Saturday, January 05, 2008

"Podgorica Day" Sees Tuz Bridge Opening

Podgorica Mayor Miomir Mugosa, along with diplomats and Montenegrin ministers, officially marked the completion of two large infrastructure projects in the Albanian community of Dinosa on December 19.

This date, celebrated as "Podgorica Day," saw Ambassador Moore and DCM Ferrill as well as Albania's Ambassador to Montenegro gathered with the Minister for Minority and Human Rights, Fuad Nimani, the Minister of Agriculture, Milutin Simovic, the President of Tuz Urban Municipality, Smail Cunmuljaj, and President of the Democratic Union of Albanians, Ferhat Dinosa.

The question that immediately surfaces -- why is this day referred to as "Podgorica" and not "Tuz" or "Dinosha"? After all, is it not a celebration of and for Albanians and a tribute to projects in these territories? But our Albanian characters do not seem to care, just look at the glee in their rosy faces.


Anonymous said...

God ... what a "tossed salad," one that I would not even stick a fork in ... hahaha

Anonymous said...

Dinosha and Maliqi look so naive and under the microscope

Anonymous said...

They won't name it anything elase that resembles Albanianism because it might inspire secession -- y'all should know that