Wednesday, May 07, 2008

PROTEST in New York this FRIDAY -- May 9

The Albanian American community representing numerous states will be staging a demonstration this Friday in New York. The following information has been released:

WHAT: Protest against the illegal detention, torture, and fractured judicial proceedings of Albanian Political Prisoners in Spuz, Montenegro, where the trial has intentionally violated all constitutional, regional, and international statutes protecting minority and human rights.

When: Friday MAY 9, 2008 at 10:00 a.m.

Where: New York -- Dag Hammarskjold Plaza; 47th St. and 1st Ave.

Travel: FROM DETROIT -- buses will leave St. Paul's Albanian Catholic Church at approximately 7:00 p.m.; reservations are desired with round trip ticket prices slated at $100/person.


Anonymous said...

Mark -- we have assembled a contingency of students from Illinois, some 15-20 -- and will arrive early Friday morning.

Let's get together around 2pm at Columbia Univ., there's a Tai restaurant on Broadway & 116th.

See you then,


Anonymous said...

Illir -

I will be at NYU (finishing up an exam), thus I won't be at the rally, however we can have a "post-rally celebration" (coupled with the end of my semester) in the upper west side.

I wish you all the best success, which means the best turnout!

Travel safely, and I'm glad to hear you will be sticking around. I will email you later -- GEZUAR!

Anonymous said...

What is the point of the protest? What exactly do you hope to accomplish? The international community could care less about the problems in Montenegro, let alone support ANOTHER separtist movement in the Balkans. While I love Malsia, I cannot defend terrorist activities that threaten to destabilize Montenegro.

Anonymous said...

You elude that a rally cannot accomplish anything. That is because your sense of freedom to assemble is tainted by currupt ideologies of a Yugoslvia that once was, one that the state controlled the peopel from teh center, interjecting fear anbd covering up crimes against humanity. This is exactly what Montenegro is continuing to do, nothing has changed form the old communist regime, same people, same system, under another guise -- the democratic mask.

It nonsense to argue with soemone like you, MOntenegro has illegally detained Albanians and labeled tehm "terrorists" witrhout any solid evidence, and like so many that comment like you, you do not follow these trials and witness teh injustices taking place, led by an bogus judicial system designed to (YES) cleanse an entire people.

You love Malesia? -- read your comment again, and then read the others you just posted throughout this blog, (1) YOU ARE NOT ALBANIAN, that is for sure, (2) you are very uninformed about the issues, that is also for sure.

A separist movement? Why don't you attend the rally and see what the truth is, you and others like you are the biggest impediments in the BAlkans for minorities continuing to be abused.

Anonymous said...

This rally is a prelude to the demonstration taking place in Tuz and Podgorica later this month.

The process is heating up, and we need everyone's support to continue the pressure on the state government and exploit the corruption of their judicial system.

There will be meetings with US officials in NY and later in DC.

The U.S. Ambassador in Podgorica has also hinted on meeting with the community after the rally there.


Anonymous said...

Plenty can be done with a protest. Along with this NYC demonstration, there will 2 demonstrations in Montenegro in the comming weeks.

Typical response from a non-Albanian or Albanian working against his own people.

Albanians are not destabilze Montenegro they want the same minority rights that we enjoy in America and throughout Europe.

Everyone is free to express their opinions and wishes but please KNOW YOUR FACTS BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR LAME ASS MOUTH.

Anonymous said...

I hear its a wash-out (heavy rain) ... any news from NY?

Anonymous said...

Preliminary reports from some people are that 400-500 showed. I can't confirm but that is what I heard.

At this point, and given the conditions, any decent showing is a plus.

Anonymous said...

ON to Tuz and Podgorica ..... !!!

Anonymous said...

It is the time for a new good start.
1 - Serbian minority in Kosova should have no less rights than Albanian in Serbia, but Nothing more.
2 – Stop dual parallel governments in Kosova and in North Mitrovica.
3 - Ask Serbian Government to pay, at least 7 billion Dollars, for 190,000 destroyed or damaged homes, and for families of more than 10,000 killed by the Serbian army and Serbian Paramilitary.
4 -The Ahtisaari plan was not approved by the UN and was rejected and never accepted by Serbia. The Ahtisaari plan was rejected and void by Kosovars too, with declaration of the independence. Therefore, it’s null and void. Don’t let anyone to put this “PLAN” on the table again. This plan is nothing more than an “UTOPIA”. It didn’t work and newer won't work again.
5 – If you won’t stand up for your land and your rights, everybody will play with you.

Anonymous said...

It is the time to recognize the right of Albanian in Ulqin, Plav- Guci, Tuz etc.
They have the right to exercise their language and preserve their culture as Serbian minority in Kosova. With groups of military police in black, similar as FBI forces, YOU CANT SCARE and TERRORIZE the Albanian anymore. If you will persist in Discrimination and Persecution of Albanian in the future, as you did in a past and are doing in the present, than soon on later you might find yourself in a HEAD ON COLLISION with more than 7million Illyrian.