Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy FIRST Birthday Kosova!

As Kosovo marks its first anniversary, many world leaders have congratulated the president of the newly born nation on the first anniversary of its historic declaration of independence.

On behalf of the American people, I congratulate you and the citizens of Kosovo on the first anniversary of the historic declaration of independence of Kosovo," said US President Barack Obama in his letter to the Kosovo president.

"I want to stress that the US will continue to support multiethnic, independent and democratic Kosovo in its efforts to take a meritorious place as a full member of the community of the states," he added.

Queen of the United Kingdom Elizabeth II and its Foreign Office Secretary David Miliband also wrote congratulatory letters to President Sejdiu.

The letter of Queen Elizabeth II stresses the progress that the Republic of Kosovo has made with the establishment of sovereign insitutions, democratic constitution, ratification of important laws, and the overcoming of many obstacles together with international partners.

Secretary Miliband says: "The Republic of Kosovo leadership have shown genuine committment on improvement of the well being of all citizens of Kosovo by establishing and enforcing the Constitution which includes equal rights and protection for the minorities, consolidation of the Kosovo state as an internationally independent actor, continuous recognition of independence, establishment of biletaral and diplomatic relations between the sovereign state of Kosovo and many world countries. This year I hope to see Kosovo continue its current path towards a stable and prosperous future. Kosovo and its neighbors in the Western Balkans share common aspirations for a European future. The United Kingdom is dedicated to work with all in the region to achieve this goal."

President of the Confederation of Switzerland Hans-Rudolf Merz also wrote a letter to Kosovo President Sejdiu. In the letter Swiss President Merz says: "In the name of the Federal Swiss Council, it is a pleasure for me to convery your Excellency our most cordial wishes in the occasion of your first anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Kosovo and I shall express my most sincere desires for your personal well being and the prosperity of your nation and your citizens. I am convinced that the trust and sincere friendship that exists between our nations will deepen in the years to come," says the letter of the Swiss President.

President of the Federal Republic of Germany Horst Kohler wrote a congratulatory letter to the President of the Republic of Kosovo.

In the first anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Kosovo, I express You and Your citizens in the name of my [German] citizens my most cordial wishes."

"During the last 12 months, your country, together with the international community, has made commendable progress carrying out important reforms. I assure you that Germany will continue to give the necessary support to the Republic of Kosovo."

A congratulatory letter has also come from the General Governor of the Commonwealth of Australia Quentin Bryce.

"On the National Day of the Republic of Kosovo, I convey to You, Your Government and the citizens of Kosovo, my cordial wishes on behalf of my Government and the Australian people. I am pleased the Australian government has established diplomatic relations on May 21 with your country. I feel pleased that Australia today congratulates Kosovo on its first anniversary as an independent nation."

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