Monday, April 11, 2011

Albanians in Michigan fall short on Kryengritja's 100th Anniversary

No musical performances! No plays dramatizing 1911! No poetic recitals paying tribute to our fallen heroes and heroines! No skits displaying our national cultures and treasures, No show!

April 10, 2011, Rochester Hills, Michigan – The Albanian-American community of Greater Detroit celebrated Kryengritja e Malësise se Madhe Sunday night at St. Paul’s Albanian Catholic Church and Community Center.

The sold out event featured a keynote address by Professor Romeo Gurakuqi, Assistant professor in the Department of History at the University of Shkodra “Luigj Gurakuqi” in Shkodra, Albania.

The event will be remembered more for what it was NOT than for anything worth writing home (to Malësia) about. After a long-winded opening speech by the master of ceremonies, Anton Lajcaj, a marathon run of speeches followed suit, all of which overshadowed Dr. Gurakuqi’s succinct analysis of the 1911 Malësia Uprising. In fact, Gurakuqi seemed at times to be annoyed by the rumbling of the crowd who displayed impatience throughout the evening. Gurakuqi in turn hurriedly read through his speech, never connecting with the crowd nor pausing in between sentences to emphasize the shifting paradigms during Malësia’s historical time-periods.

Many in attendance had hoped that Dr. Gurakuqi’s speech would be the last, but leave it to the organizers to turn the evening into one of the dullest on record. Seven more men made a bee-line to the podium and turned what Dr. Gurakuqi laid out flat on its back. If it were not for intermediate dance skits, the crowd was determined to gouge their eyes out with their steak knives. Those seated near the back of the hall were completely disconnected with the organization of the event, the sound never reaching the nearly 120 attendees sitting at the other side.

To add insult to this historic event, distinguished guests, congressmen Sandy Levin and Gary Peters, along with Senator Carl Levin, failed to appear. Thankfully Mayor of Rochester Hills, Bryan K. Barnett, filled this void with a delightful (and yes, short) speech commemorating 1911.

The evening concluded pretty much the same way it started – uninteresting, lethargic, boring, and empty. As the crowd emptied, a look of “can I get my refund” spoke through their half-awake eyes.


Anonymous said...

you're absolutely right. I want my $40 back! What a boring event. I thought this one would be special because it was 100 years. But it was the worst. I almost cried.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with this analysis. Unfortunately, when you have a pseudo-dictator at the helm, every program, skit, and musical is controlled by one man. He has alienated the youth, so it is not surprising that it was dull and boring. The same dull people run this show with no enthusiasm, but with the same long speeches. I thought it was open "mic" night.

Disappointed in Detroit!

Anonymous said...

Nji nder arsyet kryesore te luftes ka qen ruajta e gjuhes, e ju qe skruani kritika per ket mbramje ne gjuh te huaj, kame vetem disa fjal per ju;Zoti ju falt mend.
Per ate qe thua se nuke edhte ndegjuar, ke te drejte se ne asnjihere nuke ndegjojme. Nuk ka randesi se ku ishe i ulur. njerezit bisedonin me ze te larte edhe ne ren din e pare, te dyte e keshtu me rralle, bile me ze te larte se ju pengonte folesi.Problemi qendron se te shumica jone reagon alkoholi shume ma pare se fillojne bisedat.Pasi ju disa paskeni pase ide te tjera se si te organizohet, pse te nderuar nuke jeni afruar komisionit , qe me sa kame ndegjuar ka qen i perber prej kshillit te kishes dhe shoqates Malesia e Madhe dhe te jepni mendimin dhe ndihmen tuaj. Po te ju kishin refuzuar ateher kishit pas te drejte te kundershtoni.
Po a u organizua simpozium shkencor ne Tuz me 20 profesor dhe akademik, a e pate se sa ishin ulur per te i ndigjuar. Po a u organizua te shpia muze e Ded Gjon Lulit nji minidram, a e pate sa ishin prezent.
Shiqoni pake ata femije te vegjel qe jane gjenerata e dyte e lindur ketu dhe vallezojune shqip dhe veshin rrobat kombetare, kjo na mban gjalle, se kush foli e cka thane nuke ka teper rendesi. Ate qe ka thane Romeo mund ta gjeni te botuar, si dhe mund te lexoni nji numer te madhe librash qe ka shkrua, pa ju penguar zhurma dhe grate tue ju thane se jane "boaring" se nuke kane mujte m e vallezua, se ju qyqet shumica e juve nuke vallzoni me to njisoje.
Te gjithe ju qe kerkoni te hollat mbrapa, nuke ka problem, ju lutem te i postoni biletat dhe kisha do ju kthen te hollat, pore me nji kusht, nuke keni nevoje te shkruani emrin, pore te llogaritni sa pije keni konsumuar dhe ushqim ,zbriti preje pageset dhe difernca do ju kthehet, pra ajo shume qe ishte e parapar per pjesen argetuese. Mose akuzoni kshillin e kishes per ket se ata nuke jane ni dijene per sa shkrova,
Me 24 organizohet mbramje argetuese ne sallen e kishes per te gjithe ata qe duan te argetohen me muzik qe eshte ma teper greke, turke sllave e sa tjera, sesa shqiptare. Argetim te kendshem.

Anonymous said...

You know what is even sadder than presenting such a funeral as last night? Those who come out and defend such a debacle. My father asked me to join him Sunday night, I refused. He insisted. I refused again. He warned me in a way that I had to accept, so I joined him and my mother and sister. After the event was over, my father did not open his mouth the entire drive home. He was sincerely embarrassed at what he saw and heard. There was utter silence in our car he entire drive. I almost felt sorry for my father. Those jack-asses that organized the event, especially “Kshilli” should resign. I was embarrassed for the Mayors of Rochester and Hills, and all the non-Albanians who were held hostage in what turned out to be a self-promoting campaign of power hungry hyenas! And for this other jack-ass who is crying foul and to not accuse him for fault (I am sure he is a member of Kshilli that organized this event), just SHUT UP!! We write English because we can, and we don’t have to prove ourselves in America like Albanians must prove who they are in Mali Zi. It is much more of a delight to write this way than communicate Serbisht like those bastards in Tuz!
Romeo Gurakuqi is leaving Detroit early because he cannot stand to stay another day in such a shit-hole. I don’t blame him. I spoke with 4 other friends who were there Sunday night and they all agreed that the the future of our community MUST be directed by a new front, where this current regime MUST step down, be deported, or simply jailed for crimes against humanity!

-- Mark

Anonymous said...

I think Congressman Peters and the Levins’ got tipped off about what the night had in store for them and they said, “No Thanks!” They used the government shutdown battle as an excuse to stay far away as possible.

The blogger who said he came with his dad, mom and sister. I will give you credit because there were not many youth there at all. It was more like an AARP Convention that a jubilation.

Seriously, if you want to mobilize the youth, there needs to be a change of the guard. This is getting ridiculous here in Detroit. I was told today that Romeo Gurakuqi’s wife made a very strong comment about the way Detroit received her husband, and argued that in New York,, the crowd was not only attentive, but very interested in what he had to say. But then again, comparing Detroit to NY is like comparing apples and oranges, or should I say Tirana to Tuzi.

All in all, Sunday night was one of the worst events I ever attended at St. Paul’s. I want my money back too (including compensation for mental pain and suffering).

Anonymous said...

The person who wrote in Albanian about how we should write in Albanian and "Zoti ju falte mend" is doing a "great" job bringing the youth back into the fold. As far as I am concerned, it is the same old propoganda: (a) Albanians are stupid, (b) our leader is great and needs to scold us, (c) Albanians need a heavy stick (and hand) because we don't know any better, (d) we are all idiots, (e) we are barbarians, (f) our fearless leader has to be heavy handed, etc. All this stuff we have heard a million times. Unfortunately, the serbo-montenegrins used the same motto.

I can't wait until we get a new regime in place and the old guard (who has no new ideas) leaves.

One last thing about the old guard: while we write in English, you were screaming "USA," "USA," "USA" during many demonstrations involving Kosova, Albania, and Malesia. So, now according to your twisted logic, we should not use this "gjuh te huaj." If it wasn't for this "gjuh te huaj," Albania, Malesia, and Kosova would be in a different situation.

While I write in this "gjuh te huaj," you go and sing praises, and raise your plaques to the pseudo-dictator. It is not surprising because you did this before when Shoku Enver was around. Tung!

