Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Roderick W. Moore To Be Ambassador to Montenegro

President George W. Bush announced his intention to nominate five individuals and designate two individuals to serve in his Administration:

The President intends to nominate Roderick W. Moore, of Rhode Island, to be Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United States of America to the Republic of Montenegro. Mr. Moore, a career member of the Senior Foreign Service, currently serves as Deputy Chief of Mission at the United States Embassy in Serbia. Prior to this, he served as Deputy Chief of Mission at the United States Embassy in Bulgaria. Earlier in his career, he served as a State Department Fellow and taught at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.

Mr. Moore has been serving as Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade since January 2004. He also served (2000 – 2003) as Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria, prior to his transfer to Belgrade.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Moore held diplomatic postings at U.S. embassies in Port-au-Prince, Haiti (1988 - 1989) and Sofia (1990 - 1992). From 1992 - 1993, he was the Department of State's representative in Skopje, Macedonia. He later served as Political-Economic Counselor at the American Embassy in Zagreb, Croatia (1996 - 1999) and was Senior Political Adviser in the Office of Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Mission to Bosnia-Herzegovina in Sarajevo, B-H (1996).

In Washington, Mr. Moore worked in the State Department’s Operations Center (1992) and later served as Political-Military Officer in charge of the states of Central and Eastern Europe in the Department of State (1993 - 1995). While assigned as State Department Fellow at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy from 1999-2000, he taught on U.S. policy toward the former Yugoslavia.

Mr. Moore attended Brown University where he received his B.A. in Russian Studies and International Relations in 1986, and an M.A. in Slavic Linguistics in 1987. His languages include Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Russian, Macedonian, Czech, French, Spanish and Haitian Creole.


Anonymous said...

It will be someon'e responsibility to brief the new Ambassador on the injustices done by the Montenegrin regime upon Albanians!

We Need to STOP the Montenegrin propoganda machinery as it prepares to wipe out the entire Albanian population in Malesia

Anonymous said...

Take your pick:

Shoqata Malesia e Madhe
Levizja Atdheu na Bashkon
The brothers Levin
N. Burns
R. DiCarlo
M. Polt

and the list goes on .... but I think you are referring to an Albanian-based organization, am I correct?

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to sit down with this guy and explain to him how discrimination runs rampant all accross Montenegro w/re to Albanians

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to sit down and explain to you and all the others like you, that Albanians in Montenegro, and before, in the ex Yugoslavia, have always been totally equal members of the society. Although, because of their obvious NON respect and INtollerance towards other nationalities they live together with, they don't deserve it. They STOLE a part of Serbia only because they were more numerous there. That doesn't make it legal to steal someone else's country, does it? Everybody who doesn't soak in the stupid propaganda knows that many (fortunately not all) Kosovo Albanians are terrorists and killers. Also said by many Montenegrin Albanians. 90 % of their population in Kosovo are illiterate, not because they can't go to school, but because they just don't care to. The most important things are PEACE and TOLLERANCE and they've never harboured that. And no, I'm not Serbian, but know pretty well the local situation. PEACE!!!!!!!!! And I think that Mr. Roderick Moore is a great Ambassador.

Anonymous said...

Your ignorance is plain as the Slavic nationalism being played out in Belgrade; but then again I realized that you are not in tune with reality, just ignorance. Your comments pose several flaws – Albanians in Montenegro were never incorporated into the Yugoslav/FRY/Montenegrin (i.e., Slavic) society because they were always considered “different”, in religion, tradition, language, etc. You say “equal society”, how can you explain Yugoslavia’s breakup if it was such an equal society? The campaign for a Greater Serbia was and still is the dream of Serbs, and that mentality led to its dissolution. Equal in society??? In Montenegro, half of one percent of Albanians are employed in administrative jobs (acc to Helsinki Report); you call that equal?? How about the fact that Albanians cannot receive education in their native tongue? Equal? They cannot have their own municipality without total control from Podgorica? Equal? In regions where they constitute a majority, not one police chief or judge is Albanian. Why, because Albanians are illiterate and stupid? No, because this is called quite ethnic cleansing my Serbian sympathizer.

Albanians stole Kosova? Your ignorance shines bright. Kosova was never Serbia’; look at the history and realize that Albanians have for centuries been the majority in Kosova, and it was only in 1878 that the great powers gave away Kosova to Serbia for territorial exchanges. However, the mistake made back then has finally been corrected. Don’t forget, it is not only because we are 95% Albanian, but it was also because over 10,000 Albanians were murdered in the genocidal campaign of the Serbian government that freed us from the grips of tyranny!

Also, read Resolution 1244 and you will see that it was drafted to legally split Kosova away from Serbia, unless you are illiterate? Your ascertains that Albanians are illiterate/stupid, etc., well just look at it this way, this tiny region in the Balkans, populated with these illiterate people, just shook up the whole world and now have their own state! THERE ARE TWO (2) ALBANIAN STATES IN EUROPE NOW, while Serbia continues to shrink in size. Perhaps a Greater Albania in the Future??


Anonymous said...


1) "Albanians in Montenegro, and before, in the ex Yugoslavia, have always been totally equal members of the society."


2) "Kosovo Albanians are terrorists and killers. Also said by many Montenegrin Albanians. 90 % of their population in Kosovo are illiterate"

I SAY --

You just proved exactly why Serbs and sympathisers like yourself will always fail in every argument you present. You blindly say that we have the rights and equality, THEN turn around and display your true colors, that we are beneath you.

Your self-contradictions are nothinng new to us, and now the tables have turned.