Sunday, October 25, 2009

Du Bois Conference brings Diaspora together

24 October, 2009, Du Bois, Pennsylvania – The several Albanian-American NGOs converged today in Du Bois, Pennsylvania for a conference that is being heralded as historic. For the first time, the four most influential Albanian organizations (flying in from Detroit, New York and Malesia) united and discussed projects aimed at fully recognizing Malesia e Madhe as a distinct and fully functioning entity by way of full municipality status. Present were the leaders and members of (1) The Albanian-American Association, "Malesia e Madhe", (2) Homeland Unites Us, Inc., “Levizja Atdheu Na Bashkon”, (3) Humanitarian Fund Malesia, and (4) Ded Gjo' Luli Association.

The heads of these organizations were joined by policy experts, which consisted of a smaller "working group," who were unanimously approved to become the driving force behind the research, coordination, and execution of the full and autonomous municipality of Malesia. These experts represent the fields of political science, international law, economics, urban planning, and civic engineering, all areas crucial in the design and implementation of Malesia's internal infrastructure, sociopolitical and economic operations.

The working group presented an elaborate study that is being remitted for publishing where it clearly outlines that Malesia is a "fully functional region" that is "self-sufficient" and capable of supporting its politico-economic infrastructure "far greater" than at least seven of Montenegro's smaller and oftentimes insufficient municipalities, hence concluding that not granting Malesia a municipal status is purely a political motive pioneered by the central authorities in Podgorica.

While each leader and policy expert presented studies, analysis and projections related to achieving this single aforementioned goal, a unanimous agreement was reached by all 33 members in attendance on a Declaration outlining examples of discriminatory practices against Albanians in Montenegro, which include, in brief:

• political imprisonment followed by random acts of torture, hence failing to fully respect international norms where Montenegro is a signatory and party of;
• failure to recognize its sizeable Albanian minority population in all realms of decision-making structures and processes, thus excluding them from the political process and social fabric of mainstream society;
• failure to alleviate the academic disparities plaguing Albanians in scholastic institutions and course curriculum, where native language and learning tools are prohibited as means to sustain linguistic, historical, and cultural elements of the Albanian national heritage, thus accelerating the rate of assimilation and ethnic destruction;
• failure to provide financial support for the growing socio-economic backwardness in territories where Albanians live, where crumbling infrastructure, inadequate sanitation, unresponsive municipal services, and disproportional allocation of Capital City funding have led to a stagnant sociopolitical and fiscal climate; and
• Ignoring the legitimate demands of Albanians for the return of local self-government in the territory of Malёsia, where growth and progress in all the above-mentioned areas are blocked in the interests of Podgorica’s political elites, but at the expense of Malesia’s neglected minorities.

As a result of these inconsistencies, the working group conceived several demands that require immediate attention, stemming primarily from the illegal laws outlined in Montenegro's Bill for Territorial Division. These demands called for the Montenegrin government to approve and fund the status of the full Municipality of Malёsia, in whole, under the same laws afforded to her other territorial regions; that, in order to realize this objective, Albanian political parties in Montenegro set aside their differences and unite their efforts to immediately work towards the fulfillment of a full municipality in Malesia; that Albanian political parties, without delay, initiate a distinct strategy (with specific deadlines) to express control and leadership ability in managing a fully operational municipality.

This Declaration was unanimously approved and signed by the leaders of all four organizations, whereafter it was to be submitted to all affected parties, including those in the Montenegrin political apparatus and regional NGOs dealing exclusively with the issues discussed in Du Bois.

The Du Bois conference concluded on a high note, and each organization determined that all future conferences, projects, communications, and declarations will be handled by the experts in each field representing the working group. The members of each organization concluded that the Diaspora will once and for all speak with one voice, as the greater cause is much more salient than the constituent personal interests of a few. The aspiration now is that Albanians in Montenegrin work under the same rubric.


Anonymous said...

This meeting was the major step forward from Malesia's organizations in diaspora, and it looks that it was a success.

