Friday, October 05, 2007

A snapshot of Montenegro's Foreign Policy

The following release highlights some very interesting foreign policy initiatives that Montenegro is taking with respect to its sister-nations Russia and Serbia. This "Slavic-Triad" is unmistakenly a force that other countries in the region will have to contend with. What may this be? We will let the bloggers decide.
04-10-2007 Podgorica -- Montenegrin foreign policy is orientated towards joining the European Union and NATO, and improving relations with neighboring countries, according to a draft document issued by the government.

"Foreign Policy Priorities of Montenegro", parts of which were published by the Podgorica based daily “Vijesti” on Thursday, characterises Montenegro's relations with the USA as being of “special importance” and its relations with Russia as being of “great significance”. The document, prepared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, cites EU accession as a “strategic aim, which will dominate Montenegrin foreign policy in the coming period.”

The other strategic aim is NATO membership.

“Through NATO integration Montenegro will be able to achieve the best security framework within which it can address potential crises and challenges to its stability," the document states, noting that NATO integration will also help Monetenegro develop a stable and democratic image and speed up economic development by attracting foreign investments.

In addition, it will allow the country to participate on an equal footing in geostrategic decisions. The document says that joining the EU and NATO is not possible without an active Montenegrin role in regional cooperation, and the development of good neighborly relations. “For historical and political reasons, in addition to Albania, BiH, Italy, Serbia and Croatia, we consider Macedonia, Slovenia, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Greece as neighbor countries,” the document states.

It stresses that relations with Serbia are important and concludes that Montenegro and Serbia "will continue developing close ties because of historical, cultural and economic factors and a common Euro-Atlantic perspective." This, the document notes, will require "equal partnership and respect from Serbia.”
source: BIRN


Anonymous said...

Why do we get surprised at these developments? Of course Montenegro will estab ties with Russia, in her eyes Russia is a resurrgent power under Putin and will continue to shape foreign policy not only in the Balkans but throughout Europe. Seriously, the question re Kosovo woudl have already been settled (sovereignty granted) if Russia was not in the mix. She is still a hegemon and Montenegro knows this, and having a balance of support from teh USA and Russia is a pretty nice alliance .. don't ya'll think so?

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