Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fran Lulgjuraj named new Mayor of TUZ

Tuz, Malësia - 10 February - Fran Lulgjuraj from the ranks of the Democratic Party of Socialists (Milo Djukanovic) today was elected mayor of the municipality of Tuzi Urban.
The new mayor was voted in by 12 members of the Council, while 7 were against and one ballot was invalid.

Fran Lulgjuraj replaces his party colleague, Nikola Gegaj who after his resignation was elected MP in the Montenegrin Parliament.

Lulgjuraj told the Pobjeda newspaper that he would work to take care to preserve and improve the level of cooperation with all of Podgorica and Montenegrin municipalities.
He asserted that, "The cooperation is indispensable to the Capital City and all other state institutions of Montenegro. Good things will happen for the region of Podgorica and vice versa," said Lulgjuraj. He also said he would work towards establishing a municipality for Tuzi.
Previously, Lulgjuraj was Titogradska-Tribina journalist, he also taught as a professor at the Gymnasium (High School) of Tuzi. His career included a position as consul general of the Union of Serbia - Montenegro in New York, as well as Deputy President of Podgorica.
His last post was the first secretary of the Embassy of Montenegro in Macedonia. During the past year, Lulgjuraj served no political function be this appointment in Tuzi.
The coalition partners of PSD (DPS), Democratic Union of Albanians and Bosnian Party who lead urban municipality of Tuzi, had warned that it will accept any candidate who would propose PSD.



Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure who's worse for Malesia, Gegaj or Lulgjuraj - both pawns of Milo Djukanovic and the destructive policies of Podgorica!

Anonymous said...

It is a sad day for Malesia!

Gegaj and Lulgjuraj are brainwashed from Podgorica and completely in alignment with an unproductive mentality brewed by the DPS. As far as Malesia is concerned, they are brain-dead.

Both have been installed in politics not to help Malesia, but to assist Podgorica to maintain their statuesque and eventually assimilate Malesia. That is their vision for Malesia!

Alban said...

I disagree, somewhat, with the last blogger.

The "brainwashed" are the Albanians of Malesia!

They sit idly by as one DPS puppet after another takes hold of their territories and legislates laws aimed at destroying Albanian national identity, one parcel and person at a time.

The only way, in my opinion, that this disastrous course can be reversed is by revolution, that's it!

And given that Albanians in Montenegro are passive and reluctant to challenge the status quo, well their fate is a forgone conclusion.

Simon said...


Your disagreement is noted, however do you not think that the sociopolitical status of Albanians in Malesia is what drives them to be brainwashed.

Look at what their alternatives are: Corrupted Albanian deputies like Sinishtaj, Nikolle Camaj, Dinosha, Bardhi etc that have done nothing for them.

So they rather accept a more solid coalition with the DPS, all while blindly accepting theie desruptive policies as you say.

Podgorica has designed the system to brainwash Albanians, not the oter way around.

Anonymous said...

what revolution are you talking about, to wipe out minority albanians that vote albanian and would love to join albania.Majority voted these bastards in power, so there for, most of Malesia is pro-montenegro and do not give a rats ass about "Shqiptarizmi".
It is wery sad. We have our dayes numbered

Anonymous said...

Anymore postings? I haven't read anything new in a while.

Did the webmaster get deported???