Anonymous said...

This is a very promising phenomenon; finally all the key players in the Diaspora got together and came up with an action plan for Malesia. I want to be part of this movement, and I pretty sure that many malesor out there are ready to join you.

Anonymous said...

United we can do a lot for our homeland. Malesia depends so much on us; we must respond to thier politica, civic and social needs.

Guri/Malesia said...

Diaspora eshte shembull i mire per neve qe jetojme ne Malesi. Jo vetem se kini potencial intelektual per me na ndihmua, por ini shemull i mire- se si punohet se bashku per te miren e Malesise. Thank you for everything that you do for Malesia.

Anonymous said...

This meeting did sand a strong message to Montenegro: Diaspora is concern about the grave political situation of Albanians in Montenegro. Also, this meeting will mobilize a large segment of malsors.

Unfortunately, some malsor in Malesia give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary incentive for their personal benefit at the expense of the majority Albanians. These individuals have been a barrier to achieve freedom for Albanians. Diaspora understands that the most precious gift of all is Freedom. We are not going to give that freedom away and no one shall take it from Malsors! Diaspora and malsort in males need to understand that in the truest sense that freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved.

Anonymous said...

Ваш конференцији никада неће успети! Албанци никада неће добити независну општину?

Anonymous said...

Vaša konferencija nikada neće uspjeti! Albanci nikada neće dobiti samostalna općina! MALEZIJA je Crna Gora. Crna Gora je Srbija!

Anonymous said...

It sure didn't take long for you Serbo-fils to have your say.

Cry foul all you want, the integration process has begun and there is not a God-damn thing you
can do about it!

You are totally surrounded -- by Albania, Kosova, Shkup, and now Malesia/Ulqin/Plave & Gusine.

jaben ti majku

Anonymous said...

Typical Serbs and Albo's working for the UDB!!! For hundreds of years you have killed and raped our people and homeland! Now, the world has seen the true face of slavs!

Anonymous said...

This shows thier rusted and primitive mentality; Malesia will be independent municipality soon. Serbia and Russia can create a stalinist federation.....if they want too, whereas, Malesia, Ulqini, Kosoava, Albania, Presheva, and Albanian in Macedonia will form soon a democratic and prosperous union, seeking admission to the European family. That is our ultemate goal!

Anonymous said...

Yes, but these typical peoples are on the outside looking in.

They are irrelevant in the contemporary Albanian politics of Montenegro, we are entering a new era where intellectuals are taking the reins and pushing forward with progressive ideas and real agendas designed to bring forth an socially, politically and economically nourished Malesia where all Albanians will flourish under their own government apparatus'

Once Malesia breaks away from the wrath of Podgorica's poinsonous yoke, Albanians will reap the rewards ... just be patient my dear Albanians ...

~ Skender

Anonymous said...

No, ky nuk eshte shqiptare ci shkrua keshtu. A thua ende ka shqiptar si mendojne keshtu?!

Anonymous said...

Guri, we do not have to worry about him, our mission is set: full and independent municipality for Malesia!

Anonymous said...

No, these are the Montenegrins that always infiltrate Albanian websites (including to try and stir the pot.

Trust me, Montenegro monitors these webpages and their posts; they are eager to find out what is going on in the minds of the "Malissori"

But they can read all they want, perhaps they will learn something, like how to run a country with a dienfranchised minority.


Anonymous said...

Bravo! Unë jam krenar qe jam Shqiptar! Shqiptarët në Amerikë janë një yll i ndritshëm për të gjithë nga Malësi


Anonymous said...

Jan shume Malesor qe e duen Malesin,
por jan pak qe e ndihmojne ate.
Prandaj ata qe deshirojne qe neser te egzistoj Malesia, duhet te ndihmojne sote se neser do te jete vone.

Anonymous said...

