Sunday, May 11, 2008

Protest in TUZ demands the immediate release of Albanian Prisoners

TUZ, Malesia e Madhe, 11 May 2008 -- Approximately 150-200 Albanians from Malesia gathered today in front of the Malesia Cultural Center in TUZ to protest the illegal detention of 15 Albanians currently held in Spuz since September 2006. The demands coincided with those spelled out in New York the previous Friday.

The low turnout, however drew criticism from those in attendance, who partly blamed the political leaders from Malesia for not uniting well ahead of the announced demonstration. Moreover, the rally-goers became skeptical when long hold-out Ferhat Dinosha joined the rally sponsors, where he previously denounced any assembly by Albanians denouncing the judicial process of the detainees.

Another rally is scheduled tomorrow morning in front of the courthouse where the judicial proceedings are taking place. The demonstration begins at 8:30 a.m. local time.


Kafir Harby said...

Release criminals? Are you crazy?

Anonymous said...

No, not crazy, and there is no objective evidence that they are crminals. If you follow the trial proceedings you will find that the constant delays, which are unprecedented, is a clear sign of back-peddling by the justice system rthat is in complete flux trying to find a way out without losing face.

Crazy are those who instigated this mess, and I mean those at the helm in Podgorica.

Anonymous said...

It is the time for a new good start.
1 - Serbian minority in Kosova should have no less rights than Albanian in Serbia, but
Nothing more.
2 – Stop dual parallel governments in Kosova and in North Mitrovica.
3 - Ask Serbian Government to pay, at least 7 billion Dollars, for 190,000 destroyed or
damaged homes, and for families of more than 10,000 killed by the Serbian army and
Serbian Paramilitary.
4 -The Ahtisaari plan was not approved by the UN and was rejected and never accepted
by Serbia. The Ahtisaari plan was rejected and void by Kosovars too, with declaration
of the independence. Therefore, it’s null and void. Don’t let anyone to put this
“PLAN” on the table again. This plan is nothing more than an “UTOPIA”. It didn’t
work and newer will work again.
5 – If you won’t stand up for your land and your rights, everybody will play with you.