Monday, June 29, 2009

Albania’s ruling party poised for election win

Albania’s ruling Democrats look set for victory after a weekend parliamentary election. Exit polls give the party 69 seats; that is enough to win, but short of the 71 seats needed for a majority.

The opposition Socialists are said to have 55 seats, if the early results are confirmed. Definitive results are expected later today.

International observers and the opposition have deemed these elections to have been fair overall.

The ballot is seen as a test of Albania’s readiness to join the European Union. The country became a NATO member in April and has applied to join the EU.

Even though official results have not been announced, supporters of Democrat Prime Minister Sali Berisha took to the streets in celebration.

The Socialists are led by Edi Rama, mayor of the capital Tirana. He told supporters that despite what he called “a series of irregularities and unpleasing details” in various parts of the country, he said he was satisfied with the election overall.


Anonymous said...

I hope that Albania complies with the EU election standards!?

Anonymous said...

Doesnt look good. We should have known the results by now peoples

Anonymous said...

sali berisha is a stinking criminal