The most important thing for the Montenegrin is to learn that discriminatory attitude toward minorities, has no place in Europe. They need to exit an old mentality of treating Albanians as second class citizens. Albanians are getting educated and are very competitive, marketable and skillful in all their societal fields. Not to hate ethnic Albanians, treat Albanian equally in all civic and political levels, should be installed in all their governmental institutions. They need to learn about us; they need to introduce some conferences and workshops about our history, language and our traditions! We learn about their history, language and their culture; likewise, they need to learn about us too! Until they learn these psychological skills, Albanians will continue to struggle for their basic natural rights, which no government has the right to take them away from people! Wake up Montenegro, treat Albanians equally!

Anonymous said...

Albanci nisu jednake ljudima. Vi zaslužujete ljudskih prava temelji se na razini ljudskog razvoja. Nakon što su razvijeni kao mi, onda ćete imati jednaka prava.

Anonymous said...

Kush është ky hajvan? Unë jam i sigurt se është një shqiptar nga Malësia. Ndoshta Ferhat Dinosha apo Nikollë Camaj

Anonymous said...

It's a bit amusing that we (Albanians from MZ) tend to always believe that it is Albanians (and not Slavs) that infiltrate sites and write their propoganda, pretending to be Serbs/Mont.

This is our fate, too many Albanians that sympathize with the Montenegrin gov't.

Our battle is greater between ourselves, and only when we overcome the differences that exist in our own communities and villages will we then be prepared to take on the state.

Just my opinion.


Anonymous said...


Edhe pse nuk e zotenoj mire Gjuhen Angleze, me nje shok dhe fjalore, e kuptove keto komentet. Shume te qelluar! Besa, ne ja dime Gjuhen, kulturen dhe gjithcka ne lidhje me jeten politke dhe sociale te malazezve. E ata per ne dine vetem nje fjal”MALISORI”.. Per fate te keq jo vetem se nuk mesojen gje per ne, por institucionet e tyre vazhdimishte i keqtrojtojen te drejtat tona elementare , dhe propagandojne urrjtja ne manyre indirekte dhe directe ndaj neve. Me duket se shqiptaret ne pergjithesi kemi tejkalua dhe zhvillua shume ne ket aspect, urrjtja e shqiptarve ndaj malazezve ka prendua. Shpresoj se edhe urrjtja e tyre nedaj neve do te perfundojn. E sidomos diaspora jone ne aspect a baraziz shoqrore ka avancua shume.

Anonymous said...

The Montenegrin Government is not ready neither to face necessary reforms regarding the minority rights, nor face the new challenges that the Europeans have laid down for minority rights! The standards for minority rights are designed by Brussels, not Podgorica. Constantly, Podgorica tries hard to manipulate them, at the expenses of Albanians. The advancement of Albanians must come from within the Albanian community in Montenegro, not from Podgorica. If they wait for Podgorica to implement these European laws for their political and social advancement…they will have to wait for a very, very long time!

Anonymous said...

It is in Podgorica's best interest to maintain the status-quo, including those elected Albanians in Malesi and elsewhere.


Because the paychecks will keep coming in, and for them, why disrupt this arrangement, for the achievement of greater rights of others? At the expense of their wealth? I think not.

Although we may say, YES, DEFINATELY FOR GREATER ALBANIAN RIGHTS! it's all for the greater good ... HOWEVER, we must realize that for those in power, its all about THEM!

You and I are irrelevant.

Somehow, we need to put the squeeze on them. I agree with Guri/Malesia that the Diaspora is our only hope. After reading and re-reading this article, I am optimistic that things are moving in the right direction.


Anonymous said...

Definitely, we need to hear some voices from Albanians in Montenegro. They need to be more aggressive on demanding thier socio-political rights. Perhaps, a domostration, writing letters, petitions and other forms of complain must take place in Malesi, Ulqin and Plave. Or maybe, those incentives are too good, can't jeopardize them!?

Anonymous said...

Nik Gjurashaj said...

Don't hold your breath, Albanians in Montenegro are speechless. You are expecting way too much (i.e., writing letters, demonstrations, etc.) esp. given that their own "elected" leaders cannot do the same. When was the last time you read anything that made any sense or gave you hope coming out of Montenegro.

