Wednesday, November 29, 2006

U.S. Expert Warns That Kosova Independence Would Affect Montenegro

U.S. Expert Warns That Kosovo Independence Would Affect Montenegro

November 29, 2006

Washington. U.S. political analyst John Zevales on Wednesday warned that a possible independence of Kosovo would have an effect on the demands of the Albanians in Montenegro and the government of the Republic of Srpska (RS), whose aspiration is to get united with their motherlands, the Serbian Tanjug agency comments.

Earlier he has stated that if the European Union soon assumes formal responsibility for Kosovo, one should not rule out a possibility that Brussels may have its own plan for the future status of the province.

Source: Focus News Agency


Anonymous said...

Who the hell is Zevales??? Is he paid by the Serbian lobbyists??

Apparently so because no one but the Kosova Contact Group has any say in Kosova's final status; even the UN Security Council and EU are dependent on the recommendation of this Group.

This is just another ploy by Belgrade to postpone independence.

There was a near riot today in front of the UNMIK headquarters in Prishtina; Albanians are getting tired of all the delays, and any other stagnate development might have dire consequences.

Anonymous said...

Let's be realistic -- Albanians in Montenegro have every right under international laws to secede from Montenegro if their sociopolitical rights are not protected.

The Bosnian Serbs present a different situation; the Batiner Commission forbids Serbs from Republika Srpska from breaking away based on ethnic grounds; something that was highly contested after the wars with Serbia and Bosnia.

Conference Organizer said...

The comments made by Zevales were motivated by the recent arrests in Montenegro. He, along with every other political analyst, realizes that there is a problem that is all too familiar to everyone -- ethnic conflict!

The tension between Albanians and Serbs/Montenegrins isn't something new, and it will not cease until the Albanian question is rightfully solved. What is teh solution?? Part of the answer will be presented by former Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari early next year.

Just understand one thing, Albanians are indigenous peioples as defined by the General Assembly Resolutions 1514 and 1541 INdigenous Peoples Convention:

GA 1514 establishes the right to self-determination as the basis for the independence of all colonial territories.

GA 1541 defines "Non-Self-Governing Territory" within the meaning of Art. 73 of the U.N. Charter, effectively establishing the criteria for finding that a territorial population is entitled to independent statehood.

Anonymous said...

I love these international legal doctrines -- they just prove the point that Malesia, Kosova, Macedonia, Preseva, and Chameria are ALL OCCUPIED/COLONIZED TERRITORIES that will eventually be liberated such as those that were occupied by Great Britain, France, and Spain during their imperial conquests.

Malesia is Albanian territory that is being occupied by Slavic Montenegro, period!!

It's a freakin' colonial territory, and according to the Webmaster and his refernce to GA 1514 & 1541 it's entitled to "independent statehood."