Thursday, January 12, 2012

VETËVENDOSJE!: Montenegro's Albanians suppressed, Enver Hoxhaj comforts Montenegrins in Kosova

At a time when Montenegro's parliament passes a decision that will adversely affect the rights Albanian national identity, where 1000 euros is the price that every Albanian in Montenegro will be fined if they publicly display the Albanian national flag, Kosova Minister Enver Hoxhaj remains ignorant to the situation, even going as far as stating that Montenegro and Kosova have excellent relations.

Enver Hoxhaj met with Milan Rocen, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro in Podgorica on Wednesday, and said that, “relations between Montenegro and Kosova are excellent.” The two officials discussed the adjustment of the status of Montenegrins living in Kosova as a pre-condition that must be met in order for Podgorica to exchange ambassadors with Kosova.

VETËVENDOSJE! maintains that, while the Albanian population living in Montenegro is denied basic human and national rights, the Kosova government has neither the national nor the moral right to come up with statements referring to “excellent relationships” with promises that will accommodate the Montenegrin community in Kosova.

Kosova’s government should not accept such conditions of "diplomatic relations" when the same terms and conditions do not apply to our brethren in Montenegro. Now is the time when the Government of Kosova should not seek to appease equality while Albanian rights in Montenegro are violated.


Anonymous said...

Albanians in Montenegro need to have an organization/movement like VETËVENDOSJE, if they want to protect their national rights.

Anonymous said...

We need to start something.

Anonymous said...

Klikoni ne webfaqe te re:
Shpresa e Malesise.

Anonymous said...

Montenegro made a huge mistake with their latest bash on Albanians rights and the banning of the Albanian flag.

Do they not realize that the red and black has been defending these territories longer than their Russian-like flag?

Albanians saved Montenegro from Turkish occupation on several accounts, and this is how we are rewarded? We are denied rights to display our national symbols?!!?

You Albanians in montenegro better get started on something or else you are literally history.

Anonymous said...

We need people that beileve on the mission of VENDOSJA. Malesor that are te Vendosun, just like the folloewrs of VENDOSJA!

Anonymous said...

you are so stupid