thursday when the Montenegrin police stepped in and denied them access to the U.S. Consulate citing it would cause “security concerns” and contribute to “heavy traffic delays.”

The demonstration, which was organized by the families of the prisoners currently detained on illicit “terrorism” charges, was intended to heighten awareness of the cover-up operations that Montenegrin security forces are conducting during the discovery phase of the judicial proceedings. Since the formal charges were read on December 8th, the prosecutor’s office has mysteriously obtained more material evidence in the form of arms and explosive devices from locations unspecified. The evidence, which will undoubtedly be admitted during trial, has yet to be linked to the detainees, but family members fear the worst given that the conduct of the prosecutor’s office during discovery will go unregulated where any means of gathering “bogus” facts will be vigorously pursued to built the strongest possible case, without compliance to the rule of law.

In an attempt to underline these developments, the family members assumed their constitutional right to appeal to state and international agencies, but contrarily to democratic principles of assembly, were abruptly denied this freedom, which is a breach of Montenegro’s own constitution under several provisions:

Article 39 – Freedom of Assembly: “Citizens shall be guaranteed the right to peacefully assemble without prior approval, subject to prior notification of the competent authorities. Freedom of association and other peaceful assembly may be provisionally restricted by a decision of the competent authority in order to prevent a threat to public health and morals or for the protection of human lives and property.”

Article 17 – Right of Appeal: “Everyone is guaranteed the right to an appeal or some other legal remedy against the decisions deciding on his rights or interests based on the law.”

Article 38 – Freedom of Speech: “Freedom of speech and of public appearance shall be guaranteed.”

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

U.S. President praises Montenegro's readiness to join fight against terrorism

WASHINGTON DC, United States, December 11, 2006 – President George W. Bush praised Montenegro's readiness to participate in the fight against terrorism on Saturday (December 9th), after accepting the credentials Friday of the new Montenegrin ambassador to the United States, Miodrag Vlahovic. Bush described Montenegro as an important friend and regional partner. Vlahovic says he assured Bush of Montenegro's determination to join the Euro-Atlantic structures.

Source: SEE Security Monitor

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Albanians Join Bush & Vlahovic for Breakfast in Washington

WASHINGTON DC, December 8, 2006 – Approximate 1,000 Albanian-Americans, including Members of the United States Congress, joined together in Washington, DC to protest the abuse, torture and illegal detainment of Albanians in Montenegro’s prison system. The demonstration also brought into the open Montenegro’s campaign of conspiracy of silence and brutality in an all-out effort to instill panic and fear among the Albanian population. The demonstration took place just outside the White House while Montenegro’s new ambassador to the U.S. Miograd Vlahoviq met with President George Bush during a diplomatic credential breakfast meeting.

Congressman Sander Levin of Michigan and the staff of Eliot Engel of New York joined the protesters, which included family members of those being held in prison. Congressman Levin assured the families that his office, along with the office of Senator Carl Levin, will continue its efforts to ensure that Montenegro follows all domestic and international laws with those under arrest, and that the U.S. Congress will not tolerate any abuse or unlawful conduct upon the prisoners, while encouraging the U.S. Embassy to look into any violations of human rights abuses. Eliot Engel’s office demanded that Montenegro grant Albanians their inherited rights as human beings and stop the abusive tactics that are only adding to the growing frustration that could possibly lead to destabilization in the region. Engel’s office supports the concept of granting Malësia a full and distinct municipality in accordance to domestic laws and statutes, which would go a long way in alleviating most of the problems facing Albanians in Montenegro today. Engel promised to continue his endeavors in working along side the Albanian Diaspora in an effort to pacify the situation that has flared and threatens to spin out of control.

This demonstration marked the three-month anniversary since Albanian and American citizens were taken into custody on bogus and illicit charges of “terrorism,” where they continue to be beaten, tortured and psychologically battered in an authoritarian system that shows no mercy for its own citizenry, where just four months prior helped usher in its independence. Instead, Montenegro has pushed forward the perception that Albanians are “terrorists” and along with it has infected the majority non-Albanian populace in believing that Albanians are destabilizing the country, a mindset that will cause divisions and strife between ethnic groups throughout the country.

The American Diaspora will not tolerate this behavior and vows to aggressively exploit Montenegro’s oppression and abusive tactics to all international institutions and policy makers in an effort to prove that Montenegro has no place in a democratic Europe until it affords its Albanian citizens basic human rights and stops its campaign of abuse, discrimination, intimidation and expulsion.