Anonymous said...

I nderuemi qi ofendon te rinjte:

Pike s'pari, te par't kreshniket tan nuk kan luftue per me terrnua gjuhen tone te lashte (e te Fishtes), me nje gjuh toske siq e "SHKRUAR" (shkrua) tij.

E dyta, te kishim pas Ameriken mike ne ate kohe, siq e kem sot, Malesia komplet do te jet e Shqipnis. Kur nuk i ka pengua Fan Nolit, Konices Anglishtja, as neve nuk do te na pengojne. Rrnosh sa malet, ose si thua ti: Rrosh sa malet.

Anonymous said...


The last two bloggers hit it right on the bull's eye!!

Fan Noli was at Harvard studying when he proclaimed, "It is an honor to speak before you here tonight, in an auditorium full of scholars, researchers and humanitarians, where future generations shall follow and only play homage to a better universe ..."

Thank God Noli is dead, because if he was in attendance Sunday night, he would have retracted this speech and proclaimed, "Kuku nene per ne..." He would have looked at the head table and then gouged his eyes out like the article says.

Can I get an A.M.E.N.?!

Anonymous said...

I was there with my wife last night. I admit that I was eager to attend after watching all the events in Malësia celebrating the 100 year anniversary. I regret I was not able to go abroad but I thought at least I can pay tribute to our fallen heroes at St. Paul’s. We really expected a “different” show. What we received was 4.5 hours of complete disappointment. I have been attending these things for 15 years and nothing has changed. I take that back, what has changed is a steady decrease in youth attendance. Parents can only do so much to inspire their children to attend these events when you have one boring speech after another. Our 12-year old son put this in perspective: “Dad, I don’t want to go listen to Rrok Doka, Luigj Gjokaj, and Dom Antoni, they always yell and scream and I don’t understand them.” Although two of these men did not speak, the damage has been done over the years. Language is not an issue here, our son knows perfect Albanian. On our end, we are hesitant to send our children to such events because cannot anticipate what will come out of the mouths of these people when they take the mic. Why do I have to spin the sermon of Dom Antoni to my kids when he slams us during mass? After he refers to us a “cattle” and other profane abuses, my son asks why, and to explain what he meant. Do I tell him because we are? I take my family to these events to learn something, celebrate our nation, our history, our identity, and to show my children that when they proudly say they are Albanian, they know/understand why. It is an honor to be Albanian, however, it is a dishonor to be led by people like those who organized and spoke at the Kryengritje in Detroit (Gurakuqi the exception).

Anonymous said...

You know, it’s about time someone brought this issue up. Our entire community has been alienated due to a small group of demagogues. I think everyone knows who the “fearless leader” is, and yes he is part of this monstrosity.

How on earth do we go from one minute listening to Romeo Gurakuqi (asst. prof/Fellow of History at the LSE) to listening to Marash “Masho” Uli (full-time unemployed and toothless legend)? How do we make sense of these correlations/(un)commonalities? The answer is simple: we can’t.

Besides the kids that dressed up in traditional costumes for the dance parodies (so they had to be present), no other children their ages were at the event. What we should be prideful of is to see whether these same children show up to events when they turn 16, 21, 35 …

Today’s dishonorable leaders are the root cause of tomorrow’s disenfranchised youth. And yes, Kshilli is part of the problem!!

~ Simoni

Anonymous said...

Nice comment Simon.The problem is the Kshilli, the former kshilli and the Albanian author above. They think we are qyqes and drunks and never blame themselves.(The Albanian author above calls us qyqes and drunks).We need to take back our community and OUR church.Yes, our Church.

While taking photos after a marriage ceremony, we get scolded and the lights get turned off. This is our Church, not the Kshillis and the fearless leader's.

We have been ridiculed, carelessly and verbally abused, made fun of, berated.Why?

Anonymous said...

The Albanian author above is part of the Kshilli/organizing committee that put that circus together. I could smell him from a mountain away.

It’s funny that you mentioned how we are referred to as “qyqes”, “drunks”, etc. and that we are ridiculed, abused and berated – because it sounded to me as if you were referring to Muammar al-Gaddafi, but no, it’s our fearless leader from Kosova!
Why we are ridiculed you ask? Because demagogues fear intellectuals, they fear progressive ideas, they fear “in with the new” and “out with their old”, because Albanians allow themselves to be treated like second class citizens because they have had much practice throughout history … first under the Turks, then under the Slavs, then under Albanian spies/snitches/sigurimi, then under Slavic collaborators, and finally now under community leaders who just won’t die. A whole generation needs to be wiped out along with the cancerous propaganda that is spewed with and from them.

The brave Albanians that refused to be “qyqes” fought against such treatment, and today that means fighting against scums of this sort.

~ Simoni

Anonymous said...

The communist Albanian author above states that we have no right to criticise the event when we did not offer to help.Hmmm, in the US, we are guaranteed free speech.We "apologize" if we don't fall within party line, comrade!

Nik Hoti said...

These self appointed, self declared leaders, activists and community organizers are oblivious to the 800 pound gorilla in the room, they are so blinded by their own selfish ambitions and ideologies that they fail to realize or don't care to realize that we have battles on many fronts to deal with. The biggest one I'm afraid is the battle from within. I was at the festivities at Bratila as well as the celebration in Rapsha and I must tell you that it was bitter sweet. Politics has become sport in our culture leaving honor and cultural interest by the way side.
How long can we run on the coat tails of our great heros? One great quote comes to mind when I ask how long can we go on this way:

"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same".
Ronald Reagan

The other bloggers had it dead on, it is time for new beginnings in our respective communities. It is time for the generation in line to step up and start handling the business of our culture. It's been time for a new direction that serves the interests of our people here and abroad and one that will reinforce the sacred legacy left unto us by our fore fathers. Ignore the demagogues & pseudo dictators,isolate the poison that has plagued us for the last couple decades & that threatens our future.
Let them wither on the vine while new seasons bear fruit.

Anonymous said...

I was in Malesi for the week long ceremonies and wouldn't have traded the trip for anything! Every ceremony and celebration gave me goose-bumps. I'm really sorry to hear that the Michigan celebration of the 100th Anniversary was not as satisfying. We're having our celebration here in New York this Saturday so please feel free to come and join us! Very few speeches, folk music with lahute and cifteli by various artists, and Lindon Gjelaj (and band) leading our dance party. Everyone in Michigan (our brothers and sisters) are more than welcome to join us!

Anonymous said...

The only goose bumps I got Sunday night was when I looked at Dom Antoni's stone face (he always looks pissed at the world).

I pray your NY celebration shines! Don't let the idiots in our community scare you; these are just battles we have to fight on an event-by-event basis.


Anonymous said...

Me duket mua nga Malesia, me sa e kuptoj ket artikull dhe kto komente, se ktu ka te bej me dy gjenerata plotsisht te nrryshme-me botkuptime dhe ideja organizuese te kunderta:

1. Gjenerata e vjeter- eshte fakte se i kan kry shum pun kombetare, ne kohe qe kan veprua ata; ceshtja e shqiptarve ne Balkan eshte permisu pregresivishte, me perjashtim te Shqiptarve ne Mal te Zi e cila eshte ne regres te siperm. Kjo gjenerat, me gjithse nuk kan qen shum politikishte e inkuadruam ne sistemin amerikan, ka be pun madheshtore per kombin tone. Kjo eshte fakte, dhe se ata qe mundohen me degradua punen e tyre eshte pa vende dhe jo me qellime te mire.

2. Gjenerate e re qe shifet ne ket artikull dhe ne disa komente, ka te drejte deri diku per nje organizim me te mire ne komunitet- per me qen me i fokusum dhe efikas per sfidad e ndryshme ne komunitetin e juve ne Detroit dhe ketu ne vendlidje. Ky mospajtim eshte i natyrshem, dhe se ekziston ne zhdo shoqeri civilizuese, sidomos ne ato shoqri qe synojne zhvillimin adekuat. Per ju te rinjeve, skini nevoj me hyll gur ne prindit e juaj, merrnje ne duar dhe udheheqnje komunitetin e juaj; ju me siguri do te ini me efikase per te arredhshmen e komunitetit, se natyra e nevojave te komunitetit shqiptare ka ndryshua. Gjenerata e vjeter eshte ne prendim, dhe se lypet energji e re;keshtuqe, eshte normale qe natyra e punes te nryshohet.Duhet te krijone vizione relavante te reja per brezin e ri-per te ecuar perpara .