There are several Albanian political leaders that have been compromised by Montenegro, and it is known to everyone that follows Montenegrin politics -- Ferhat Dinosha, Nikolle Gegaj, Nikolle Camaj, Fran Lulgjuraj, just to name a few.

As long as these puppets continue to reek havoc in Malesi, there is no future for their constituents. The blame can also be extended to the electorate for keeping them in office. Look at the sorry case of Mehmet Bardhi, since his appearance on the political scene in Ulqin, and more recently in Malesi (via Camaj), he has been incompetent as incompetent gets! Totally worthless and unable to put two words together on paper without the help of aids, and even they do a pathetic job at it. Such incompetence has led to inaction, which in turn has caused stagnation. But Albanians kept voting him in, regardless that their political and social status' never improved with his tenure in office.

This is their fate.

Now, with the unification of Albanian organizations in America, there seems to be a glimmer of hope on the horizon. ONLY THE DIASPORA CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE WE SO DESPERATELY NEED.

All eyes are on these four organizations and their committee of experts.

This is worth holding your breath for.

Anonymous said...

I do agree with you, but one thing we all need to understand: reforms and changes come within; we can assist them in many different ways, be their great asset, but they need to do more about their political endeavors and survival. They must face and confront Gjukanovic’s despotic regime with competent and skillful individuals. Diaspora can provide a massive supplementary help, advocate for their human and civic rights; we are ready to assist them by exposing Montenegrin prejudiced behavior to the international community, but Albanians in Montenegro must do their homework- if they want to live free, build a prosperous community and pave a stable future for their next generation. Otherwise, we will not show so needed political progress for Albanians in their ancient lands. History has taught us this lesson.

Anonymous said...

Besa ashtu kishte me qen mire, qe ketu ne Malesi te kerkohen te drejtat ton qe na takojn me ligj nderkombetare dhe me light te Malit te Zi. Nese Diaspora nuk na prin, kemi mbet ne balte me disa individa qe jane lideret ton politike.

Anonymous said...

The Albanians from Kosoava and Macedonia were able to work very closely and effectively with the Diaspora. I do not understand why Albanians from Montenegro have not been able to work well with the Diaspora!?

Anonymous said...

Don't compare us w/Kosova and Macedonia; Malesia does not have the likes of Hashim Thaci and Ali Ahmeti.

Anonymous said...

Human rights always came with struggle -- Kosova (1999), Macedonia (2000), Albania (600 years), civil rights movement in the USA (1964), French Revolution, Berlin Wall, etc., etc.

You want it, then go and GET IT!

Anonymous said...

If interested, you can click on this link for more information on the Du Bois conference.

Anonymous said...

Entirely I disagree with you! I think Malsort, same as Kosovart, Albanians from Macedonia and Serbia, and Albanians from Albanian itself have struggled and have resisted the foreign invaders equally, fought to preserve Malesia, participated and contributed to all major Albanian regional-conflicts; regrettably, many of their struggles and wars went without being recoded by the Albanian or World History. For this reason, we will never know how much it has cost our ancestors to preserve Malesia!

Nevertheless, I agree with you about the pour leadership in Malesia. The present leaders of Malesia, have managed to maintain the status-quo and put the entire Malesia in a pause mode…and that is precisely what Montenegro is determined to accomplish with its minorities.

Anonymous said...

I'm talking about contemporary hsitory w/re to Albanians in MZ. If they would have fought hard enough then the land north of Shkodra would never have been ceded to MZ.

Anonymous said... that time, Malsoret, were fighting two war fronts: Montenegro and Ottoman Empire. Also, the European powers granted and sealed Albanian lands to Montenegro.

Anonymous said...

Babegjyshet tone kan dhen kontributin e tyre maksimal per atedhe, shume her edhe me shume se sa kan pas mundesi, por ne, a po bejme sa duhet per Malesin!?

