Monday, January 30, 2012

Albania and Montenegro Sign Transport Agreement

After the meeting with Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisa, Igor Luksic told the press that Albania and Montenegro would enhance their cooperation in several sectors, including the economy sector. Luksic and Berisa agreed that relations between Albania and Montenegro went beyond the economic realm.

Montenegro and Albania concluded an agreement on a motorway that connects Plav and Podgorica and goes through Albania.

According to Prime Minister Luksic, this project shows good cooperation between his country and Albania, but further cooperation should be broadened through projects related to the use of resources from Bojana River and Lake Skadar, both located on the border.

Sali Berisa said that both countries had great potential for tourism development and he also emphasized that Prokletije Mountains would be very important for tourism, as they are located on the border between Albania and Montenegro.

Source:  DNM


Anonymous said...

That S.O.B. Berisha snuffed Albanians in Mont and didn't even express their concerns!

Anonymous said...

Berisha is in the pocket of Monti government and possibly made money for himself with this deal.

Anonymous said...

We need Kreshnik Spahiu & Aleance Kuq e Zi!

Anonymous said...

Malesore deserve everything they get! Keep sitting on your asses w/your mouths shut and everything will fall on your laps.