Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Meet Montenegro's New Prime Minister

Name: Zeljko Sturanovic

Post: Prime Minister of Montenegro

In office since: November 15, 2006

Preceded by: Milo Dukanovic

Born: 31 January 1960 -- Niksic

Political Party: Democratic Party of Socialists

Sturanovic was formerly the Minister of Justice in Milo Đukanović's government. After Đukanović's 3 October 2006 announcement that he will not accept the nomination for the Prime Minister again, Šturanović was picked as a Candidate for the Prime Minister the day later by the leaders of his party. Šturanović was welcomed as a PM Candidate even by Montenegrin Opposition, which is otherwise known to be a harsh critic of the ruling coalition.

Željko Šturanović and his Government were elected by the Montenegrin parliament on November 10, 2006. The 14-member Government, which also have two deputy premiers, was approved by a 42 to 28 vote. Šturanović was also sworn on November 10, 2006.

The Albanians of Montenegro have taken a keen interest in the selection of the new PM and have vowed to assert pressure on him to recognize the immoral treatment of Albanians with respect to human rights abuses, as evidenced by those being detained in prison today.

In a letter emailed to Željko Šturanović, the Albanian Diaspora in Detroit welcomed his ascend to office and promised to be a thorn in his side until all appeals for enhanced human treatment are met under the guise of local, regional, state, European and international laws.


Anonymous said...

His coming to office MUST certainly be met with careful protests in an effort to guide his policies on Albanians

Anonymous said...

Let it be known that this post is riddled with corruption, every way you look at it. The jop description is to stay on top, and with it comes oppression of anyone that gets in the way, including those pesky minorities to the South. Noise and more noise must be made. But alas...too many "bad" egos will get in the way and Albanians will forbid one another from achieving any goals what-so-ever!!

This is the American "Black Ghetto" theory that says Blacks will kill one another and thus keep them in check. Same applies to the children of the Illyrians...

Anonymous said...

Anita, I agree with you 100%!

Albanians in Malesia are an interesting case. The majority of them have assimilated and identify more with Serb/Montenegrin ways of life than what is Albanian. Just go to Podgorica and you will understand what I mean.

In Ulqin, everyone there does not want to hear anything about "patriotism" or "nationalism", they are too busy making Euros. And wasn't Ulqin the biggest supporter of independence?

Malesia is a sad story with a projected sad ending. Egos rule the day in Malesia AND in the Diaspora.

Let's just keep our fingers and hopes alive on an independent Kosova!

Anonymous said...

So what do we do? The picture seems grim...