Saturday, April 25, 2009

Montenegro Blocks Kosova Exports

24 April 2009 Montenegro has been blocking the entrance of Kosova exports into the country, because of their customs stamps which read the 'Republic of Kosovo'.
Even though Montenegro has recognized Kosova’s independence, Customs officials at the border have been turning away exports, confirmed the head of Kosova’s Economic Chamber, Besim Beqaj, to the daily Koha Ditore.

"A few days ago, Kosova products were blocked at the entrance of Montenegro because of the non-recognition of our customs stamps", said Beqaj.

Beqaj announced that Kosova authorities have contacted authorities in Podgorica to report the case. However, they have yet to receive a reply.

Kosova’s Minister of Trade and Industry, Lutfi Zharku, announced that Pristina is "expecting to solve this issue in the next two or three days".

Montenegro now joins the ranks of Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, who have decided to reject Kosovo imports or apply full tariff duties because of the Republic of Kosovo customs stamp.

All three states, including Kosova, are part of the Central European Free Trade Agreement, CEFTA, despite the fact that Kosovo products have not been given free movement in this economic area.

Kosova has announced that a retaliated blockade will not occur toward the three countries involved, but that the matter will instead be resolved in a politically diplomatic manner.

(Reporting by Shega A’Mula)


Anonymous said...

their actions are quite easily understood -- Montenegrin minorities in Kosova are not recognized with a special status. They are clumped with Serbs and do not have a separate distinction.

Mont regrets recognizing Kosova, but they cannot revoke their recognition. Additionally, Mont's ambassador is being called back to Belgrade ... this is all coming full circle.

Kafir Harby said...

Well done Montenegro. KosovA is pure fiction. KosovO is part of Serbia, in the past, today en forever.

Anonymous said...

The only thing fiction about that is your name, who the hell names you that?