Thursday, December 28, 2006

Merry Christmas Malësia! Detroit Fundraiser a Success for the Needy

ROCHESTER HILLS, MICHIGAN USA, December 28, 2006 – The holidays just got a little jollier for several dozen Albanian families in Malësia where they will become recipients of this years’ “Ndihmë për Malësi” fundraiser which was held on December 10th at St. Paul’s Albanian Catholic Church & Community Center.

The event, which was hosted by the Albanian-American Association “Malësia e Madhe,” raised approximately US $37,500 which upon will be dispersed among the neediest families in the Malësia region. Given recent political developments in the region, the Association will also extend portions of the funds to the families of the political prisoners who are fatefully spending their holidays behind prison walls.

In addition to the funds collected, the Farmington Public Schools donated an electric wheelchair (estimated cost $4,500) that will be contributed to a 27-year old man from Bajza who is paralyzed from the neck-down after being struck by a petrol boat five years ago while fishing on Scutar Lake.

The funds will be delivered to the Tuz municipal offices where they will be proportionately dispersed, hence once the recipients are notified, members of the municipal offices will personally hand-deliver the monies accordingly.


Anonymous said...

Aside from all the "political," its refreshing to read about a feel-good activity.

I wish I could see their faces when they receive the money, this is really a good cause and the Albanian communities should have more like these, more often.

Anonymous said...

The need is great in Malesi. If ity wasn't for family abroad sending money back home, this region would literally parish.

The poverty is so great that it is oftentimes overshadowed by the grandeur-style houses being built by Albanians from the USA.

How can anyone live off an average of 100 euros per month? And that is for those that work. The cost of living has sky-rocketed since the euro replaced the mark, and earnings have not kept pace. This is a recipe for an economic crisis.

What to do?

Anonymous said...

this sounds great! its always a joy to hear of god news going to that region. but maybe we can raise some money and hire some good international lawyers for those in need?

Anonymous said...

International lawyers might be a bit of a stretch in the case of the local prisoners in Montenegro simply because this is a domestic issue where the sovereign state has every legal authority over the "criminal" acts of its citizens.

However, for the three US citizens in captivity, they should consider being represented by U.S. or int'l lawyers because of jurisdiction issues.

But I think the previous post suggests that the prisoners will not have a chance with the representation they have retained. I somewhat agree; there needs to be an international force in the court room during trial -- even the presence of outside counsel might have a psychological affect on the legal proceedings.

Anonymous said...

When will we (members of the Albanian-American communities) know when and who received teh money?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the website will have something early this year, or after the money has been dispersed.