Monday, October 15, 2012

Albanians are the Real Losers in Montenegro Elections

Milo Djukanovic, the leader of the European Montenegro coalition declared victory in front of a cheering crowd of supporters gathered at the headquarters of Democratic Party of Socialists.
The European Montenegro coalition has won 45.5 per cent of the votes and 39 seats of the 81 seats in parliament, the Centre for Monitoring, CEMI, said, based on more than 90 per cent of counted ballots.
The opposition Democratic Front won 23.8 per cent of votes and 20 mandates. It was followed by the Socialist People's Party, with 10.6 per cent of votes and nine parliamentary seats. Positive Montenegro can expect seven seats.
Of the smaller parties, the Bosniak Party won three seats while the Croat Citizens' Intiative, and two Albanian parties - FORCA and Albanian Coalition - each won one.
The European Montenegro coalition is made up of the ruling Democratic Party of Socialists, DPS, and the Social Democratic Party, SDP, which together formed the last five governments, along with a new ally, the Liberal Party.
After winning 39 seats, they may have to reach out to one more ethnic minority party to obtain a majority in the 81-seat parliament.

Suljo Mustafic, of the Bosniak party, which won three seats, said it would be more realistic for his party to form a coalition with the DPS, but he did not exclude talks with other parties. "Our negotiation potential is bigger now," he said.
However, it included some important changes. Ethnic Albanians, who make up 5 per cent of the population, lost their five guaranteed seats.
Instead, all ethnic minorities that comprise up to 15 per cent of the population were given preferential treatment. Those are, primarily, the Albanian, Bosniak [Muslim] and Croat communities.
Nonetheless, the Albanian parties seemed to be the biggest losers during this round of elections.  Among the newly formed groups of coalition, the united FORCA (Genc Nimanbegu and Vasel Sinishtaj) won 1.4%, while the Albanian Coalition (Fatmir Gjekë, George Camaj and Mehmet Bardhi) won 1.1%.   Both parties were awarded one mandate each, thus sending two Albanian deputies to Parliament.  Under Montenegro’s parliamentary arrangements for minority representation, Albanians had five (5) seats reserved but could not capitalize.
The most dismal showing involved the Albanian Youth Alliance (Aleanca Rinore e Shqiptarëve) where its organizer and college student Anton Lulgjuraj failed pass the threshold by only gathering 0.1% of the vote, by far one the worst showings of any political group/party in all Montenegro on Sunday.
With Djukanovic primed to make a return to the DPS, it is believed he will announce his homecoming as Prime Minister in the coming weeks.  Media outlets have hinted that he will remain as head of state and the DP until Montenegro becomes a full member of the EU.  Djukanovic has been Montenegro’s strongman since 1990 when he and Serbian war criminal Slobodan Milosevic ruled the SFRY.
With only two deputies in the 81 seat assembly, Albanians have lost all influence in any decision-making with the majority coalition.  It seems apparent that the European Montenegro coalition will form its government with the Bosniak party and, if needed, the Croat Citizens’ Initiative.    
With the absence of UDSH, Djukanovic’s primary Albanian support over the past two decades, the ruling party will most likely bypass any coalition attempt with the other Albanian members. 
The question surrounding Malësia’s municipality also seems to be settled with Djukanovic’s recent pledge to enact the territorial arrangement sometime in 2013.  Regardless of the date of its reinstatement, the Commune will be staged as a pilot project that was founded by the DPS, then closely monitored over the years with the distribution of a modest budget, where local Albanians had the opportunity to elect their own (local) officials that represented their best/real interests (something they squandered miserably) and that a Commune will be finally awarded to the people of Malësia BY PODGORICA and THROUGH PODGORICA, and not by the labours of the Albanians in Montenegro or the Diaspora.  This is the message that was resonated through (1) Djukanovic’s recent pre-election speech in Tuz, (2) the reorganization of Albanian political parties/coalitions, (3) the ineffective Albanian Diaspora in the United States, and ultimately (3) the outcome of Sunday’s election.  Suffice to say, the DPS will take full credit when they award Albanians their “only wish” over the past two decades: A meager Municipality ruled by DPS loyalists!  Irrespective to conventional wisdom, once this ensues, the DPS will be regarded as heroes for the Albanians, and undoubtedly seal their place as the party of choice for years to come in Malësia.
God Help Us.



