Thursday, November 16, 2006

Meet Montenegro's New Ambassador to the U.S.A.

Former Foreign Minister Miodrag Vlahovic has been approved as the new Montenegrin ambassador to the United States, MINA reported on Tuesday (November 14th). He is expected to go to Washington early next month (December 2006).

Vlahovic was active member of the Dukanovic government during Montenegro's campaign for independence, visiting the United States on several occasions to trump up support in the Diaspora. It was in Detroit last Novemeber that Vlahovic met strong resistance from the Albanian Diaspora where a demonstration was staged against the treatment of Albanians in Malesia e Madhe. Although Vlahovic was not at the rally, a strong message was sent to Montenegro, where for the first time, disgust and frustration bellowed through media channels that independence without minority rights would not be tolerated.

Vlahovic's visit to Washington early next month almost certainly guarantees more demonstartions on the way, but it will be interesting to see if his previous comments on "great" ethnic relations in Montenegro are reiterated to Washington officials. Developments since independence would seem to discredit his previous assertion.


Anonymous said...

His visit to New York last year brought him together with Albanians wishing to reconcile their differences. It was there that Vlahovic claimed that ethnic relations with Albanians are at its best.

There are Albanians in New York that praise his nomination to post of ambassador, but there are also those that see it as a dark veil placed upon domestic and foreign policy aimed to diminish Albanians' plea for international recognition of minority abuses.

Careful analyses of Vlahovic's objectives need to be followed by the Diaspora because his correspondences with the U.S. brings him in direct contact with Albanians in the states.

Anonymous said...

Yes, then he supposedly flew to Detroit with, among others, an Albanian delegation from Montenegro, where they were met with a surprising demonstration in front of a restaurant during the dark hours in November.

When Vlahovic went on to speak in Chicago, he was confronted by a young man holding a message for him that indicated the Albanian Diaspora in Detroit demand he recognize the pleas from those in Malesia.

Let's hope he did not forget those events, but if he has then we are obligated to remind him again.

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Anonymous said...

This son-of-a-bitch made a mockery of Albanians in Malesia after the demonstrations in Detroit last November; we should make it very clear to him this time that we are not taking Podgorica lightly given the tensions they have propogated!!

Anonymous said...

Tina, then I expect you to be in DC when the demonstation takes place, right? Make sure you wear your red and black!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about me, I haven't missed one yet! Just make sure you get your brothers and sisters from Kosova, Macedonia and Albania to come too! The last time they had demonstrations I remember thousands of Malesors from Detroit and New York attended; but for some reason when Malesors hold demonstrations, the Kosovars and others seem to forget who we are!!

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