Monday, October 15, 2012

Sinishtaj: Neither the government nor the opposition deserves the support of Albanians

Montenegro needs a national unity government, said Vasel Sinishtaj of FORCA; asserting that neither the government nor the opposition so far for now deserves the support of the Albanians.

Sinishtaj exclaims that they (leading Montenegrin parties) made a mistake, and said, “whoever is ready to rectify their mistakes, I will certainly help them.”  Until then, neither side deserves my support of minorities, "he said.

Asked whether there was a formal invitation from the government to form the Coalition for European Montenegro (DPS/Djukanovic) or the opposition party, Sinishtaj maintained that no call has been made.
Commenting on the idea of ​​a government of national unity, he said that he will consider everything.

"Montenegro is, regardless of religion, ethnicity, political beliefs, only living for the moment, and maybe in a year-and-a-half, or two, it will be in a position to stabilize the government of national salvation in Montenegro; to restore public confidence in state institutions, the legal system and the further work that follows, then we can move on to new elections.  This would be a victory for democratic Montenegro ", said Sinishtaj.

Until then, the situation here remains the same. "I would love to have a government of national unity, but we will not succeed in this current structure, we need something different and I fear this political transfer ".

Sinishtaj said he was grateful to the Albanian voters who were "strong in spite of all the political pressures and remained faithful to their coalition."

"I'm glad Montenegro is moving towards something called a change in the political life and I believe this is the beginning when the next elections will be quite different.  He apologized to the international community to monitor the elections and still think they are fair and correct, in spite of negative effects, "he said.

What Sinishtaj failed to acknowledge is the lackluster performance of all the Albanian parties in general, and how they failed to unite in efforts to gain political standing and push their agenda forward.  Sinishtaj’s comments resemble those of a politician who has secured his own standing in politics and refrains from offering any anecdotes to the issues plaguing Albanians in Montenegro, especially the ever-growing divisions between his own ethnic supporters and party loyalists.


Anonymous said...

Sinishtaj has done absolutely NOTHING to further the status of Albanians in Malesia!

He will continue to do the same in this term.

The reason he joined FORCA was that he feared of losing and only believed that standing beside Genci and Cungu he would keep his salary.

Again, the money is too good for Sinishtaj, and the problems facing Albanians ... well, not important enough.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, instead of gaining 1 or to more seats in parliament, they lose 2 seats. What a regression in terms of advancing our cause. Sad!