Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Albanians Demand the TRUTH at Podgorica rally

PODGORICA, Montenegro, 12 May 2008 -- At today's protest before the court building in Podgorica where the Albanian prisoners are being tried, leaders of the three Albanian political parties, along with family members of the detainees promised to continue their show of support by peacefully assembling and declaring with one voice, "It's time our rights."

Member of Parliament, and leader of the Albanian Alternative Party, Vasel Sinishtaj stressed that the police forces responsible for the arrests and handling of the detainees over-stepped their duties by using excessive force. Moreover, he said that the judicial process has been unnecessarily delayed, where the very people (Albanians) that ushered in independence for Montenegro in 2006 have now been labeled as "terrorists" and as a result have been victims of ethnic profiling ever since.

This rally concluded what was a three-day international effort to bring attention to the prisoner's dilemma. On Friday, approximately 400 Albanian-Americans rallied in front of the United Nations in New York, followed by a protest in TUZ Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Hey, give us ONE good reason why the kuffar should trust muzzies? There simply is none. If we want to prevent what's happening in Kosovo, we need to start deporting ALL the Skiptaere!
K. Harby

Anonymous said...

"kuffars, muzzies, Skiptaeres" -- nice.

Trust is necessary and sufficent of Montenego wants to live in a democratic and stable society, as it proports it has.

Once any majority starts drawing the lines and determining that one group has more rights than another, then the problems start.

Hasn't Kosova taught you anything?

Anonymous said...

Who's "us"? When speaking of protesting human rights, and especially those of minorities, there is no "us" vs. "them"

This is how all other Balkan conflicts commence, create an atmosphere of differences and build upon hate, bigotry, stereotypes, etc.

Why don't you explain the role of the state in bringing all minorities to teh same starting line as the majorities?

Anonymous said...

It is the time for a new good start.
1 - Serbian minority in Kosova should have no less rights than Albanian in Serbia, but
Nothing more.
2 – Stop dual parallel governments in Kosova and in North Mitrovica.
3 - Ask Serbian Government to pay, at least 7 billion Dollars, for 190,000 destroyed or
damaged homes, and for families of more than 10,000 killed by the Serbian army and
Serbian Paramilitary.
4 -The Ahtisaari plan was not approved by the UN and was rejected and never accepted
by Serbia. The Ahtisaari plan was rejected and void by Kosovars too, with declaration
of the independence. Therefore, it’s null and void. Don’t let anyone to put this
“PLAN” on the table again. This plan is nothing more than an “UTOPIA”. It didn’t
work and newer will work again.
5 – If you won’t stand up for your land and your rights, everybody will play with you.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, by the pictures alone, it looks as if only 30 Albanians attended this protest.

The real criminals were actually standing outside the court -- Ferhat Dinosha and Nikolle Camaj!

By the way, where are the flags?

Anonymous said...

ferhat dinosha is montenegros lapdog. whatever they say, he obeys like a good little doggie...woof! woof!

Anonymous said...

It is the time to recognize the right of Albanian in Ulqin, Plav- Guci, Tuz etc.
They have the right to exercise their language and preserve their culture as Serbian minority in Kosova. With groups of military police in black, similar as FBI forces, YOU CANT SCARE and TERRORIZE the Albanian anymore. If you will persist in Discrimination and Persecution of Albanian in the future, as you did in a past and are doing in the present, than soon on later you might find yourself in a HEAD ON COLLISION with more than 7milion Illyrian.