Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Albanians Anxious to Go to Bed with the DPS

Representatives from Forca, the Bosnian and Croatian Initiative Party tonight signed a common platform on which defined the conditions for talks on forming the coalition's parliamentary majority in Montenegro.
The meeting between the representatives of these entities was private, without the presence of the media.
The platform was signed by Nazif Cungu, Marija Vucinovic and Rafet Husovic.
Details on the platform were not made public by the signatories.
According to media reports, the platform is based on solving the problems that plague minorities in Montenegro, the improvement and enhancement of their status, economic situation, social and other spheres.
"Strength for the Union" is to be expected that one of the basic requirements should be the Municipality of Malesia, the use of national symbols, marine goods, and so on.
Although the agreement has not been made public, it evidently seems that the Devil himself might be in the details.  Without any concessions to the Albanian parties, and to their constituents respectively, Force is hastily obliging to a dangerous precedent.  First, any agreement with the majority should be on conditions that Malesia is returned the status of full Municipality, with no less guarantees than those already in existence.  Second, by joining the Bosnian and Croatian parties and forming a coalition of minorities, the Albanians are accepting their identity as a minority at the same level as other ethnic groups.  Why is this problematic?     Albanians are national minorities inhabiting a region that is historically their homeland.  This is not true for other ethnies.  As a result, forming a coalition with these other groups and arguing that you deserve the same rights, protections and guarantees will render a result that will forever diminish your rightful status in your very own homeland.  Albanians are now playing this dangerous game in Podgorica, and it might adversely effect them for many generations to come.


Anonymous said...

Albanians WILL NOT get their Municipality!

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