Monday, April 30, 2007

Russia: Kosovo falls short of standards

MOSCOW, Russia, April 30, 2007 -- According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, the Security Council's fact-finding mission to Kosovo established that the province has failed to meet international standards and the provisions of Security Council Resolution 1244. In a statement released Sunday (April 29th), the ministry cited the alleged failures as a reason why the Ahtisaari plan should not be accepted. Moscow acknowledged, however, that certain progress has been made in the social and administrative sphere.

Meanwhile, in an interview published Sunday, Kosovo Prime Minister Agim Ceku acknowledged that an independent Kosovo might not be recognised by some members of the international community, should the Ahtisaari plan fail to win UN Security Council approval. Such a development would be bad for Kosovo, Ceku said. Commenting on Serbia's stance, the prime minister decried "politicians who are using Kosovo as a propaganda tool".

"On the other hand, you have moderate, young people who are tired of all these old stories about Kosovo. They want to look forward and join Europe," Ceku said. "Serbia is being blocked by its past." (Tanjug, RTS, AP, AFP, UPI - 29/04/07)


Anonymous said...

Ceku is right, Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin and the rest of these Slav sympathizers are using Kosova to re-invent themselves and emerge as key players in what has become an international poker game.

Russia is weak and has never recovered from its communist collapse, where they have been embarrased by the West, esp. the USA. They are now pathetically trying to make a stand against the US and try to save face.

Too late.

Conference Organizer said...

The picture on this post is Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin as he walks past a banner reading "RUSSIA, HELP" while visiting the northern part of Mitrovica.

Anonymous said...

To hell with Russia! As all the media reports are saying, Kosova will become independent with or without the Russian vote in the Security Council.

Lets be mindful that even with the veto Kosova can declare independence. The US, UK, Albania, Slovenia, Macedonia, and several muslim states have all declared their support for independence and recognition.

Independence is assured!!!!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is that Montenegro better support Kosova's independence too!

If they do not, then those sorry-ass Albanians from Ulqin, Plava and Malesia BETTER STAND UP AND DEMAND SUPPORT!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"We hope that Russia understands that Kosovo is going to beindependent one way or another," Fried told Reuters in an interview at a Brussels Forum on transatlantic relations.

Anonymous said...

Slovakia’s representative to the United Nations, Peter Burian said during a discussion on Kosovo that started on the Security Council grounds on Tuesday that Slovakia would support the EU’s attitude on setting the future status for the south Serbian province of Kosovo.

Anonymous said...

April 25, 2007, Vienna and Washington, DC: In a powerful show of coordinated advocacy, 17 leading members of women’s civil society from six Balkan countries and Kosovo have asked for an urgent meeting with the UN Security Council, and repeated their demand that women must participate directly in talks on the future of Kosovo.

Anonymous said...

Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica
Belgrade, 11 Nemanjina St.

Your Excellency,

I recently read a blog post from one Good Reverend disproving the hitherto assumed true statement "every time you masturbate, Allah kills a kitten." As much as I am happy to learn of this, I am also saddened. If masturbations are not to blame, then there is only one other explanation for the large number of kittens being found dead. Every time Your Excellency mentions something to the effect "international law" and "Kosovo-Metohija is part of Serbia" in the same sentence, Allah must be killing a kitten. Terrified, I urge you - I beg you - to be more mindful of the poor kittens when you make such irresponsible statements. Kittens have done nothing to deserve this kind of death.

Your Fan

Anonymous said...

Hold on just one moment Mr. Anonymous!

Why should Malesia demand this!? Because they are Albanians?

Are not Kosovars Albanians too, and why did they not stand up to the rights of Albanians in Montenegro when we needed them the most, especially when those poor souls were jailed and tortured for political reasons?!?! Sound familiar?

All Malesia wanted was for Kosova (and Albania) to mention the fact that the same fate that faced Kosovars before NATO is slowly facing Malesia today, and there is a potential for the same end result -- WAR!

Lets be fair here.

Anonymous said...

That's right, because we are all Albanians -- no discrimination here. Kosova had more on its mind than Malesia this time around. They did not want to declare anything that would raise eyebrows.

Let's say that Kosova did mention the (true) fact that Albanians in Montenegro are discriminated and quietly ethnically cleansed (quoting Tom Lantos); then you know very well that Serbia and Company woudl jump on the band-wagon and cry foul that Kosova is propogating ethnic Albania. As silly as this may sound, the Serbs will try anything to keep Kosova.

If anyone, Albania should have come out strong against the Slav tactics agianst Albanians prisoners. But then again, this is Albania we're talking about here, they still haven't figured out the concept of a popular vote, making Dade County seem quite intelligent back in 2000.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with voicing an opinion/stand where it is obvious that an ethnic minority is being abused -- and Kosova, more than any other region on earth, should know how this feels.

I blame Kosova and Albania for not taking a stand. Independence should not blind Kosova of what's going on in neighboring states where their own blood is suffering.

I remember hearing officials from Kosova saying, "just wait until we get independence and then we will support you (Malsors). Even NAAC in Washington DC put Malesia to the side and ignored her pleas for help (referenceing the several demonstreations in DC and NY where not one member of NAAC participated). I think its time for Avni Mustafaj to resign and elect someone who does not just attend to Albanians issues of teh day -- today Kosova and tomorrow whom??

Anonymous said...

WASHINGTON, United States -- State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said on Tuesday (May 1st) that the process of resolving Kosovo's future status would take another month or two. McCormack added that significant political pressure from all sides could be expected in the days and weeks ahead. "We have to find a solution … in the near future, unless we want the region to experience further violence," McCormack stressed. He repeated US support for UN special envoy Martti Ahtisaari's plan to resolve the status issue, saying that granting supervised independence to the province is the best way forward. (RFE, RTK, Telegrafi, Tanjug - 01/05/07)

Anonymous said...

NAAC is a joke!!!! Disapora can help to a certain extent (i.e. financial & working w/ U.S. congress & etc.) But, the people of malesia have to stand up and demand their rights!!! For example, no demonstration after the political prisoners were jail sums up attitude the people of malesia have. Why should give them their rights as a minority group when they cant stand up for them or organize a demonstration in Tuz.