Sygjerim: le te jen ky tranzicion po rremuja, ku gjenerata e vjeter te largohet ngadal, dhe gjenerat e re te marrin persiper organizimet e komunitetit. Keshtu me duket se te dy gjeneratat do te fitojne, dhe se te gjith, ju atje e ne ne Malesi, do te kemi beneficione shoqerore nga ky nderrim!

Me qense jetoni ne nje shtet demokratik dhe perparimtar, shpresoj se do te mirri vesh ma mire se ne ne Malesi.



Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

O Guri, a po thua per gjeneraten e Ded Gjo; Lulit apo Masho Ulit? Sepse gjenerata e Mashit e ka hager mutin, jashti si gjenerata jote ne Malesi.

The problem is definately between the mindsets of the new vs. old generations. The old, that you are mistakenly saying did a lot for Komi, did absolutely nothing for MaLESIA. Tell me one thing that they did that made Malesia better today than it was in 1957? At least up until '57 they had a Kamune.

For God's sake, since Gjergj Ivezaj stepped down as president of Shoqata Malesia e Madhe this month, couldn't they elect someone with more than an elementary education than M. Ulaj? How on earth is he going to communicate with English-speaking colleagues? At least Mr. Ivezaj had advisors around him to fill the gaps in his language barriers.

This is an example of how we fail as a people, we keep irrevelant people on board for no logical reason, we catapult them to positions where they have no business being.

Malesia is the same way. I didn't see any new generation (educated) youth participating in the symposiums, lectures, presentations, etc. Just old farts.

Anonymous said...

O guri
Kurrkush nuk ashte ka i ndal gjenerata e reja per te vepruar, pore mos harro se nese nuk flasin shqip, nuke mendojne shqip ase veprimet nuke do ti ken per shqiptari, dhe mos te harrojme se ky organizim eshte ba ne sallen e kishes se Shen Palit, e kisha i ka rregullat e veta.Do te deshironim qe femija jone te udheheqi me aktivitete kombetare, pore po frigohem se jane shum pak, ose aspak asish qe dijne me udheheq ni darke si kjo ne gjuhen shqipe.
Me siguri edhe kjo dark ka mujte me u ba ma mire, pore nuk pajtohem me titullin qe ky zotnia i ka vu se nuke ishte deshtim.\
Po ashtu do te deshiroj te dije se cka kane prit kta qe nuk ja da te knaqun, dhe 28 Nentori vjen shum shpejt e urdhnoni e organizojeni ma mire dhe ne te vjetrit do te ju perkrahim
Mbetshi me shendet
Bekuar kjoft ai bir shqiptarit
qe ket gjuh te perendis
trashigim na la i pari
trashegim ja len ai femis.

Anonymous said...

Ndoshta ke pak te drejt ne krahasim te gjeneratve. Por vetem nje sqarim, se ndoshta edhe ne kem pasur shanse me u shperngul, por nuk jemi shperngul....por qendrojme ketu ne Malesi, edhe te gjithe femijt e mi studijojne ne universitete shqiptare... edhe te shume shokve te mi vijojne mesimin ne Tiran ose Prishtin. Eshte e vertet se ne Malesi, eshte nje gjenerate e re me parime te forta kombetare. Keta te rinje nuk jan te eksponum kur ju vini ne Malesi, por parimet kombetare i kan shum te forta.

Kjo gjenerate e re nuk do ti bej punet dhe aktivitete si ne, me siguri me ndryshime, ndoshta ma mire,por mos te kimi frig, se ne fund ata jane qe do te udheheqin komunitetit e juj ne Detroit edhe neve ketu ne Malesi!

Ne shpresojme se do te jen me te pregaditur se ne per te larguar Malesin nga Podgorica! Ky eshte qellimi, sfida dhe fokusi i gjenertes se re!

Anonymous said...

Guri, lumte goja! Well said.

Per ate qe flet Shqip, ate patriot demek, ke fol mjaft. Ne kem kqyrje natën e Diel prezantimin tende, një siklet për njerëzim!

You know what I love about this particular blog? The tenacity and youthfulness of the dialogue. The idiot who messaged before Guri has obviously been touched the wrong way. He makes absolutely no sense whatsoever! No logic, just gibberish, reminds me of the speeches Sunday night. A message to you: “You have no place in these discussions, go back to the cave you crawled out of and bathe your “fearless leader” tonight as you tell about everything you witnessed in this blog. Because you are obviously one of “his” dogs that keeps him abreast of all the current events in our community. People like you are what ills Albanians. But enough of your irrelevancy.
As for the others – excellent talking points. Guri’s comments are a bit naïve but coming from Malësia they are optimistic. My sister was dancing last Sunday night at Kryengrita, and you want to hear what a young Albanian girl thought of the party? She cried. She cried because she and her friends were promised to perform 5 dance routines that night, but one of the organizers told them there was no time because “people had to make important speeches.” Yes, important speeches, speeches that made their way into the comic page of the Monday Morning News.
Keep up the excellent dialogue here, I am loving it.

Anonymous said...

To respond to an earlier comment, Romeo Gurakuqi did in fact leave Detroit early to go back home to Albania.

And yes, he was very disappointed with the organization of the event so I do not understand what that guy (speaking in Albanian) is rambling about.

I wasn't at the event, but by what I have read so far, I'm glad I stayed home. These events at St. Paul's are getting out of hand; new leadership cannot come soon enough.


Anonymous said...

They did a lot for Kosova, for Albanians in Macedonia and Albanians in Presheva; you cannot take this away from them! On the other hand, you are right, they did not do anything for the Albanians in Montenegro… because the Albanians in Montenegro didn’t do or ask for anything, they praise Montenegro and even voted for them. So stupid, they vote for their enemy and their butcher! What can you do for them!!!???

Anonymous said...

Emri im është Anton Vulaj dhe unë i dua paratë e mia mrapa! Unë refuzojë me paguaja ma për "garbage" se kam pa Diel te Kisha e Shen Palit.

Anonymous said...

disa prej jush duket se ini bijet e serbofilave qe ju kane mesuar te paret me hape dezinformat dhe mashtrime.per ty qe thua se motra te ka vallezua ate nate dhe ka ardhe ne shpi tue kjajte, se u kan premtua pes vallezime, kjo nuk eshte e vertet.
E ti qe thua se Romeo eshte kthye para kohet, ase kjo nuk eshte e vertet se hala eshte ne Detroit dhe nese deshiron me u takua me te dhe me ja pagua ni darke me lajmero, apo ti dhe shoket tu a ini interesua me e kontaktua dhe me i pagua ndonji mjesdit apo dark, me siguri se jo, e ata qe ju i shani e shoqerojne duke lane punet e veta dhe me shpenzime te vetat. edhe ky ashte ni kontribut sado modest per shqiptarizem.
Guri, e kisha fjalen per gjeneratat e reja ne mergim.
E ti Toni Vulaj sqaroju se cili ije se advokati muj te shti ne gjugj se ja ke perdor emnin e tije, dhe nese deshironi me marr pjes ne festen e Kryengritjes se Malesis ateher i vetmi vend ne Detroit eshte Kisha e Shen Palit, qe ka festuar, feston dhe do te festojn ket fest.
Njerzit e mir si ju jane munduar me e ndale ket manifestim dhe tjerat me karakter kombetar qe nga themelimi i kishes. Ju siguroj se edhe nja 20-30 vjet sa te jen gjenerata jone , klyshat e sllaveve dhe komunistat nuke do na ndalin, e kure te merrni ju drejtimin e kishes ka mundesi qe te ndryshoj, se asnja nga ju nuke ishit ne gjendje me i shkrua tri fjali ne shqip e jo ma me organizuar dicka ma teper. Me keqardhje e konstatoj ket.

Anonymous said...

Per hir te se vertetes, per ty Nik qe genjen, ja telefoni ku mund te bini ne kontakt me Dr Romeo Gurakuqi i cili gjendet ne Detroit, sot e Merkur 13 Prill, ora 8:21
Luse kopmentuesit te telefonojne dhe te vertetojne se Nika ka rrejt

Anonymous said...