Friday, December 08, 2006

Montenegrin Prosecutor Charges 18 Albanians with "Terrorism"

PODGORICA, Montenegro, December 8, 2006 -- Stoyanka Radovic, special prosecutor for the fight against organised crime, indicted 18 [Albanians] Thursday (December 7th) on charges of anti-state and anti-constitutional activity and terror acts. Most of the defendants were arrested back in September, on the eve of Montenegro's general election. Prosecutors say the group planned to provoke riots and instability on Election Day, in a bid to create a region in which the Albanian minority would enjoy special status.

The charges were formally read against the following:
Vasel Dedvukaj (44)
Doda Lucaj (55)
Gjon Dedvukaj (31)
Anton Sinishtaj (47)
Viktor Sinishtaj (42)
Zef Berishaj (43)
Sokol Ivanaj (51)
Gjergj Ivanaj (42)
Gjon Lucaj (34)
Viktor Dreshaj (38)
Pjeter Dedvukaj (38)
Rrok Dedvukaj (48)
Kol Dedvukaj (58)
Gjon Dedvukaj (60)
Nikola Lekocaj (26)
Mark Ivanaj (53)
Vaso Kolicaj (39)
Malota Bojaj (38)

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Albanians Protest in Washington DC For Greater Rights Back Home



WASHINGTON DC, December 8, 2006 – Today the Albanian American Diaspora is holding a peaceful rally in protest against the Montenegrin Ambassador, Miodrag Vlahoviq, participation in a Diplomatic Credential-Breakfast meeting with President Bush at White House. The objective of this protest is to condemn, in the strongest terms, the maltreatment of Albanians in Montenegro, especially the torturing of political prisoners, and violations of civic, economical, political and social life. The Albanian-American Diaspora has debated and successfully revealed how Montenegro has continually failed to adhere with European principles for minority rights; Moreover, they are infringing upon their own constitution.

The current Montenegrin regime has trampled on Albanians pursuit of civil, social, political and economic interests. The Montenegrin Government has repeatedly failed to understand the concept of decentralized government, enabling local citizens to participate and be part of society as a whole. Furthermore, they have stalled on implementing any development of social and academic institution-building to enhance the minority citizenship. In furthering this inequity, the Montenegrin Government has implemented inequitable procedures, hindering the development of its minorities. Despite outrage from the international and European community, Montenegro continues to deny any wrong-doing in Malesia e Madhe and continues to claim that ethnic relations are harmonious. Contrary to the evidence, the Albanian political prisoners are tortured, harassed and denied the basic necessities, which are prohibited by the United Nations Convention against Torture and Other Cruel and Inhumane or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, and are also prohibited under the Montenegrin Criminal Code.

Wherefore, The Albanian-American Diaspora demands the following political and civic rights:

Immediate release of all Albanian political prisoners;

Equal access and proportional representation at national, regional and local levels of government institutions;

Respect for self-determination as a genuine right of Albanian minorities in Montenegro, guaranteed by the European and international standards for human and minority rights;

Investigate all collaborators that support discriminatory programs that are geared toward ethnic minorities, who are not representatives of the constituents they claim to represent;

Revisit all state-controlled laws and systems on privatization, where new approaches on privatization should be initiated based on legitimate ownership in accordance with local and European laws;

Establish academic institutions responsible for creating school programs and curriculums that meet the educational needs of Albanians;

Grant a comprehensive autonomous status for the Albanian regions guaranteed by international law, which would prevent the further partition of Albanian lands;

Decentralize the authoritarian control of the central government and create a self-administrative regional government where Albanians are proportionally represented.

Many outlets in Europe and in the United States have reported that the Montenegrin government has deliberately thwarted Albanians attempts to participate in political activities. This can only be seen as denying basic human and political rights, which further, is a direct violation of the Articles of the International Covenant on Civic and Political Rights (ICCPR), the European Charter for Minority Rights and other supplementary international and European laws that protect minorities.

Montenegro has chosen an erroneous path, using Albanians as pretext for division, manipulation, leading to meaningless promises and unequal economic opportunities. Throughout history Montenegro has favored individuals that collaborate at the expense of Albanian rights, creating a suspicious environment where Albanians are forced to emigrate or assimilate into the majority group.

Therefore, the observance and implementation of European norms for minority rights would serve as a precursor for reducing the inequities and ethnic conflicts that continue to be the rule of law in Montenegro.

