Friday, November 05, 2010

Plans for "Greater Albania" by 2015

Balkan Insight

"We [Albanians from south Serbia] are preparing to realise the idea of a greater Albania to be formed by 2013 or 2015 at the latest," Rexhepi, the vice president of the Presevo assembly, said on Tuesday.

Talks on such a project were held over the weekend in Tirana, where the List for Natural Albania was presented for the first time.  Rexhepi attended the meeting along with the mayor of Presevo, Ragmi Mustafa, and the leader of the Movement of Democratic Progress, Jonuz Musliu.

"I was in Tirana over the weekend to support the project and announce that my party [Albanian National Movement] will become part of the List [For Natural Albania] and take part in the next elections in Pre
sevo," Rexhepi said.

The List for Natural Albania includes the groups and individuals who support the idea of a "natural", or "greater" Albania of one state for all ethnic Albanians in the Balkans, which would include parts of the territories of Macedonia, Montenegro, Greece, and Serbia.

According to the project, Albanians in these countries would hold a referendum to plead for the establishment of the state.

Presevo valley, a largely ethnic Albanian region in south Serbia, would become part of a "greater Albania" according to the plan, Rexhepi said, explaining that the area has been part of Albanian territories in the past.

Tomo Zoric, spokesperson for the Serbian prosecutor's office, said that his office would check what ethnic Albanian leaders who hold official positions said at the meeting in Tirana.

"If we detect that there were elements of their speeches which violated the law, the prosecutor's office will initiate proceedings," Zoric told Balkan Insight.

In an unofficial referendum held in 1992, a majority of ethnic Albanians in the Presevo Valley expressed their desire to join Kosova.


2013-A year of natural Albania: at last, Koco Danaj speaks of future events on the Balkans.

By:  Bekri Ajdini

Gruevski's politics estimated as nationalistic caused ethnic Albanians to seek for alternative solutions.  Ethnic Albanian political scientist, Koco Danaj told Lajm that ethnic Albanians move towards forming of a natural Albania that will include all the places where they live.

"The year of 2010 is the year when the establishment of natural Albania will begin.  Don't be surprised if the movement which today is being called self-determination grows into a political party in the future which would include all ethnic Albanians that want to remain Albanians within their progressive mentality," said Danaj.

According to Danaj, contrary to Gruevski's megalomania, "the ethnic Albanian politicians from Eastern Albania who occasionally are in Macedonia have no need to express themselves with a shady terminology, but they should openly speak in front of the people which they represent."

He evaluated Rafiz Aliti's statement as insufficient.

"Ethnic Albanian politicians need to overcome the handicap.  They are faced with Gruevski's nationalism that gains support of the EU pro-Slavic lobby against pro-USA ethnic Albanians.

They should recognize themselves and tell where the places they live in belong--in Western Macedonia or Eastern Albania," said Danaj.

He explained that ethnic Albanians are going to enter the EU, but not in the same way that Gruevski chooses and advised BDI that "the new name of the Republic of Macedonia should be Northern Republic of Macedonia and Eastern Albania."

Albanian politicians in Montenegro refute the thought of "Greater Albania"

Montenegro's Minister of Minority Rights, Ferhat Dinosha and leader of Tuzi's urban municipality, Nikolle Gegaj, immediately responded to the news that a "Natural Albania" is being sought after the meetings in Tirana.

Dinosha and Gegaj rebuffed the thought of a "Greater Albania" claiming that Albanians in Montenegro have all the rights that could be afforded to minorities.  Dinosha went on to say that Montenegro and Albania have very close diplomatic ties that would not be jeopardized by territorial advances.

It is worth noting that both Dinosha and Gegaj are members and advocates for the DPS and adherents to Milo Djukanovic's master plan to suppress Albanians into political, social, and economic submission.   


Anonymous said...

Just as I am strongly against a Greater Serbia...I am also opposed to a Greater Albania! If you want to be with your fellow Albanians...fine go to Albania then. You have no right to attempt to steal territory from another country simply because your fellow countrymen live there.

Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with asking a second opinion about the London treaty and include Trianon also?

When 7 different Slavic tribes get their own place, and down south all you got to do is be orthodox to be a pure European Greek, lots of things are unfair.

It seams good till now, albanians uniting and their neighbors fermenting.

Anonymous said...

A greater Albania is only the realization of the natural boundaries (not the artificially implemented ones) of ethnicity and history. 90% of Kosovo is Albanian, and 40% of the Macedonian population is Albanian. These people should be given the right to live in their homes as Albanians.

Anonymous said...

Great, more war in a region that's already had too much. Let's guess who's starting this campaign.... The US, UK, Germany? This will only be worse than ever for that region. Now Greece, Macedonia and Montenegro will get involved. Who know's who else! Just awful. Hey, did you know that there is a Chinatown where I live. Tons of Chinese live there too... I guess they should be able to join a grater China! All the Greeks in Albania should then also join a greater Greece! Lets extend that to the US and a greater Mexico too!

Anonymous said...

Obviously, comparing Chinese people in Chinatown to Albanians in Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia and Greece is apples to oranges. These Albanians living outside of "Albanian borders" did not migrate to new lands. It is also not their fault that the Big European Powers came in and defined their true country's borders back in the early 1900's without consent of the people. The "Greater Albania" idea does not involve war and fighting. It's more for these said countries to recognize and respect the people's language, culture and heritage and not a forceful assimilation.

Anonymous said...

Albanians are not asking for any territory that does not belong to them, period!

What Danaj & Co. are seeking (Greater Albania) is land that belongs to Albanians and was forcefully taken from them.

There can never be peace in the Balkans until all Albanian lands are restored to their original establishment -- i.e., "Natural Albania."

Albanians are very particular with who governs them; the Ottomans tried to break them for 500 years, and ultimately failed, and now the Slavs are doing the same for the past 100 years. And ultimately they will also fail!

For Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Greece: Albanians will be a thorn on your side until you set them free.

Anonymous said...

By the way, the time will come when Dinosha, Gegaj, and Sinishtaj will woefully regret the words they have spoken in response to this article and the meeting in Tirana re Greater Albania.

These Slavic-puppets are not Albanians, only speed bumps along the way.

Throughout history, Albanians always found ways to deal with traitors such as these.

Anonymous said...

Historically (look at the ancient maps) Albania was a "kingdom" located at the Kaspian Sea. They escaped from the invading barbarians to the West and settled at the Adriatic coast (today's Albania) around 100AD. They are not Illyrians, they have nothing in common with the surrounding people and nations (read historical documents and you will find the truth). The fact that they multiplied as rabbits and started occupying the lands of neighboring lands does not give them right to claim those same lands as theirs. When did Albania come to existence and how I will not teach you, open the history books, but not those written by Albanian writers, and you will find the answers. It appears to me that the West (USA, England, Germany, original EU countries/monarchies) are the main historical troublemakers who pushed the world in numerous wars including 2 World Wars. They not only exercise the "divide and conquer" policy but actively support all moronic and deluded states against each other. There will be war in the Balkans before 2025, you watch it, and there will be no going back.