Per klyshtarin/keshilltarin (ose ish keshilltarin) - for the Church Council Member (or ex-counsel member):

Sa mire po dike se tana jane rrena. Fort tek i beson vetit. S'ke faj, se keshtue je mesua me prisin tande, tue sha e tue shpif. Po ka dine tij a ka qaj e motra e filanit? A je ke ne shpien e tijna?

Ne gjdo manifestim qi behet per Shiptarizem dhe jane te thirrun Amerikan, sidomos delegate e kongresmena, aty duhet me ken bilingual e jo vetem Shqip. Pse ti Zotni kur shkon e flet me kongressmena ne Washington flet Shqip dhe e ke perkthyesin ne gjep. Pse a mendon se ceshtja e Malesise kryhet vetem tue fol Shqip? Jo Zotni pa me kuptue Congressman Gary Peters, Sander Levin, Carl Levin dhe majorat e qytete per rreth se cka ashte halli Malesise (ne gjuhen Angleze) keni deshtue.

Kesaj kritike nuk mundet as Prof. Romeo Gurakuqi per mej ikun. Ka shkrue libra per ket tem, ashte profesor-doktor historie, aj eshte ken ne Malesie e me siguri i ka fol te njajtat fjal, ka udhtue per krye 8-10 ore. Me gjith ket, nuk ka muej me zan permendshe ato fjal qi ka da mej than por ashte dasht mej lexua? Kjo eshte befasi dhe tregon nje pakuptim dhe pa pregatitje. Eshte deshtim i tina nese nuk ka da me harxhue kohen per me zanun permensh.

Par tregove se "kisha i ka rregulla te veta." Me tjera fjal ti po don me than se aj qi eshte orator ne sallen e Kishes nuk muej mej fole fjalet pa ja kendue lavdratat Dom Antonit. Te dish pra Zotni, qi kurr ne jeten e jets kjo zbahet, sepse aj qi sha, perca (dhe ja le fajin tjeter kuj), shpif nuk i meriton nje gja te tille.

Nje amanet: kur te niset jaj prisi juej, edhe juve rruga sapun ju bafte!

Every Albanian commemoration event has to be bilingual. This serves two purposes. One, our distinguished guests, such as the various Congressman know what we are saying, requesting, and they feel comfortable in our home. This is how we get the message out.

The other purpose serves our fellow first and second generation Albanians that may not know the "gjuha e unisuar." Heck, many of our parents don't understand that bastardized language but understand the Northern Gheg dialect.

Professor Romeo Gurakuqi cannot escape criticism. He is a renowned expert in the Kryengritja, he has written books, he has made speeches, he possibly made the same speech in Malesi, he traveled 8-10 hours. After all of this, he doesn't have the decency to memorize his speech! This shows a lack of preparation and respect for his audience. With all due respect, I am not impressed.

It is time for a new dawn at St. Paul's. No reasonable person can work with such a hard-headed keshille, and with their fearless leader. According to them, it is all our faults, we are qyqes, we are drunks, we are drug addicts, are mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, are whores. Shame on you for having such mindframes!

We are your sheep, feed us, don't beat us.


Anonymous said...

As I sit here waiting for class to begin, I wonder if this villager who wrote this above reads over his own comments? I mean, they are very, very shallow. If you speak/write in Albanian then you are a Serb or communist. First of all, what the hell does being a communist mean? The only person I ever hear using that phrase anymore is Dom Antoni, almost every Sunday during mass. I also wonder if this guy has any children of his own, and if he does I pity them. Living with such an irrational and angry “dad” must be beyond belief. It’s funny that out of 28 postings, he remains the only poor soul defending what appears to be a lost night for everyone. For God’s sake, just admit that you guys screwed up the entire evening for those that attended and gave a black eye to what it means to celebrate one’s heritage in one of the most important dates in Albanian history. The truth will set you free.
I can say this however, if he represents in any way a sample of what Albanians think for the youth, then I will patiently wait for his generation to die out (hopefully for him soon) before engaging with morons in any celebratory event. This is exactly why we don’t get involved, because control-freaks like the one above feel they know what’s right for the entire community, and when one stands up (in this case 28) and objects, then s/he should shut up and sit down. I swear reading his comments you would think you’re listening to a Sunday sermon at church. Hmmm, I wonder …
Anyhow, Nik I’m not certain if Mr. Gurakuqi left just yet, but I agree that he is leaving earlier than planned. And oh my word, did you see the look on his wife’s face as he was reading his speech? She was pissed. Which brings another point. Many of the bloggers here seem to have attended the event Sunday night, including yours’ truly. Just for this alone we should get a medal (or purple heart because I feel injured by it).

Anonymous said...

Mr. "Frustrated" I agree with you 100% I have plenty of soap for the bastard who wrote before you.


Anonymous said...

o rrenes i thon RREN e asi trysh.
Prap po ju tregoj se Romeo eshte ne detroit dhe kthehet sikur e ka pase bileten e rezervuar, pra pa ndryshime.
Kurse ti "Frustrated" nese ke qene prezent ne sall, ateher esht dasht me dijte se paraqitja e programit eshte ba edhe ne gjuhen anglishte nga Goca Gjekaj si dhe folsi i rastit ne anglisht Avokati Gjok Dedvukaj, pore si duket nuke i ke ndegjua se je kene nxanun tue bisedua me shok pereth.
Nuke ka njeri ne bot qe nuke kite me dashte me e pase pasardhesin-djalin ma te mire se vetin, pore po frigohem se per ceshtje kombetare ne mergim jemi duke u shuar me vdekjen e gjenerates qe kane ardhe ne mergim nga vendelindja. kjo ndolle edhe me kombesinat tjera, dhe pos mos te ishin edhe kishat, kjo do te vinte edhe ma shpejt.
Pershendetje dhe mundohuni te jeni te kulturuar pasi ashtu thoni se jeni, e sa per sapun ruenju se mundeni me pshqit ju en ta ka te na e bani gati rrugen hahahah

Anonymous said...

e ty Simon "bastard" tu baft i zoti i shpis shoko

Anonymous said...

....frastrimi ekziston edhe ne mergim edhe ne vendlidje. Eshte nje fenomen prezent ne individ, familje dhe ne pergjithesi tek mbare malesoret. Gjenerta ime( 40-60 vjet), ne qe jemi ne vendlindje nuk kemi be asgje per ceshtje kombetare; en fakt, kemi veprua kundra cashtjes shqiptare. Kjo gjenerat ja ka dorrezua Malesin Podgorices me vote e me facto! Per se kunderti, malazezet, se moshes son, kan shkua e luftue ne Kosove; kan vra femije e pleq shqiptare, be masakra aty ky Serbia e ka kerkua, ndersa un me gjeneraten time, jo qe si kemi dal zote Kosoves per ti mbrojte oborret e familjet e tyre, por jemi tut edhe ne shpijat tona, se po na vrasin e coptojne ketu ne Malesi. Pikerishte per ket arsye e quaj edhe vehten "GURI" ndo nje idej, mision apo ideal kombetar, por i mbetun si gure jektu ne Malesi. A thue ky eshte patriotizem!? Per ket arsye, une besoj, se duhet te behet nje shiftim i gjenerates ketu ne Malesi edhe ne mergim, te prenojm gabimin, dhe t'ja dorrzojme gjenerates se re vendin e shoferit.

Gjenerat ime ne mergim, sic e kam cekur edhe me pare kan be shum per kombin...eshte fakt, dhe kurkush nuk mundet me mohua veprimtarin e juaj kombetare. Per Malesi, kini be vetem ne menyre finaciare, por jo edhe per permisimin e statusit tone politike. Ndoshta, nga nje here, me intervenimet e qellim te mire, kini perzier gjendjen ton me shume se nduhmuar! Kini be disa inicijativa qe kan qen te perfillta, por nuk jan realizuar! Ne fund, kurgje nuk eshte be ne Malesi qe gjenerat ime ne mergim dhe ne vendlidje mund te krenarohet dhe t'ju trashigohet brezit te ri. Koha jone do te regjistrohet, si zbrapsi ne historin e ketij vendit!

Cdo gjenerate e ka nje shance per te ber dicke te mire per vendlidje, ne e kemi humbe ate shancen!

Shpresoj se gjenerata e re nuk do ta humbin shancen e tyre per te permisua statusin e shqiptarve ne Malesi dhe ne pergjithesi ne Mal te Zi


Anonymous said...

