Tuesday, November 08, 2011

United To Help Malesia

Event: Annual Fundraising Dinner for Malësia

Venue: St. Paul’s Albanian Community Center, Rochester Hills, Michigan

Date: Sunday, November 13, 2011

Time: 6:30 p.m.

The Albanian-American Association “Malësia e Madhe” invites you to attend their annual fundraising event where 100% of the proceeds go directly to families experiencing hardship in the rural areas of Malësia.

The event will include dinner and entertainment highlighting traditional music and plays reminiscent of customary Albanian folklore.

Since its inception, the annual fundraiser has procured over $500,000 in funds that have been used to better the lives of Albanian families throughout the Malësia region. The most recent project involved the allocating of $60,000 for building a home for an impoverished Berishaj family.

In efforts to realize the many goals and projects set forth for 2012, the Organization seeks your generosity in achieving these objectives by attending this weekend’s event. As Montenegro continues to discriminate against Albanians throughout Montenegro, Malësia has been especially hit hard by the government’s refusal to grant Albanians a distinct municipality that would handle so many basic needs and reverse the poverty plaguing the region.

Together we can make a difference as our unity, open hearts and love of nation cannot be deterred by any aggressor, at home or abroad.

We look forward to seeing you Sunday night.


Anonymous said...

I hope, many Albanians from our community value the diligent work that this association has been doing for the past 10 years and shown up at the Sunday's fundraising event.

Anonymous said...

Is Nikolle Gegovic going to show up?

Toma said...

Hajde ishall $100,000 bashkohen per chestje dhe per politik atdhetare

Anonymous said...

$!00 nuk jane shume.
Te shkojme ate nate qe te bashkohen sa ma shume, dhe t'i ndihmohet Malesise.