Monday, July 23, 2007

"No More Compromise on Montenegro's Constituion" says Vukovic

PODGORICA, Montenegro, July 23, 2007 -- There is no room for compromise on the new constitution and a referendum on the text could be held in September, Miodrag Vukovic, head of the parliamentary group of the ruling Party of Democratic Socialists (PDS) told Vjiesti newspaper on Sunday (July 22nd). He says the PDS wants the Constitution Board to complete its work by the end of this month, clearing the way for a debate by the whole legislature in September, followed by a voter referendum. The PDS insists that the official language should be Montenegrin, and that the state symbols under which Montenegro's statehood was restored should remain.

President Filip Vujanovic was quoted on Monday by Mina news agency as saying a referendum is highly likely, he wants parties in parliament to hammer out an agreement on all seven recommendations made by the Council of Europe.
Albanian members of parliament were not available for comment and have not voiced any objections to the current framework of the new Constitution. Promoting the Albanian language as part of the official language in Montenegro was not even a point of contention and there was no inclination that it will be deliberated on prior to any future referendum. The issues surrounding greater minority rights, including a clearer definition of the rights of national minorities -- where Albanians staunchly claim is a better depiction of their status -- is no where on the docket for further debate.


Anonymous said...

Vasel Sinistaj is surprisingly quiet on this

Anonymous said...

Not only Vasel Sinishtaj, but also
sheik Ferat Dinosha, Nikolle Gegaj, Martin Shkreli, Mehmet Bardhi, and especially Fuat Nimani. If our rights are not secured this time, we are all but finished in Montenegro. We will please be reday for more drastic steps!!!!?????...

Anonymous said...

We have practically perished! All the elites are leaving the country, I know of three prominent intellectuals that have called it QUITS in Montenegro and are now working hard labor in the USA, which is ironic because it has stripped them of what they were back home and now they are nobody's here.


Anonymous said...

Is it just me or do all (or most) Balkan politicians look scruffy?

I mean just look at Vukovoc, he desperately needs a shave and haircut. For God's sake, you are representing a country, at least look presentable.

Don't get me wrong, the same goes for our leaders as well, just look as Vaseli and Bardhi -- they look like cartoon characters. Someone please tell Bardhi that his hair went out of style in the 70's.

Anonymous said...

Its the climate that makes them look so "scruffy"

For Albanians, its the abuse