I agree with the article 120% in that Gurakuqi read his speech way over the speed limit. I was offended by his attitude at the podium. He has the audacity to pull out paper and start reading from it. I mean, didn’t this guy author the history of Kryengrita e Malesise se Madhe? It certainly did not look that way. Elle ky gabel Kshilltare qe po ha mut could have read it from paper and made it sound decent. I actually hope he left Detroit sooner than scheduled; he showed his respect for our community by his amateurish acts on stage. He deserved “boos” let alone the lack of attention he received.
Another point that must be made here. This bastard who keeps refuting those speaking Albanian has revealed who he is, it is very obvious. If he sounds like the “fearless leader” from Gjakova, well he’s not, but he is qeni i Dom Antonit, ose qeni i qenit! Anyhow, for years these cowards have tried to alienate the Albanian youth by the same sarcasm used in his blogs here, i.e., “speak Albanain, etc.” In fact many youth today know very well Albanian, but they express themselves better in English given they were born and raised here, including spending countless hours per day conversing in English at school and the workplace. It is a miracle they still know how to speak Albanian. To this point, the bastard who knows nothing else but to slam his fellow-Albanians feels threatened at the push-back, just like the fearless leader felt with the wave of intellectual dissent over the past decade. Paybacks a bitch, isn’t it.
While many are looking forward to the regime shift in Rochester Hills, even more are anticipating the departure of the dirty dozen, including the likes of this scum who keeps spewing garbage from his mouth.

~ Tony

Anonymous said...

Ju lutem qe ti diskutoni ceshtjet dhe mos shani e fyeni.

Please argue the issues and facts and don't personalize the debate with derogatory comments.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Guri 100% percent, completely! I think that’s an excellent analyses and conclusion of his generation’s sweats.

Hey Guri, I am planning to visit Malesia this summer; if possible, I would love to have a coffee with you, please!

Anonymous said...

The issues surround the thematic content of this article are clear – the Albanian community in Detroit is uninterested in these people/speeches. What else can one talk about Kryengritja that is not already known? What we need are new initiatives, new progressive ideas for the future of Malësia, not just glorifying the “dead” past. I was told that over $100,000 was spent in Malësia (much of the money donated by New York organizations) for the week-long events. Why not use this power of fund-raising to realize the missions of Shoqata Malësia e Madhe, Fondi, Ded Gjon luli, and others? We could have opened and financed an office for a year with that sort of money, including the continued financing of a center in Tuzi. We need to bring our persuasion to the front door of Podgorica. We need to network and mobilize our intellectual base and ignore idiots like this Kshilltare typing in Albanian.
Politics in Detroit is now a four-letter word for many of the youth; whenever there is an event at the church or elsewhere, it’s the same people yapping away about the same things, over and over again. Do these people think about tomorrow; do they have any original ideas/thought? I feel like I’m in the midst of a very bad reality show when I attend these events. Albanians are more concerned if their picture is posted or name mentioned among the elites rather than do some leg work and achieve results. This is what plagues our community, and you know what, many of the young and resilient have picked up on it and refrain from getting into the muddy waters. There is a very small (and shrinking) circle of Albanians that try to control community affairs in Detroit. This has had an adverse effect on them because everyone is moving away from the community circles and looking elsewhere for social networking. Just turn on your local Albanian TV channel and see who is running the show; it’s the most horrific show in town.
I will be attending the Kryengritje in New York this Saturday. I actually look forward to it because I am sure their key note speaker(s) will be young, energetic, charged and passionate about the cause and not thy self!

~ Dritan

Anonymous said...

FYI - Around $40K was spent for the Malesia celebration - $5K came from Sh. Malesia Madhe Michigan, $3K came from Fondi Humanitar Malesia NY, and $32K came from Shoqata Ded Gjo Luli New York.
Also, Romeo Gurakuqi did not leave the country, he will be a quest at the NY celebration on Saturday but will NOT, I repeat, will NOT be speaking.

Anonymous said...

Dritan, very neatly argued. I like your train of thought on this subject matter. I take you also feel victimized by these washed-out cowboys. Well don’t fret my good friend; better days are on the horizon. As long as dialogue like this continues to saturate the information highway, it will also resonate where it matters most. I admire what Guri nga Malesia is pointing towards, a new horizon that is long overdue. I can think of a dozen young Albanian intellectuals right now who are ready to take the baton and run with it. The difference however is that they will run the correct course and not trip along the way like so many of these bigots have for the past 30 years. Let me remind Guri that in the United States the only intellectuals are those that have been educated by western institutions, because those diplomas that were earned in Podgorica, Prishtina, and Tirana have been tainted with communist fever of the 20th Century, lacking the basic principles of democratization theory, civicness, independent free thinking, entrapanuer ideologies, and free market enterprises. I now it’s hard to swallow but after years of reading and listening to their rhetoric, it hits you in the mouth how one-dimensional these people are. And to validate my claim, there has not been one single study, research project, data analysis, etc. neither delivered nor published that supports their cries for a better future, a better Malesia. Not one. Don’t mistake those propaganda coloring books they put together on the internet because personal portrayals are not objective data/information that can/will be cited by other intellectuals. As I say, there are some very notable young men and women that are more than capable of representing our cause, and it is only time when they will surface. Podgorica fears them, and sadly enough so does Malesia because they see them as a threat to “unseat” them, and then O Lord, how will I get compensated for the double-duties I perform on behalf of Kamuna Urbane and Podgorica (as an example)? This is exactly the fear that is circulating in Tuz with the rise of a young Ph.D. graduate, as is the fear from Podgorica with a rising star being educated in Tirana. In Detroit, there are several political savvy young men whom everyone knows well. In New York, well just come visit us this Saturday during our Kryengritja and you will find them here as well. And for that gentleman whose daughter was neglected in Detroit, I invite you to bring her to NY, I promise she will get the opportunity to dance for as long as she wants.


Anonymous said...

O guri, si duket qenke i shurdhet dhe i verbet.
Si munesh me thane se diaspora nuk ka ba gja per malsin.
A po na tregon se kush ndihmoje ne ndertimin e rrugave, elektrikut e tjetren infrastruktur ne Malsi.
Kush i financoi festimet e festave kombetare ne Malsi tash 20 vjet.
Kush i ndihmoje partit politike ne shqiptare ne fushat zgjellore.
Kush ka ndihmuar financiarisht shoqeri kulturo-artistike dhe sportive.
Kush ka ndihmuar TV Boin qe nga themelimi.
Kush ka organizuar ardhjen ne vizit ne malesi te senatorve dhe kongresisteve amerikan.
Kush ka organizuar ardhjen e perfaqesuesve te partive politike dhe organizatave joqeveritare shqiptare si dhe prijsave fetar ne Washington.
Kush ka organizuar protesta kunder delegacionit malazez ne amerik.
Kush ka organizuar protesta per lirim e te burgosurve, po a thua mos ishin edhe 4 te arrestuar nga diaspora.
Kush ka financuar ngritjen e permendoreve dhe pllakave perkujtimore ne Malsi
Cila kish apo kapel eshte ndertuar pa ndihmen ton
Cilat vorreza pastrohen cdo vit pa ndihmen ton
Cila familje ne gjendje te mjere ekonomike nuke eshte ndihmuar prej diasporet
Kush e financoi auto-ambulanten
Cila vdekje tragjike ka kaluar pa u ndihmuar nga diaspora
Kush e financon qendren per te drejtat e njeriut ne Tuz, dhe kush e financoi Elaboratin per komunen e Tuzit.
Dua te ju kerrkoj falje te gjithe mergimtareve se me siguri kame harruar pa cekur te gjitha bamiresirat e tyre
Nese ti me shoket i keni mshel syte para te gjitha ketyre, ateher faji eshte i juaji.
Per gjendjen politike atje faji eshte i juaji, se votoni partin malazeze dhe aleatet e tyre dhe neve ne mergim na e mshelni gojen, sepse ketu vepron demokracia dhe vota e lir dhe ju pa asnjifar presionit votoni per armiqet tuaj.

