Friday, October 23, 2009

Establishing diplomatic relations with Kosova not priority for Montenegro

Podgorica, ME, 21 October 2009 -- Establishing diplomatic relations with Kosova has not been the priority of the Montenegrin government but the issue would be included in the agenda for the next period, the ruling Democratic Socialist Party, Serbian Politika newspaper online edition informed.

Speaker of the party Rajko Kovacevic said that “Montenegro co-ordinates its decisions with its European partners,” but refused to point when the country would establish diplomatic relations with Prishtina.

The issue on establishing diplomatic relations between Montenegro and Kosova has risen after Macedonia and Kosova signed an agreement several days ago on the demarcation of the Macedonian-Kosova border, the edition writes.


Anonymous said...

While it would be great if Montenegro did accept Kosova's independence and that they would recognize eachother and have diplomatic ties. But, that is not a concern or a thought of mine.
How ever I am VERY happy and pleased with the outcome of Kosov, they have achieved what that they have sought for so long, so I am glad! now it's time to focus on the ignored Albanian community of the man made country of Montenegro. It seems that everyone is concerned about Kossov, and sadly that we the albanian population in Montenegro are taboo to talk about. Kosova is independent and many western countries have recognized their status. So with that being said we need to shift our focus on the albanians living in Montenegro and not worry or atleast for the mean time on who will have diplomatic ties with kosov.

Anonymous said...

Montenegro can go to HELL!

If this shit contry thinks it can design its own borders and levy cocky bargaining with Kosova, then it has another think coming.

I am sure its Albanian population will put those Slavic cronies in their place once and for all.

Anonymous said...

fuck montenegro.