Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Will Djukanovic be Prosecuted?

BARI, ITALY -- Will Montenegro's Premier, Milo Djukanovic be prosecuted by an Italian court once he resigns from his post? The possible court ruling of an international cigarette-smuggling ring that occurred between 1994 and 2000 will be re-examined in Bari, Italy after Djukanovic steps down as Montenegro's Prime Minister.

The list of defendants includes seven Italians, two Serbs, and five Montenegrins, including Djukanovic. Unfortunately for Italian officials, Djukanovic is protected by immunity while he is serving as the chief of state, and all prosecution directed at him is shelved for a special trial that will happen once he leaves office.

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Anonymous said...

As with all legal matters against him, Milo will somehow escape prosecution.

After taking a leave of absence at PM, he came back to power to divert this action againts him. During the past few years he struck a deal with Italy's flamboyant and controversial PM to waive all prosection once he leaves office.

This is as corrupt as it gets.