E per ju tjereve qe edehe me quani Idiot, mbajeni per vetin se duket ky eshte mbiemri i familjes suaj qe ju kane edukuar kaq mire.
Duket se e vertetuat se Romeo hala eshte ne Detroit, pore prap po hapni dezinformat se nuk ka me fol, e un po te them se PO KA ME FOL.
Ju shoke nuke keni nevoj me shpenzua kohe mbas kompjuterit me na tregua sa te mire dhe te afte jeni. Urdheroni zotni e organizoni aktivitete per te mire te komunitetit , Malsis dhe Kombit mbar se na te vjetrit njata presim, e ka mundesi qe edhe te ju perkrahim financiarisht se hama dreq se ini ka shpenzoni asnji dollar nga xhepi juaj,
Shpresoj te shifemi se shpejti ne nji aktivitet te till dhe ju jap besen se une e Mashi nuke kem me fol.
Mbetshi me shendet

Anonymous said...

me falni se harrova disa shum me randesi; pra ndihmen studentave shqiptar dhe
pagesen per 4 vite shkollim te Drites Dushaj ne amerik
Keshtu e ka plaku, nis me harrua

Anonymous said...

Nuk e besoj se jane Malesor disa qe kan ba ketu komente dhe vehten e quajne te ri dhe gjoja te edukuem. Ndoshta jane te "edukuem" por se pari u mungon edukata familjare e mos te flasim per ate kombtare. Nuk di cfar edukate munde te kete ai qe ofendon njerz qe munde te jete edhe gjyshi i tyre.Njerz qe tash 40 vjete pa u kursye kane ndihmue Malesine dhe ceshtjen shqiptare, ndihma edhe me shume se i permendi personi para meje. Ndoshta jam gabim por ne keto komente munde te kete edhe joshqiptar, ose femi te promalazezve, ose perkrahes te atyre qe punojne per Male te Zi. Fjala ashte per disa.

Anonymous said...

O Kolë Qeni, mos leh si nena qe te ka ba; ose si ai idiot i cili ofendon njerëzit çdo Diel.

A e kuptonë se shokt e tuaj nuk kanë vend në këtë forum? A e shihni se askush nuk është i mbështetur me komentet tuaja? Ma mire shko këtheu në tryezë biletave dhe mbylle gojën gomar!


Anonymous said...

First, I skimmed through most of these comments, but did not read them in their entirety. From this, I noted a tone of annoyance and perhaps even disgust.

For everyone who was at the event on Sunday evening, kudos. For everyone who stayed until it ended, pass along whatever you were drinking.

We all know Dom Antoni is leaving in no time, but let's be respectful of what he has accomplished as our community leader. Under his leadership, our community has grown to become one of the strongest diaspora Albanian communities not only in the U.S. but even across the world. At the same time, St. Paul's served as an avenue of funding and organization during the Kosova War... one must be ignorant to ignore the role that the Albanian diaspora played in the Kosova campaign, ESPECIALLY Malesors in Detroit. Therefore, I'm quite appalled at how some of these above posts are demeaning to Dom Antoni... although he had his issues, let's remember him for his positive contributions to the Albanian cause. And no, I'm not his biggest fan... but I do think it is only logical and fair if we appreciate his efforts.

I'd also like to add my input on how a few of the above posts mention the "old-school mentality". Yes, there is a huge generational gap between our parents and us. For many of us, we are the first generation to be educated in American schools. Therefore we are one step of the previous generation intellectually.

Blah blah blah, my point is the old generation has held their throne for a while and as the Arab Spring shows, leaders that have been in power for years need to go. I'm getting ahead of myself but an Albanian Diaspora Spring needs to be initiated... all revolutions begin by the youth but the Albanian Youth in America is nowhere to be found!

Whoever steps up to the mound and organizes a new organization or whoever served as a bridge between the old-school and new school Albanians will go down in history right next to Jashari, Rugova and Kastrioti!!!


Anonymous said...

To the last commentator:

I respect your point of view, but I think if we only mention the good that Dom Antoni has done (and yes he has done some good), we would be telling half or less than half of the story. Don't forget, Dom Antoni has berated, scolded, sworn, called our mothers, sisters, and grandmothers whores, called us cattle (Shtas), qyqes, kukes, etc. There will be no other priest at St. Paul's that will leave a divided of a community as he will leave it. Bear in mind, that a priest is supposed to preach forgiveness, unity, love and happiness. Unfortunately, we have many times received the opposite. Like for instance Easter last year, where Dom Antoni wished repurcussions on innocent children of certain people who had drawn uncanny pictures of him.

In my opinion, the Church and politics should have a clear wall between the two. Politics is dirty and a slippery slope. Once a priest gets involved, many things happen. Dom Antoni can attest to this.

I am mindful of the Bogdanis, the Fishtas, the Mjedas, the Gjecovis of the world, but that was at a different time in Albanian history when 90% of the Albanian population was illiterate, and there was infighting between the faiths.

Unfortunately, you still have nationalists (like the Kshille) that believe that the firebred preaching and nationalism have a place at the Sacred Altar.

Anonymous said...

Per Antonin
Mose u ngut me sha njerez pa dite se me kan ke pun. Une nuk jam Kola dhe nese deshiron me dijte kush jam, e lame vendin e takohemi dikun e bisedojme si njerez e ju keshtu si ban ti. Te gjitha qe i the mbaj vetin shoko

Anonymous said...

Although I agree with a separation of Church and State in a national context, I don't see it as realistic nor a necessary relationship for our community.

St. Paul's is a proper and even necessary forum where politics should be discussed, events organized, etc. Some people do feel uncomfortable at the church because of Dom Antoni's presence. Although I wish these people would grow a back-bone (granted, he hasn't sworn at me from the alter), I hope that the new leadership will provide for a more welcoming attitude towards Muslim, Orthodox, Atheist Albanians and even those that have been indirectly shunned from the church.

Ultimately, Dom Antoni's time as a leader is up... let us hope that our new leadership will couple their religion with a sense of patriotism to Greater Albania. Secondly, let's hope a new Kshille is established. Not only is the current Church Council terribly ineffective, from my vantage point they are extremely unorganized.

But back to my point, this forum has proven to me, and I hope to many others, that there is a ticking bomb of new leaders in our community who are intelligent, patriotic and have a genuine care for Albania.

We can all agree: Reform is definitely needed.

But, it is easy for us to sit behind in our comfortable desk chairs and to vent our frustrations of the "old-school" Albanians and of Dom Antoni and of Dinosha and of Tuz and of those who discredit our intellect because we are more comfortable to voice our opinions in English. It is not easy for us to organize and to take the ambitious path that has been laid out for us to strengthen our community and to ensure that we, as a community, prosper in the Greater Detroit area. I am almost certain that those "old school" leaders who genuinely care for Malesia and for the Albanian Diaspora will welcome us with open arms. These men will provide us with essential guidance as they've been through it before. These men will support us financially, as they have proven to have deep pockets for Malesia and for our community. These men will appreciate the new ideas that we will bring... BUT, these men will not be ready to let their leadership role go until they are assured that the Albanian Diaspora of Michigan is in the right hands...

So, I applaud who ever takes initiative and begins discussion on how we can bring a new face and new ideas to the Albanian community of Detroit. But, we all have our own jobs, school, girlfriends and for some of us: children... so here we are posting on freemalesia.


Anonymous said...

Vetem nje sqarim:te gjitha pikat finaciare qe i ke numrua, jan te sakta, jane edhe disa tjera qe si ke numrua. Edhe une e kam cek se si mergimtaret e kan ndihmua Malesie. Kjo eshte e vertet, dhe nuk mundet kush me ta hyll posht. Problemi i Malesise eshte statusi politike, qe pajtohem me ty se eshte fajy yne. Edhe ket gje ne komentet e mija e kam cek. Ne zgjedhjen e statusit politike te shqiptarve, besa as ne as ju skem be sa eshte nevoja per tu u ber. Kjo eshte fokusi ime kryesore i argumentit. Kjo eshte svida qe gjenerata jone ne vendlidje dhe ne mergim (40-60 vjec) nuk kan be sa duhet! Me duket se kjo eshte fakte. Dhe nese kjo eshte fakt, ateher le te pregadisim udhen e re per te rinje, le ate te marrin ne duar timonin e ceshtjes son qe ne nuk patme mundesi ta zgjedhim, se besa nese Malesia vazhdon me te njetin tempo, edhe 10 vjet do te quhet Malesiovic! Ky eshte problem kyc qe une e kam argumentua ne komentete e mija.

Anonymous said...

Guri’s points are very straight- forward, to the point, easy to understand...…I still want to have a coffee this summer with you, don’t forget!

Anonymous said...

I hope Guri is from Malesia!!!