Anonymous said...


Bravo! Lumte goja!

Anonymous said...

Hey, i just looked up this article on and amazingly there have been practically no comments on teh conference.

Why is this amazing?

BECAUSE this conference was for their asses and no one over there seems to give a rat's ass regarding all the efforst that are being put forward over here.

This is proof that the only thing that sets them off and eagere to write is this: ACCUSATIONS AGAINST ONE ANOTHER, CALL ING EACH OTHER OUT AS SPIES AND TRYING TO PUT ALBANIANS DOWN.

Shame on Malesia. Why don't they put together a discussion on this issue, or use Du Bois as momentum to initiate an event in Tuzi???

What the hell, why ask why?

Anonymous said...

Why ask why? As long as we spend time and money on Malesia, we have to ask these questions, otherwise we can give up and spend our liesure time with our spouses and children.

Anonymous said...

Albani said ...

The shameful thing there is that most are Serbo-fila my friend. Why the hell do you guys bother?

They want to be Montenegrins! They all speak Slavic language! They love to be assimilated.

Let me put it this way, Albanians in MZ don't want to change. They love their situation. Just look at and what the youth is doing. They party every night, where the girls are dressed liek whores and the guys are all under the influence of ecstacy and cocaine! They don't need to work because peopel like you send them cash every month and buy them new mercedes to show off in. SHIT, if I could get that I would quit my desk job and take the first JAT plane over there myself.

This is teh tragedy. Our future in Montenegro has been diluted to teh poin that they laugh when they read about something like DuBois.

Albanians over there are heartless, back-stabbers, corrupt, and would rather see Diaspora fail than provide any help.

I know this sounds harsh (and there are many that are patriots and good), but overall when they elect the losers they have up to this point, the only conclusion I can com up with is this:

You are who you elect!

Anonymous said...

Albani said ...

And one more thing ... even our religious leaders are just as corrupt!

Look at Pater Pashku (i.e., Patulani), he is everything what is wrong in a catholic priest -- a womanizer and agent of the Montenegrion secret service.

If you don't belive me, call this number:


Anonymous said...

Kuku per ne, shikoni prijësi juaj, Luvigj Djoken. Si mund të marr këtë takim serioze?

A është ai më të mira që ju mund të ofrojë Malesise?

Është e turpshme që ju e postoni foto e tij!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Да ли је ово начин на који желите да освојите своју општину? Већина тих људи које сте на слици ради Црна Гора. Један корак уназад за Малесиа!

Скадар је Црна Гора!

Anonymous said...

Повратак на Албанију. Имаћете све своје општине желите

Anonymous said...

Vlada Crna Gora said ...

Udheheqi i Malesise ne Diaspora:


Mirë se erdhët tek

Kjo është adresa ime në Internet. Ju në të do të gjeni Informacion të hollësishëm rreth llojeve të makinave që ne tregtojmë. Gjiithashtu do të gjeni edhe të dhëna se si mund të kontaktojmë së bashku.

Me përvojë të gjatë pune tek JEFFREY AUTO ne adresën 13 Mile Gratiot, në qytetin Roseville të Michiganit,jam në dispozicionin tuaj,për t'u shërbyer sipas nevojave që keni për makina të reja apo të përdorura, për blerje me para në dorë ose me kredit

Vizitë të mbarë


Anonymous said...

Do you think 327.000 Montenegrins can invade some Albanian lands? FYI- there are close to 7 million Albanains leaving side by side in the Balakn Peninsula.

Anonymous said...

9 million Serbs in Serbia only

Anonymous said...

Serbia has 8 million. In addition to Serbs, this number includes Hungarians, Romas, Romanians,Macedonians and Albanians.

Anonymous said...


Shit on you Serbs, stay out of this forum, go to another web-page and try to ethnic cleanse that group, something you all are really good at.

Anonymous said...

