Monday, November 29, 2010

Dr. Camaj: "Albanians in Montenegro denied natural rights..."

ROCHESTER HILLS, MICHIGAN, USA, November 28, 2010 -- On the eve of Albania's 98th birthday, the Albanian-American Community of Greater Detroit celebrated "28 Nentori" at St. Paul's Albanian Catholic Church and Community Center.  The sold out event hosted between 650-700 guests along with distinguished invitees, including keynote speaker, Dr. Palok "Paul" Camaj.

This years' ceremony took a turn from previous programs as the keynote speech primarily focused on contemporary issues plaguing Albanians in Montenegro.  Dr. Camaj, a international legal expert specializing in minority rights and democratization, gave a brief introduction on the events surrounding Albania's declaration of independence in 1912, which included the tragic episode of forced occupation and transfer of Albanian lands to the North, East and South of her territories.

Dr. Camaj went on to outline political developments that endangered Albanians throughout the 20th Century, and as a direct consequence, the eventual declaration of independence of the second Albanian state - KOSOVA.

The focus then turned to contemporary Montenegro, and the dire circumstances plaguing Albanians in Malesia, Ulqini, and Plave & Gusij.  According to Camaj, the sociopolitical status of Albanians is deteriorating at a pace unprecedented by European standards.  The false assumption that Albanians enjoy equal rights has been exacerbated by none other than Albanian "puppet" politicians sympathetic to Milo Gjukanovic and the leading Montenegrin political party, DPS.  The fact that Albanians are left out of the political game is evidenced by their unproportional representation in Parliament, local municipal governments, including academic and state employment sectors.               

Dr. Camaj cited Montenegro's refusal to grant Malesia a municipality as a tool used to disenfranchise Albanians from the political process.  In a Feasibility Study compiled in 2009, Camaj referenced data analysis illustrating the political and economic viability of the "Urban" Municipality of Malesia as it has sustained far greater development than seven (7) other municipalities existing in Montenegro today.  This, according to Camaj, is undisputed evidence that Malesia has achieved the economic ability to compete with any municipal government in Montenegro.

Dr. Camaj concluded with numerous incidents of how Montenegro's government denies Albanians opportunities in the employment, academic, and social development sectors.  The speech earned a standing ovation from a dominant "Malesor" crowd, many of them who emigrated from Montenegro for the very same reasons Dr. Camaj  spoke about this evening.

The evening included special performances by local Albanian youth and traditional music provided by the areas leading entertainers.


Kafir Harby said...

Montenegro not only has the right to do, it is very wise to do so. We don't want to see another Kosovo-scenario in Montenegro.

Anonymous said...

So Kafir ... you don't believe that minorities are entitled to equal protection under the law?

Was Serbia wise to deny Kosovars their basic human rights? Of course not, but they went ahead anyway and look what happened.

If Montenegro treats Albanians any different than any other ethnic or religious group (including Slavs), then it is in violation of constitutional and international laws.

If you don't want to see another "Kosovo-scenario," then close your eyes, ears and lips, because if Montenegro continues on this devastating path, its just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

Kafir, do avoid any ethnic conflict in Montenegro... then the Gov. of Montengro needs to seriously change its attitude toward ethnic Albanians, grant them thier cultural and lingusitic rights,therfore enabling Albanians to preserve their national identity.

Margarite Camaj said...

This man, my father, has inspired, motivated, and simulated me to do many things that I previously deemed to be unapproachable. I, having arrived to the beautiful and democratic United States of America at the pure and innocent age of two, know what it is like to feel free and to be liberated. Being exposed to many different areas of the world, especially in my academic life, I know that it is devastating when any person, no matter the race, the ethnic background, or religious affiliation is deprived from the freedom to live; it is merely a shame when a people is oppressed and destituted of their natural rights and their right to be equivalent merely because they are the minority in a pool of a majority of individuals. As it is stated in the United States Constitution, every individual has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Every individual is equal no matter what their ethnicity or race may be composed of. This begs the questions, why can't this apply to the Albanian minorities in Montenegro? Why should they continue to be oppressed? Additionally, why should their hearts and souls be shattered and filled with sorrow every waking morning for the fear that this generation will not know what it is like to be completely free? Hence, it is not time to look at one another with envy, violence, or even hate in our hearts nor minds. However, it is time to join hands and to stand together, in the most united way that is possible. If every Albanian individual would support and stand by one another no matter what the obstacles may be, I, along with many other Albanian patriots, believe that Albanians have the capability to make anything possible, especially with the help of the democratic United States of America and with the strong-willed, yet peaceful personalities that Albanians have the capability of possessing.

