Sunday, March 29, 2009

ELECTION UPDATE: as of 2:00 p.m. (local time)

Center for Democratic Transition reports:

Voter turnout at parliamentary elections until 14.00 was 32.8% or about 158,400 citizens, which is 3.7% less than parliamentary elections in 2006 when until 14.00 36.5% of voters had used their right to vote. The largest turnout of voters is in the northern region at 36.9%; 32% of registered voters have voted in the central region and, in the south, 26.8%.

Until 14.00 at local elections in Nikšić have voted 38.1% of registered voters, in Herceg Novi 27.4%, in Tivat 27.1%, and in Budva 37.8%.

At polling station no. 95 Carine in Nikšić, the invisible ink is not applied to each voter, which is in violation of Article 68a of the Law on Councilors and MPs.

Also, at poling station no. 14 Hotel Samački in Nikšić, the polling place is not organized in an adequate way because the voting partitions are not situated in a way to secure the secrecy of the vote in violation of Article 66a of the law.

At the polling stations 71a and 71b in Podgorica, our observers noted that the polling boards in two cases did not conduct the election work in the order prescribed by the regulations and, because of that, a situation occurred in which a voter received indelible ink and was given voting materials before it was confirmed that he was registered on the extract of the voter list at that place.

A CDT observer noted an incident in front of the polling station at the Maxim Gorky School in Podgorica in which a citizen behaved in an inappropriate manner toward a candidate for MP, Nebojša Medojević. These situations indicate a lack of democratic culture and unfortunately happen among those who have different political opinions, but the public learns about them only when it involves a well-known person.

As we were informed, polling station no. 11 Crvena Lovka in Mojkovac will not be opened today.

Also, according to information from the field, polling station no. 8 Brajkovača in municipality Žabljak was not opened for voting.

The material for polling station no. 12 Tepca and no. 13 Mala Crna Gora in Žabljak was sent on an alternate route through the Piva Mountains, and we were just informed that these polling places are open and that voting in being carried out in accordance with the law.


Anonymous said...

The Albanian Diaspora has the right and obligation to take sides on favoring one candidate over another because we have worked harder than those in Montenegro to bring equal rights and justice to the region; without the Diaspora Albanians in MZ would be finished!

There are better paties and candidates than others; and we need to voice our opinions collectively so they vote for the right person to take the seats in parliament.

Are you voting for Nikolle Gegaj? Are you voting for Milo?

I guess your answer would be NO! and for these reasons we have to voice who is best fitted for the posts!

We Albanians are like the wind, no one knows what direction we move, and at times we become so unpredicatble that we shift course just when you don't expect it.


Anonymous said...

No one will be disappointed if Albanians win, but there are those that are more preferable than others (i.e., FORCA).

Let's be honest here, Albanians will NOT fill all five seats in Parliament, so those 2-3 that are filled must be done so by teh best possible candidates. Albanians they MUST be, period! But those Albanians MUST also be the highest qualified with the most expendable resources available to them.

If the last four years is any prelude to for what we can expect in the next four, then all the incumbants should be voted teh hell out!