Me qense eshte von tash ne Malesi,vetem deshta te them se kjo eshte koha e shqiptarve, me miq te mire, dhe nje plan gjithkombetrae shum mire te planifikuam! Ndersa, konferenca e Dubois eshte nje shembull i mire ne realizimin e te drejtave te shqipterve ne Mal te Zi.

Anonymous said...


Më trego diçka.

Pse shqiptarët në Malësi nuk po përgjegjen?

Pse jeni kaq i qetë? Pse nuk
mbledhur? Pse ju lejoni Malin e Zi mu "përdhunua kshtu?

Anonymous said...

Ndoshta eshte pak vone me tu pergjegj ne menyre te drejt, se jam pak i lodhur, por shkurtimishte: politika e Gjukanovicit per fat te keq ka depertua ne venat e gjokut te shqiptarve ne Mal te Zi. Ket ndikim e ka infiltrua nepermes te disa "shqiptarve," qe i kulen ne gjujn per cdo dite. Ketu, kerkohet besimi dhe filosfia e Diaspores per te kundershtu Gjukanovicin dhe pionat e tij ne Malesi. Une besoj, se sikur te kishim ate besim per Malesin sic e ka diaspora, ateher do te kishim me shume demostrata, peticione, dhe ne pergjithesi kundershtime kundrejte ketij regjimi ne menyre publike. Ne i perciellim me kujdes aktivitete e diaspores, dhe shpresoj se nje dite do te bejm ata cka diaspora e ben per Malesine! Kerkesa per Komunen e plote i ka bashkuar Malesoret, kjo eshte nje gje qe pothuesje te gjith malsoret jan unike ne kerkesat e Komunes se plote. Ndoshta kjo levizje do tna bashkoj te gjith Malesoret!

Anonymous said...

Guri tha ...

"...Kerkesa per Komunen e plote i ka bashkuar Malesoret, kjo eshte nje gje qe pothuesje te gjith malsoret jan unike ne kerkesat e Komunes se plote. Ndoshta kjo levizje do tna bashkoj te gjith Malesoret!"

Unë nuk pajtohem me ty. Kerkesat per Komunen e plot i ka bashkua vetëm shqiptaret ne amerik.

nuk ka asnjë shenjë se shqiptarët në Mal të Zi janë të bashkuar. Askush nuk flet për të drejtat e tyre. rinjtë janë ndrydhur. Dhe shumica e fshatarëve tuaj janë asimiluar

Anonymous said...

Guri/ Malesi
Shqiptaret ne mal te Zi jan te bashkuar per kerkesen e Komunes se plote te Malesise, e jo per gjerat dhe sfidat tjera qe shqiptaret ballofaqohen ne Mal te Zi. Nese do tu bente nje anket tek shqiptaret , ateher me siguri do tu shifte ku unitet- ne perkrahjen e Komunes se plote te Tuzit.

Sa i perket perkrahjes dhe angazhimit te Diasporas ne problemet socio-politke te Malesise, ateher mund te vecohen dy pika argumentuese:

1. Malesia, simpas hipotezes demokrafike, besohet se rreth 70% te Malesorve gjinden ne Amerike. Eshte plotesishte e kuptueshme qe kjo pjese e Malesise te merit me ceshtjet tona. Nese merret vetem pjeset tjera te banuara me shqiptare ne Balkanit, ateher shifet se Diaspora ka luej nje role kyc gjat procesit te nderrimeve te statusit politike ne keto rajone. Per shembull, ne Presheve e Bujanovc, shumica e shqiptarve jetojne ne vendlidje, e nje pakice shume e vogel jeten ne shtetet prendimore> Diapora e tyre ka luej dhe luan nje role me rendesi per ket rajone, ne cdo aspect dhe sfer se jetes se tyre. Ateher, faktori i malsorit ne Amerike eshte shume e logjikshme qe te vazhdoj te jen i kycure ne zgjedhjet e problemeve ne Malesise. Ne jemi shume te vetedijshem se pjesmarrja aktive e juaj, eshte e nevojshme per avancimin e ceshtjes sone. Podgorica mendon se Diaspora most e merrit hic me ceshtjen tone!
2. Te gjithe ju qe ini ne Amrike kin te afermit dhe trojet e juaja qe ju takojne me ligj. Kjo eshte edhe nje lidhje tjeter qe eshte me rendesi per Diasporen tone!

