Monday, September 10, 2007

Albanians in Malesia losing touch with their objectives

TUZ, Malesia e Madhe, September 10, 2007 -- What was advertised as a rally in support of the prisoners and against state "terrorist" suppression, leaders of the three Albanian political parties in Montenegro, along with community members watched a drama played out depicting the events that unfolded on 9 September 2006, the day Albanians were arrested in Malesia.

The display was carried out inside the cultural center in Tuz, and included speeches by a handful of political leaders, including Vasel Sinishtaj, Nikolle Camaj and others. Although the center was filled to capacity, the effect was a wash.

The event in its entirety illustrates the effects that the arrests have had on the general Albanian population in Montenegro since last September. There have been no rallies in support of those arrested and even support during trial proceedings have faded as Albanians distance themselves from any act that may bring attention to individuals for fear that they may meet the same fate.

This is just the way the Montenegrin government expects Albanians in Malesia to act, thus their strategy has payed off.


Anonymous said...

Well done, well done...

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Anonymous said...

WHat does it take for these people to realize that they are being dismembered as an ethnic group and are become an endangered species?

By holding a play to remember those horrific events does no justice to those in jail.

Why did they not follow suit with the diaspora and demonstrate? Are they really afraid? Could those at the play just stand up and walk outside and walk up and down Tuz to show solidarity?

What is happening to my people in Malesia?

Anonymous said...

What is happening (or has happened) to your people in Malesia?

I'll tell you - (1) they are eagerly assimilating to the Slavic way of life, and (2) they are spending 24-hours/day thinking of ways to escape from Malesia and make their way to the United States.

Now you know!