Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dinosha to resign from ministry post

Podgorica, April 14, 2011 -- Montenegro’s Minister for Human and Minority Rights, Ferhat Dinosha will be resigning in the next few months and will submit a formal resignation. According to various sources, he will be seeking a diplomatic assignment if approved by Prime Minister Luksic.

Dinosha will be remembered by the Albanian community is a staunch supporter of Milo Dukanovic and the DPS. When Dinosha served as leader of the Democratic Union of Albanians, he was often criticized for being a puppet of the DPS and for being used as an Albanian voice (with Slavic undertones) to control the Albanian population.

In June 2009, Dinosha delivered a blow to the Albanian community in Malësia by proclaiming, “Tuzi is currently not prepared to elevate to the status of Municipality, given it is not an economically viable area…establishments should not proceed with the creation of new municipalities at any cost, where there may be lack of resources and no basis for a budget…Dinosha recalled that Tuzi currently has the status of Urban Municipality, as part of the capital Podgorica, and added that this status is much more favorable for a future transitional phase where they will eventually become independent municipalities…”


Anonymous said...

His next post should be resident ambassador at the Hague

Anonymous said...

This is a fine example of an Albanian politician who worked under Montenegrin control to suppress his own people. He per formed so many criminal acts that it makes me sick to even look at him!

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Dinosha's time will come I am sure. History will be a fine judge of his rendering Albanians in Montenegro insufficient!

Anonymous said...

I spent enough time blogging on the previous article realizing that we need to get back on track with issues that are more important, hence Dinosha and his legacy in Malesia.

With a new Minister at the helm, he needs to be contacted ASAP by Malesore nga Tuzi and here in the Diaspora and petitioned.

He needs to immediately come to grips with the discrimination that is taking place right under his nose.

Does anyone know what is being done regarding this?

~ Mark

Dritan said...


YOu might want to inquire with Shoqata Malesia e Madhe. I believe they have someoone in Malesi working on thsi petition. I may be wrong but that is what I heard.