Anonymous said...

Sad, sad day for Malesia... The Albanian Caucus has been terrible ineffective for the last 5 years in Montenegro's parliament. I am afraid to imagine how ineffective it will be now.

Tuzi Kamun said...

O Boy! What an unwelcome surprise!

I thought Albanians would at least pick up three seats of the five. But maybe its better that UDSH is left out.

Sad day for the "new generation" and that Lulgjuaraj kid an his Gojcaj legal adviser. I feel bad for him, but what did he expect, did not have a string base of support from his own friends and youth of Malesia. And his support in the USA was weak and few.

Vaseli, congrats! What will you do for us now? I don't expect much from him. Genci is all about Ulqini so don't expect much from him.

I think the real surprise may come out of Camaj and Bardhi. Let's see what transpires.

Well, all I can say is .... same crap as before, just a different variant of smell.

Simon said...

It seems like there is confusion whether UDSH - Albanian Democratic Union (Ferhat Dinosha's old party) won a Mandate.

According to Vijesti, Pobjeda and Dan, they have NOT. They received only 0.9% of the vote, below the threshold.

So hat leaves only 2 mandates for Albanian parties.

Mark said...

Don't be surprised if the DPS pulls the DUA ahead and gives them a mandate. Remember, the DUA is loyal like dogs to Milo and the DPS, that is how Dinosha operated all these years!

Get ready for a 3rd Albanian party

Tuzi Kamun said...

I wouldn't say this election identified Albanians as total "losers". Perhaps losers is a bit harsh. Maybe "Incompetent Assholes!" Is that on the lighter side?

Vaseli, Genci, Camaj, Bardhi, etc. .... all the same shit with different party labels.

I undersand the push for the Youth Movement, but come on, bro! A kid who still pops his pimples in the morning after having wet dreams wants to play with the big boys in Parliament? Didn't he get enough bullying in Gjimnazi? What did he think, he had ideas that have never been though of before by others?

Antoni needs to lick his wounds, regroup, learn from this horrible mistake, choose his friends and advisers wisely, learn some more, gain more experience, then learn some more, finish puberty, and then maybe in the next 6-8 years try again.

And those friends in the U.S.A. and Malesi that made this naive boy believe he was the "Chosen One" or "The Shit" .. shame on you all!

You used this kid and provided fatal advise that perhaps ruined any chance of him winning a political office in the future.

Everyone has their time, and this was NOT his. Psychologically, this is potentially damning to Antoni, he may never fully recover from this ass-whipping. He may not be able to contain his emotions and I would not be surprised if he becomes suicidal.

What a tragedy

MZ News Wire said...

Djukanovic's coalition collapsing in most cities (Vijesti):

Preliminary results indicate that the municipalities where significant shifts occurred are in Rozaje as DPS for the first time no longer dominated in that municipality. The Bosniak party there has won as many as 1,000 votes over Djukanovic's coalition - 6976. DPS coalition is 5965, SNP 230, 104 Positive CG, and DF 45th At the last parliamentary election DPS-SDP-BS had a total of 9126 votes.

DPS continues to fall in Tivat

In Tivat, Djukanovic's alliance yesterday had 3127 votes, which is 300 fewer than in 2009. when the DPS, SDP, HGI and BS performed together.

The opposition broke the power in Kolasin

Preliminary results of the parliamentary elections in Niksic show that DPS coalition circled 20,570 people, which is 314 fewer than in 2009.

Draw the Bar

DPS coalition in Budva, in relation to the parliamentary elections in 2009, has lost the confidence of almost 1.5 thousand citizens, because the time had 6784 votes.

Anonymous said...

I agree with title, Albanians are the real losers here...

And I am talking about the Albanians in Detroit and NY as well!

So much politic'ing has been done behind the scenes in Detroit by just a handful of people that led to ill-advised deceisions, such as supporting Anton Lulgjuraj for Deputy. As stupid as it sounds, it is the Detroit Albanians that supported him, and FAILED to see that Malesia was supporting FORCE United instead.

When one sees it this way, you can't help but ask .... why do Albanians in the Diaspora support a candidate that is NOT popular by any means in Malesia?

THe only conclusion most can come up with: The want to divide Albanians and hurt them at the same time.