Sunday, June 19, 2011

Montenegro Gay Activits Target Dinosha

Angered by the recent cancellation of Montenegro's first Pride march, which police refused to protect, activist plasters ministry for minorities with gay rights posters.

"Fix your 'ministering', or do the government and society a favour by resigning," one of the posters read, referring to Ferhat Dinosa, Minister for Human and Minority Rights.

Gay rights activist Zdravko Cimbaljevic also left Council of Europe recommendations on the status of the LGBT community in the Ministry's archive.

After ten minutes of putting up posters on the ministry walls, security guards came and took him away for interrogation.

The head of Progress, an NGO, the only declared gay and lesbian organisation in Montenegro, said his action was designed to make minister Dinosa do his job.

The ethnic minority minister is well known for his dismissive attitude towards gays and lesbians, once claiming that if it was true that gays and lesbians existed in Montenegro, “then it is not good for Montenegro”.

He also expressed satisfaction that his own ethnic Albanian community in Montenegro was apparently a gay-free zone.

"This time I decided to go alone in the name of the LGBT community, because all the others frightened of the cameras," Cimbaljevic told the Podgorica daily newspaper, Vijesti, referring to his direct action.

Dinosa was reportedly in his office while Cimbaljevic was putting up his posters.

Montenegro's first Gay Pride parade, organized by Cimbaljevic's NGO, was supposed to take place on May 31. It was canceled following two attacks directed at gay people in Podgorica ahead of the parade.

Source: Tanjug


Marjan said...

Hahahaha ... let me guess, the figure bending over is Ferhati!

Anonymous said...

Here is more support for the gay population in Montenegro....

Anonymous said...

I think the guy bending over represents Albanians in Montenegro, and the guy upright represents Montenegro.

Anonymous said...

Both are fucked up! So, they alternate their positions.