Monday, March 03, 2008

Guess who's back?

Like a recurring bad dream, the Parliament of Montenegro approved today the program and composition of the new Cabinet and elected the Government of Montenegro headed by the controversial Prime Minister, Milo Djukanovic.

Following the election, Prime Minister Djukanovic was sworn in and the ministers signed the oath of office.

Prof Dr Gordana Djurovic was appointed Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration and Prof Dr Vujica Lazovic Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Policy.

The Cabinet also comprises the following ministers:

Milan Roćen – Minister of Foreign Affairs
Miraš Radović –Minister of Justice
Boro Vučinić – Minister of Defense
Igor Lukšić – Minister of Finance
Branimir Gvozdenović – Minister for Economic Development-
Jusuf Kalamperović – Minister of the Interior and Public Administration -
Miodrag Radunović – Minister of Health, Labor and Social Welfare -
Andrija Lompar – Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Telecommunications -
Milutin Simović – Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management-
Predrag Nenezić – Minister of Tourism and Environmental Protection -
prof. dr Sreten Škuletić – Minister of Education and Science -
Branislav Mićunović – Minister of Culture, Sports and Media -
Fuad Nimani – Minister for Human and Minority Rights -
Suad Numanović – Minister without Portfolio

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Anonymous said...

To many Montenegrins, Dukanovic is much like Thaci in Kosova -- he ushered in independence and broke away from Serbia.

Both Premiers are accused in soem way of corruption and disorderly conduct to get where they have.

This is the nayure of Balkan politics.

So, the question is, does national heroism trump the accusations ... ?

- Tina Kalaj