Anonymous said...

Shoqata Ded Gjo Luli New York **IS** the bridge between old-school and new, no need to look any further...Michigan youth need to step up like we have in New York, work closely with the older generation but adapt your own identity in the community - WE HAVE FAITH IN YOU, prove these naysayers wrong and rise to the challenge. No progress without a youth movement. Visit - (Albanian and English).

Anonymous said...

Ska nevoje me fyerje e sharje,vetem mobilizim te gjenerates se re. Te mesojme nga gabimet, dhe nje nga nje, ti permiresojme. Kuptohet, kjo arrihet me individe qe veprojne me plot pergjigjesi, vetedije dhe logjike te shnoshe. Shyqyr kemi plot te till ne Michigan, NY, CT, gjithkah ne SHBA dhe ne Malesi.

Vec perpara rini Malsore!

Anonymous said...

So Shoqata D.G.L. has a good concentration of youth? Ok, I 'm very happy to hear that. But, does D.G.L. have youth engaged in the political realm of the issues talked about here? Do the youth get together to have coffee or do they sit and process the information concerning the problems facing Albanians in Montenegro (because DGL has been erected for bringing these issues to light)?

Educated Albanian Lady said...

Let me also add that my brother just had dinner with a few man, one of which was Romeo Gurakuqi, which leads me to believe that those of you who "knew" that he was "for sure" leaving early is horribly misinformed. Or pretending to know more than they do. I'd love to say that the younger generations have a different demeanor than those of the old school, but I've skimmed through enough garbage to see that we, Albanians are great at pulling each other down with deregetory remarks and comments.

We will never grow as a whole if we can't look past our negatives and work collectively towards our positives.

With all of this time and energy radiating through this blog, if the next event is as much as a failure, I'll blame it on the up and coming generations for not stepping up to the plate.

Educated Albanian Lady said...

Quoted from previous poster:
"I'm quite appalled at how some of these above posts are demeaning to Dom Antoni... although he had his issues, let's remember him for his positive contributions to the cause. And no, I'm not his biggest fan... but I do think it is only logical and fair if we appreciate his efforts."

In appreciation for an intelligent, unbiased opinion, I'd like to commend you on your previous posting.

Although the new Albanian-American generation may feel a disconnect and an unfamiliarity with the general norms and routines of these such events, what have we done as a whole to bridge that gap? Not much, unfortunately.
We bring our children, drop them off at the church doors, encourage them to be a part of our rich culture, but that's where it stops. Our children dance and love dancing (the 2 dances were the only ones practiced and planned, so who ever said their sister cried in the car is either bipolar or suffering from hallucinations).
But beyond taking our kids and encouraging them, what have WE done? Not that damn much. As much as I agree that the event wasn't a spectacle nor an event of deserving standing ovation, I didn't expect much other than what we got.
Speeches on the important event, and a bunch of jack-ass drunks in the back talking so damn loud that the words coming from the podium disappearing into the warm, thin air.

I'd like to see more of the younger, educated generation step up to the plate. Get off of your computers, hiding behind names, complaining but rather put your energy into creating a more pleasant atmosphere for all in unity.

Let me also add that my brother just had dinner with a few men, one of which was Romeo Gurakuqi, which leads me to believe that those of you who "knew" that he was "for sure" leaving early is horribly misinformed. Or pretending to know more than they do. I'd love to say that the younger generations have a different demeanor than those of the old school, but I've skimmed through enough garbage to see that we, Albanians are great at pulling each other down with deregetory remarks and comments.

We will never grow as a whole if we can't look past our negatives and work collectively towards our positives.

With all of this time and energy radiating through this blog, if the next event is as much as a failure, I'll blame it on the up and coming generations for not stepping up to the plate.

What do we expect when we give nothing back?

Anonymous said...

As the tempo of this topic declines I just wanted to add a couple things.

First, it seems unanimous that the party was a bust.

Second, and with respect to what the future holds, there needs to be a transition phase taking place now so we can continue to celebrate our identity, culture, traditions, history, language, and flag.

I am seeing this (believe it or not), especially in New York and Detroit. When I lived in California for 8 years, it was a tragedy to see what the Albanian youth were becoming; you would not recognize them at all; many joined gangs, socialized in "American" cultural settings, forced their parents to assimilate to their way of life (ie, "speak to me in English even at home because my home-boys can't understand you when they come over the house"), and never attended any Albanian event, even though they were few and far in between.

At least what I saw last Sunday was hope. There were young people there, albeit there could have been more given the population in the area. But today's "next generation" needs a better bridge to get them to carry the torch. And by the way, this torch has not been shining bright for the past 15 years in the Diaspora (that's another article if the webmaster chooses so).

I grew up wearing the Albanian Eagle t-shirt, every Albanian in junior high and high school had one. That was our gang. We (Malësorë) were proud to wear it and everyone respected us for it. We had "Americans" wishing they were 100% something rather than the ”muts” they were/are. I was born in the States and I tell you, it was quite an interesting upbringing, being the mediatory for my parents and America. But we survived.

We are no less Albanian today than ever before, we are still nostalgic about our “gangs” of yester-year, but today we seek something new, something progressive, something that will be long-lasting and worth fighting for, something that I can tell my son to be part of as he matures. I don’t want him to say, “but dad, it’s boring; I don’t understand what these old men are fighting about’ why does he put us down at the altar; why do they fight all the time; and on and on. We want that “I am proud to be Albanian” back in our vocabulary/daily lives. And there is plenty of blame to go along. I won’t ramble here about the causes because I think my friends in this blog have made it very clear, but there is a vibrant youth movement that is waiting to be set on fire. It is happening today, little glimmers of hope. I was proud to hear/read about who is representing us in Congress / State Dept. when high level meeting take place re Albanians in Montenegro. I am proud who the president of Ded Gjo’ Luli is today. I am proud of who is speaking at Kryengritja in New York Saturday night; I am proud who is leading the intellectual youth movement in Malësia today (although he is only one, but a good sign nonetheless). These are just a few examples of how/why Albanians/Malësorës will continue for generations to come. And I completely agree with Guri and others that a new wave of Albanians need to take the lead. They are qualified, energetic, fearless, and MOST IMPORTANT they do not come with all that baggage that the older breed does (ie. communism/Titoism, and that nasty hate for one another, much like the fella in this forum).


Anonymous said...

So sad, articles published on this blog about unjust treatment of Albanians in Malesia,go dead with out discussion=ZERO comments!!!!
Articles published about our community instantly become a heated debate!
I'm truly disappointed to see the energy focused on our errors, and the true issues becoming totally overlooked. Again, we have become our "WORST" enemy. Do all of us a favor and shut down this blog, as it has lost its focus/mission of why it was created. Obviously, no one cares about Malesia and its struggles within Montenegro. This now, has become an anonymous and I stress "anonymous" blog to bash/gossip about this community, and has overshadowed its true mission while we debate insignificant issues. Malesia is on it's brink of extinction!
I weep! Dear blog masters, ask your selves: are you truly doing a good deed?

Anonymous said...

You are right. Since 2006 this blog has published reports on the discrimination of Albanians in Montenegro and has attempted (and a very good job at it) to bring forth the issues for discussion/analysis. I will admit that I have learned a lot. But troublesome indeed are the hords of people that congregated on this particular post. Although some may feel it's because of our angst among one another, I think it opened a pandora's box with a frustrated generation. This stuff was boiling over and it had to have been said.

It is very sad that stuff like this warrants this much attention, but then again I like the energy. Albanian Lady should read teh post below hers', the energy is being channeled by those that know how to use it. The best thing you can do today is raise your children with teh energy you want them to expunge as they grow older, i.e., walk with them inside church and explain the purpose of Sunday mass/Albanian dance folklore, etc. If you're this upset, then you can certainly do your part.

Controversy attracts attention more than anything, and I'm glad to have read this piece and all the responses. Now why don't all of you keep the momentum/energy and comment on real issues effecting Albanians in Montenegro (hence, the purpose of this blog). Or are you so shallow and narrow-minded that only these subject matters tickle your fansy?

~ Dritan

Anonymous said... my point, with another. I see many new "faces" on this particular post. Some arguing that we should put our energy somplace else. Well, what brought all of you here? Were you all closet-bloggers until this post touched a nerve. If something this controversial/bad/shameful prompts you all to blog, then what does that say about all of us? Where were/are you when artciles popped up regarding Albanian torture at teh hands of Slavs in Spuz? Or about the continued discrimination in Malesia in all spheres of social, economic and political life? These are just two of hundreds posted that adversely effect the lives of our bretheren in Malesia, but alas none of you care to post anything because it is not loaded with potential hate and controversy.

