Saturday, May 10, 2008


A peaceful demonstration is scheduled to take place at two separate venues with efforts to underscore the continued abuses to human, constitutional and institutional laws, perpetrated by the Montenegrin apartheid in Podgorica. These demonstrations have been carefully coordinated with the Albanian Diaspora in the several united states to follow the rally that was carried out Friday May 9th. The message is simple: RELEASE THE INNOCENT, STOP YOUR ETHNIC PROFILING, PROTECT OUR INHERENT RIGHTS, AND PROSECUTE THE REAL TERRORISTS FROM PODGORICA!

The following information has been released:

VENUE #1 -- Demonstration in TUZ before the cultural center "Malesia"
WHEN -- Sunday May 10, 2008

TIME: 3:00 p.m. local time

VENUE #2 -- Demonstration in PODGORICA before the court building
WHEN -- Monday May 11, 2008

TIME -- 8:15 a.m. local time


Anonymous said...

One thing that is "capturing" the headlines here: WHAT IS FERHAT DINOSHA DOING????

Will he be protesting against himself?

Because he has been against any Albanian reistence, ie demonstrations, etc.

HE is promising Mont will recognize Kosova by the end of May, but that is not being confirmed by Podgorica or his own party.

Is he breaking ranks? OR is he plotting something???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Anonymous said...

ferhat dinosha is montenegros lapdog. whatever they say, he obeys like a good little doggie...

Anonymous said...

It is the time to recognize the right of Albanian in Ulqin, Plav- Guci, Tuz etc.
They have the right to exercise their language and preserve their culture as Serbian minority in Kosova. With groups of military police in black, similar as FBI forces, YOU CANT SCARE and TERRORIZE the Albanian anymore. If you will persist in Discrimination and Persecution of Albanian in the future, as you did in a past and are doing in the present, than soon on later you might find yourself in a HEAD ON COLLISION with more than 7million Illyrian.