Wednesday, January 11, 2012

PJIU: Montenegro discriminates Albanians

The Party for Justice, Integration and Unity condemned the latest legal move of Montenegro, where the usage of the Albanian flag was banned, with the law also allowing fines to those who hold it.
“The new law passed in Montenegro foresees the removal of the Albanian flag and a 1000 EUR fine for people who use it without permission. PJIU is convinced that this draft law damages the Albanian minority in Montenegro, and is a flagrant violation of the European standards. We appeal the Republic of Montenegro to show respect for the legitimate rights of the Albanian citizens. PJIU notes that this draft-law is not an isolated case, but continues other initiatives undertaken by the government of Montenegro which violate the rights of the Albanian people”, declared Ardi Bido, spokesperson for this party.


Anonymous said...

They should penalize them 10.000 euros, plus 2 years in Spuzh prison for using their flag. Albanians voted for Montenegro's independence, also majority of them vote for DPS. I just don't understand how silly, naive, and thoughtless can Albanians be in Montenegro!

Anonymous said...

I wish someone would have written on thsi blog about the meeting @ St Paul albanian church with Vasel Sinistaj.

I was there with some friends after mass. It was funny. This jackass two-face deputy sat there with the balls to lie before all who attended. He even swore on his children that he is in it for the real cause, to better albanians in malesia and that everyone else was a fake.

This guy is something else. I wish rrok dedvukaj would have got up and kicked his ass for what he said about him being a terrorist.

What makes it more disturbing is that Montenegrin Spy #1: Luigj Gjokaj was escorting Sinistaj around with that Lulgjuraj guy from Florida. What a team! Many of us got sick to our stomaches listening to him spill lies to everyone. Malesor have really reached new lows.

Anonymous said...

Si me thane disa qe jane ken aty ate dite hala skan tije kan ka rren ma shume ne emen te Zotit e ne emen te popullit se Liberallcin per 15 vjet e tash patriotin fallc vasel sinishtaj. Lubisha me john medemallin e kan pru e po e reklamojne por kot e kane se populli i njeh. Pasha jat zot ne qiell ktyne u ka hi trama prej jatij djalis ri en malesi ci sado koh ci tshkojne ka me i ba me fole me vetin e kan me trypnua. Para se me ardhe ketu vaseli asht ken ne bruksel per me perkrah malin e zi me hi ne evrope e belda per ate pune ka ardhe edhe ktu.Por ska me shkua large e kame u dite gjithcka.

Mark said...

Why is foreign media and officials talking about discrimination against Albanians in Montenegro and nowhere to be found are Albanian officials like Vaseli Sinishtaj, Nik Camaj and others?

Those ignorant and unqualified buffoons wouldn't know what ethnic discrimination is if it bounced off their empty sculls.

Mark Sinishtaj said...



Bronx Boy said...

To all of you reading this blog from Malesia:

Please keep Vasel Sinishtaj in your backyard! Do not let him stray across the Atlantic because he might not find his way home, especially now that he has lost his collar and leash.

Will the owner of this bigot please come claim him and take him back home to Pofgorica?

Never before have Albanians in New York smelled such a rat as Vaselje. Did he really believe that we would buy into his blatant lies and treason acts of the Albanian people?

We mourn for Malesia's future as long as this hipocrite remains in power.

We had to squint our eyes several times when we saw him wandering the streets with that garbage used-car salesman from Detroit -- Luigj Gjokovic!

Is this the best representative Detroit has to offer? Shame on you Detroiters for allowing this hyena out of her cage! Shame on Shoqata Malesia e Madhe for not standing up and cleansing Detroit from scum like her! And especially shame on Johnny Lulguraj for going out of his way to meet and greet these two incompetent and politically impotent savages. You have now completed teh "Triad of Filth"

Anonymous said...

Luvigjin e Vaselin i njofim= garbage
Barre per gjon lulgjuraj.
Gjoni i tremet antonit. ka te nrejte me ju trem.

Gjeka said...

Gjoni e Luigji jan kushri

Njari jep kohë tjetrit në televizion, ndërsa të tjetri të merr një shans për t'u ulur në tryezën kryesore dhe pretendon të jetë e rëndësishme!


Anonymous said...

Vaseli ony considers Johnny as his point of contact in the USA. Before he came to America he made several phone calls wondering how he would be received and where he would go. When many Albanian organizations rebuked his requests, he called Gjokovic Luigji for guidance between Michigan and NY. Gjokovic also set Vaseli up for Albanian TV interviews in Detroit.

The whole objective for his visit was to defend his position as incumbant Deputy from Podgorica. Think of the GOP primary taking place now - Vaseli is running around all over the place bashing Albanin politicians and NGOs (i.e., FDI) back in Malesia so he looks like the only figure that gives a shit.


And yes, I agree that Johnny has a hidden motive working alongside that snake Luigji: they are cousins and each gains something from the other. Exposure.

I now wonder why Johnny aborted Levizja Atdheu and went underground. Sound similar to Luigji when he also went underground after the Dom Antoni fiasco. Today, they have both resurfaced and joined forces. Not the dynamic duo we were hoping to see in 2012!

I agree with the blogger above - "VASEL, GO HOME, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME IN AMERICA!!"

Anonymous said...

me kete vizite vaseli e ka ckatrrua vetin, por ka mu kthye ku a kene ne parti malazeze. e ska problem.

Kafir Harby said...

The Montenegrans should kick ALL ALBANIANS OUT of Montenegro. If they need help, I will be there.

Anonymous said...

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