This was a good barometer of just who we are and how far we have come. I also give kudos to the article. Nice measuring stick.

Anonymous said...

To the educated lady who doesn't know grammar and how to spell:

First, you commend someone on being unbiased because he or she sang the praises of your fearless leader. As an "educated" lady, you should know that being objective and "unbiased" means telling the good and the bad. You have to be kidding or completely blind (and biased) to think that Dom Antoni has only done good.

Second, I could not help to smell the aura in your tone that shows dismay to the people who attended this event. It is the same arrogance that the kshille has. How do you know what parents do with their children at home "when they are not dropping off their kids for two hours?"

Lastly, being educated, you should change your last name to reflect that you are Albanian rather than slavic, unless, of course, you heart tells you not to.

The lady (again) said...

I on the other hand don't give "pes parë" as Albanians say, or wouldn't give any kudos to the original poster here.

I've taken my kids to church since they were toddlers, every Sunday, and no we don't sit in the confinement of child screams and cries of the kid room. They sit like little adults trying to understand as much as they can. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't, and that's were dad comes in to explain.

They are also part of the church dance group. A group that has traveled to New York, Boston, and Shqyperia, carrying the tune of their ancestors, with the costumes, dances and songs.

I come highly offended when I see people bashing other Albanians for the sake of being "better than thou" but have don't nothing to change or make it better. This forum, which I have never seen was brought to my attention from my husband, basically saying that "these kids fight behind computer screens because they're too weak to do it in real life." That is most definetly not how our patriots fought. So if you want a change, grab your steak knife, the one you wanted to atab yourself in the eye with, and raise it in force for a change of pace. I'm sure people would love to follow just like they follow this blog.

I agree that there needs to be change and the "Kshilli" needs an overhaul, but how is that going to happen with our forces coming together in bashing and disagreement? Shame on all of you.

If you want something better- do it better.

Anonymous said...

To the educated lady who doesn't know grammar and how to spell:

First, you commend someone on being unbiased because he or she sang the praises of your fearless leader. As an "educated" lady, you should know that being objective and "unbiased" means telling the good and the bad. You have to be kidding or completely blind (and biased) to think that Dom Antoni has only done good.

Second, I could not help to smell the aura in your tone that shows dismay to the people who attended this event. It is the same arrogance that the kshille has. How do you know what parents do with their children at home "when they are not dropping off their kids for two hours?"

Lastly, being educated, you should change your last name to reflect that you are Albanian rather than slavic, unless, of course, you heart tells you not to.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lady Blah-Blah, I think you came to your senses and realized that anointing yourself as “educated” was done in haste, but you saved face a correctly removed that title, and deservingly so.

It seems as though you are in the midst of a crisis with your husband and kids, our sympathies. First, you affirm the previous bloggers’ statement that our kids need adult supervision at mass (i.e., “where dad comes in”) to apparently decipher the rhetoric at from the pulpit; how many times has your daughter asked daddy, “why is he screaming at us, does God not love us daddy?” Please tell us, how do you do it? How do you explain to your child the blasphemy that echoes off the pews in into the minds of a child? Do you explain it to them verbatim? Or do you spin it? If you do the former, then I am certain your child has a twisted interpretation of what goodness/God/church is. If you do the latter, then you agree that the algorithm of his sermon is a borderline criminal.

This is what you should be “highly offended” about, for not being allowed to “be better than thou” in the face of God with your kids. The only bashing I’ve read in this post came from the man who thought it was a crime to speak/comment in English (go tell that your kids as well). Dare I say this man is the father?

If so (or if not), tell your husband to stand up and blog for himself and not hide behind his wife’s “futile screen/scream.”

We “kids” have been “fighting” in this forum since 2006 (and many have entered and graduated from college while blogging here at the same time). A wonderful arena for debate. But it doesn’t stop here. As members of the Albanian-American Student Organization (AASO) from WSU/OU/UM we know exactly who each of us are. Dritan, Tony, Simon, Mark, Nik, ‘Tina, just to name a few. Others we know post as “Anonymous” because: IT IS NOT IMPORTANT TO FOCUS ON WHO IS POSTING, WHAT IS IMPORTANT IS THE CONTENT OF THE DISCUSSION. After reading these blogs long enough, you come to realize who everyone is. I know Tina has posted on five occasions, her train of thought and passion oozes out. We discuss many of these issues at student meetings, coffee houses, email exchanges, and during our annual ski trips and road trips. And when some of us travel to Malësia / Kosova / Shqiperia in summer, we talk about what the Diaspora’s position is with our peers. If you must know, my name is Mark Juncaj and I graduated from Wayne State. If you prefer to contact me, please email me at (I don’t give my cell number out to women on the first date).

And please, don’t “shame on you” us! We need no motherly advice from someone that is tickled in the manner you are. We fight with the pen, not the sword; utilizing the Socratic Method when inquiring about ideas and responding with prudent actions; we don’t hide, we run with the herd, and in this case it’s the electronic herd that is keeping us abreast of our father’s homeland, because without it, we are have nothing but the rubbish we hear from your peers. What do you fight with? How will you teach your kids to fight? By engaging in fruitful discussions as we do here and there and everywhere, or by blogging only when a nerve is touched like daddy and mommy.

Change will happen. If this country can elect a black president, then our community can elect a compassionate leader who is pure-hearted and willing to re-build the bridge (for us) that has been burnt down by the “fearless one.” Once this “overhaul” that you mentioned happens, then we can confidently say: “if you build it, they will come.”

Keep your “pes pare” and go buy your kid some candy.

~ Mark

Educated lady-aj said...

Dear Mark Juncaj,
I'm so sorry for having absolutely no desire to ever email you or call you. Save your pick up lines for those that may be interested. I'm not one of them. You come across as very arrogant with your "I don't give my number on the first date." If you were such a great catch, you'd be past the first date phase.

I applaud people who stand up and take action, just as I take pride in the AASO and people who stand up for a change. I've been a supporter and member of the AASO, proving that yes, I am educated. But nonetheless, our qualifications do not hold any honor, unless they are used.

I do not agree with people bashing others but not trying to change. That's all I was saying.

So Mark, yes, I am a supporter of your organizations, but I do not respect people who put down others without trying to fix the problem.

I hope you find someone who will email you so easily, maybe your self- advertising will find you a great catch!

Goodbye "educated men" said...

My entire basis of my posts were to point out that complaining over a computer won't change the outcome of an event that already occured. So shut it off, and put your pen down Socrates! Rally up the troops, the young generation, and make the change we would all like to see!

We need more young people to step up to the plate!

With that said, I conclude my "mothering". Let the party begin!
With all this talk, I'm expecting the next event to be a blow out spectacle! I'm bringing all my friends, sisters, brothers, and even a couple Americans perhaps. So they can see what a beautiful culture we hold.

One free of judging without action!

Anonymous said...

Great debate, however words are cheap. Nobody would have stopped a second celebration, didn't have to be the same night but could have been in the afternoon at a public park or picnic type venue. Allowing a new group to get their feet wet in community event planning. Feel free to organize, there can never be too much of a good thing. Someone has to have the initiative to start-it instead of talking about it. The older generation did it when they were our age, with a lot less money, and connections. It seems they're the only group still doing it, and they are doing it the best they can. Stop complaining, and do something. Pick a place, a date, and promote it, done. Nobody is going to give you their venue, it's theirs not yours. You can choose to sit back and complain, or choose to be the person that starts something different. I'm not claiming to be the person that will do it, I have a million excuses not to, but it's unfair to bash those that have taken the risks and the initiative to do the best they can. I am confident that the younger generation can do it, but it seems nobody is willing to just do it.

God blessed Albanians with America.

This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I'm really, really high right now and I can't stop laughing at some of these comments

Anonymous said...

Anyways, I went to the one last year and I'll tell ya, it was a snore fest. My dad told me that there was going to be a younger crowd, but, Where were all the bitches at? Nigga trynna get that thunda stick wet, ya dig


Long live Serbia!
Kosovo is Serbia!
It's Milosevic bitch!
Big fawkin Dick!

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