Shpresoj, se Diaspora do te suportoj Malesin, me te njetin intesitet qe me vite me rradhe i ka suportua edhe rajonet tjera shqiptare ne Balkan. Sukesi i juaj ne ket drejtim, shifet sote gjithku ku jetojne shqiptaret ne Balkan. Ceshtja e Malesise dhe e shqiptarve ne Mal te Zi, eshte e pa zgjedhur, keshtu qe medojme se perkrahja e juaj eshte teper e rendesidhme per ne.

Anonymous said...

GURI, te lumte goja, kesi lloj njerzish me keto mendime dhe qendrime te pastra kombetare i duhen Malesise.
Neqoftese me te vertete jeton ne Malesi atehere me siguri ke peshe me te madhe dhe mundesh te japesh me shume.Sa i perket Diaspores ajo eshte gadi te jape kontributin e saj, sepse ajo tani ka potencial. Por ajo ende po has ne disa pengesa, e nder kryesoret eshte ajo filozofi dhe kerkesa e disave qe ne mos e perzihemi ne pune te yre. Ata mire e dine se diaspora nuk ka kurrfar qellimi perpos asaj te ndihemoj. Por kjo eshte kerkese dhe interesi i Qeverise malazeze, e per fate te keq disave po u bjen per shtat. Por Guri te jesh i bindur se edhe ketyre do t'u vine dita, ku do te pendohen sepse kesaj te keqe nuk do t'ia shohin hajrin.

Anonymous said...

I hope there is no conflict of visions between Malesors in Malesi and Diaspora? I am just reading this "suff" on freemalesia, and I noticed some philosophical differneces between a wide variety of political and economic issues between Albanians that live in Montenegro and Diaspora. These discussions/comments and articles show some kind of conflicting attitudes, which may ultimately produce a misunderstanding over equality, social justice and other issues that Malesort are faced with in Malesi. I have a vast interest in Malesia, so I hope that all of us can aid Malesia to gain autonomous municipality.Keep us informed and posted! I admire your work-freemalesia.

Anonymous said...

Sami said ...

There is a conflict:

Malesors in Malesia are too soft in pressing forward with their demands, evidenced by a lack of public support and assembly/unification from teh general populace and elected bafoons.

Paradoxically, Malesors in the Diaspora are more straightforward with their appeals, using every resource at their disposal to press forward (U.S. institutions, NGOs, demonstrations, conferences, economic aid, professional consultations, etc.).

Yes, it is easier to work this hard from the Diaspora, however the Albanian-Americans have a real taste in their mouths of what democracy really means, what freedom truly inspires, and what liberty guarantees. There is no sense of this in Montengro.

That is why it is imperative to work this hard from the OUTSIDE in efforts to change the stagnant lives of minorities INSIDE (of Mont). It is this "inner" and "outer" struggle that needs to be bridged.

To bridge this gap, we need to include Malesia e Madhe inside our circle of activities and this gain their trust and move forward in unison.

There will be detractors, but when the entire herd moves forward, together as one, those detractors will be trampled like the cockroaches that they are.

Anonymous said...

Good points Sami, I agree on all

~ Simon

Anonymous said...

We are in teh businesss of not only absorbing the rightfully owed KAMUN, but we will be required to also absorb the term AUTONOMY.

Did ya'll really think we would stop there?

...from peasants to gentlemen

Anonymous said...

duam komunën tonë! ne kërkojmë autonomi tonë! Kërkojmë rajonalizimit me territoret tona! Ne duam bashkim me Shqipërinë! Pas kësaj, Amen!

Anonymous said...

të realizohen fjalët e tua!!!!!

Anonymous said...

When is the next conference?

Du Bois II?