Lastly (as an endnote), I wanted to state that I am aware that many people may believe that I may state these words simply because I am biased and he is my father. However, as a twenty year-old, I am fully capable of making my own decisions. Hence, I chose to agree with the stance that my father takes solely because I am not in favor of any type of people that are being oppressed, especially the people of my own native land.

Margarite Camaj

Anonymous said...

Margarite: you ask ..., "Why can't this apply to the Albanian minorities in Montenegro?"

History won't allow it, that is why.

Nationalism still breeds hate in the Balkan Peninsula, and the wounds of the 20th Century are still fresh, merely scabs that won’t heal and can be reopened at any time.

The socio-political mindset of Montenegrins is simple: they see themselves as superior to Albanians, much the same way as "Whites" saw themselves superior to "Blacks" during segregation in the United States.

To compound the issue, the Orthodox Slavs see Muslim Albanians much the same way they see Muslim Arabs, or Middle-Easterners. They do not like their religion, nor their ethnicity, culture, traditions, etc. They do not like us.


Because Montenegrins do not believe that all people are born "free" and enjoy equal rights. For Slavs, Albanians living within their territories (i.e., Monty, Serbia, Macedonia) resemble the gypsies/Roma, where they are not welcome and would rather see them emigrate back to Albania (or New York/Detroit), thus anyplace but where they are.

Slavs, however, are fearful of the "Albanian Nation," and fear that pleas for reunification with Mother-Albania is forthcoming (reference recent meetings held by Koco Danaj and his plea for "Natural Albania").

Because of this fear (which is unfounded), Montenegrins REFUSE to allow Albanians to integrate with the rest of society, in the areas of equal employment, equal educational opportunities -- granting an Albanian-speaking institution -- hiring Albanians in judicial posts (you will never see an Albanian judge in Montenegro), hiring Albanians as chief of police (none yet), or what really bites the big one -- hiring a director/principal to run the only Albanian-dominated high school in Montenegro (instead the state hires a Slav). What sense does that make?

The list goes on and on and on and on ...

Montenegro is not the USA. And because you were raised in a democracy since two, you cannot understand the ill-effects of communism/Titoism in Crna Gora.

Not even Albanians in Montenegro understand what it means to be free. Ask someone your age there and they think it is normal to be treated like second-class citizens (many have accepted their fate).

Why don't Albanians rally and appeal for their greater rights?

They have. And Montenegro's response? Hire the most talented Albanians you can find, give them top positions, pay them very well, BUT remind them that if they do anything to be disloyal to the party that gave them the job, they will be thrown in the streets. Names that come to mind here are the infamous Ferhat Dinosha, Nikolle Camaj, Nikolle Gegaj, Mehmet Bardhi, Gjolaj, etc.

And Montenegrins have yet another strategy of they cannot "bribe" Albanians to do as they please. Arrest them in the name of "terrorism" and spread panic across the nation (hence "Eagle's Flight").

The only chance to save these people rest in the hands of the Albanian-American DIASPORA. Like your father, the Diaspora is fearless, educated, battle-tested, qualified, respected, and motivated!

Now we wait.

~ Leon

Anonymous said...

Very accurate assessment Leon.

Anonymous said...

The best of Kafir Harby:

You sure are an open-minded thinker, aren't you? Quite a piece of work.

Anonymous said...

fuck you albanian rats, you won't exist in Montenegro in a matter of 10 years!!

- Montenegrin

Anonymous said...

"Montenegrin." Coming from an Albanian, I would love to thank you for your comment because it only proves your ignorance. It would be a great shame for me to ague with a fool, so I will save you the embarrassment.

-albanian :)

Anonymous said...


it's 2015...we're still here.

Anonymous said...

Peace be on you. We in Montenegro (at least I) don't see Albanians as second class citizens. You have all the rights as everybody. You are just using your sleazy tactics, playing victims while you have the support from USA and EU. As soon as you are weak, you Alaban/Muslim are smaller than a bean.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha ... It's amusing how brainless and handicapped the Slavic mind/logic is these days.

You start off by saying, " We don't see Albanians as second class citizens" yet your next sentence asserts, " Albanian/Muslim are smaller than a bean?"

Now do you understand why Slavs are the most hated ethnic group on this planet??