Today, we urge the Montenegrin government to completely abandon their inherited discriminatory policies and allow Albanians to practice their freedom without impediment. Furthermore, we call upon European democracies and the United States to oppose Montenegro’s institutional structures that are fundamentally inequitable and that have discriminated against its Albanian minorities.

To date, the Montenegrin government mistakenly believes that their current institutionalized discriminatory arrangements against Albanians will allow them to enter Europe’s proven democracy. Conversely, they commit an authoritarian act of aggression, securing all political power in the hands of the central government of Podgorica. The political elites are architects of an illegal institution-building political system designed to exclude Albanians from legitimate participation in society.

The Albanian-American Diaspora continues to demand the rights of Albanians in Montenegro. We are determined and committed to tirelessly and diligently working until Montenegro grants and legally recognizes complete political, civic and social rights for all ethnic Albanians in Montenegro.
“Building Hope away from Home”

For more information, please visit “Malesia e Madhe” at

Levins' Letter to U.S. Embassy Misses the Point!

Senator Carl Levin (D-MI), along with his brother, Congressman Sander Levin (D-MI), submitted another letter to the new United States Embassy in Podgorica, Montenegro this week inquiring about the status and treatment of three U.S. citizens being detained as political prisoners in Montenegro.

The letter, which is directed at Principle Officer Arlene Ferrill, requests that the Embassy follow up on reports that the detainees have been physicall abused "during and after their arrests" while in police custody. Although the letter references the detention of U.S. citizens only (Sokol Ivanaj, Rrok Dedvukaj, and Kol Dedvukaj), it is without question that the rest of the detainees are suffering much greater harm in the hands of the Montenegrin authorities than what was first reported. The physical abuses are wounds that will heal with time, but the mental torture and psychological insults are internal scars that are strategically inflicted as a tool of moral degradation in an attempt to break the spirits of an individual (in this case the prisoner) and stagnate the proliferation of a community (in this case Albanians in Malesia).

As members of these communities, we should be very concerned with the approaches we are embarking upon in the Diaspora, and the blurred vision that has bestowed upon each and every one of us. The Albanian Question in Montenegro is far greater than these arrests, and it will be a devastating failure to pin our hopes on them alone. One must step out of the box and look at the situation from the outside looking in, because in doing so you can see first hand the campaign being waged against Albanains.

For Montenegro, their strategy is working -- (1) no more are Albanians appealing for their legal and guaranteed right for an autonomous and representative municiple district of Malesia, that has fallen to the wayside; (2) since the 10 September elections (which were marred by the arrests), Albanians have yet to absorb their victory to place representatives in Parliamant and at the local level, something we campaigned for and even risked our freedom for; and instead (3) our attention has been diverted from taking notice of what Montenegro is pushing for, unobstructed memberships into the institutions of Europe -- ratification of the Stabilitization and Association agreement, EU preliminary sessions; the writing of the Montenegrin Constitution in Vienna; Partnership for Peace meetings; Euro-Atlantic integration meetings -- all of which are meant to prove that Montenegro is making progress in all aspects of social, political, civil and economic life, which includes pacified relations with its ethnic minority to the South. This is happening right below our noses.

Any amateur can point out numerous abuses to any of the aforementioned activities, but we have failed to pursue our duties as informed citizens, and instead we have been diverted into a situtaion that will eventually be resolved by forces outside the Diaspora and U.S. Congress. As citizens of a state, Albanians are obligated to keep the government of Montenegro in check, because it is these forces that have any chance of making changes, unfortunately our communities in Malesia lay dormant.

Levin' letter fails to recognize this, and the Diaspora has failed to highlight them; because minority rights abuses in Montenegro is a phenomenon much broader than just detention of U.S. citizens in a foreign jail -- its a phenomenon about the future of Albanians in Montenegro and what is to be done with them. The immediate answer is evident: persecution, forced assimilation and forced emigration. The long term solution is what we need to pin our hopes on, for it will be that solution that will answer the Albanian Question in Montenegro and save a people from complete extinction.

You can read the letter at:

Monday, December 04, 2006

MONTENEGRO- The Last Terrorizing Bully in Europe

Rochester Hills, Michigan, 26 November 2006 – In response to the Montenegrin state campaign against Albanians, the Albanian-American Association “Malësia e Madhe” has a compulsive and mandatory commitment to unveil the vicious and atrocious propaganda against Albanian citizens in Malesia...the Montenegrin Government [has] wrongfully imprison[ed] Albanians, but then having them subjected to torture and abuse while in jail is absolutely deplorable...

Read the entire editorial at