Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Corruption in Education: A Vigorous Debate in Montenegro

06 April 2009

A vigorous debate took place on the issue of corruption in education at the conference ‘What are You Going to do When You Start to Work?’, organized by the NGOs Centre for Monitoring (CEMI) and Centre for Civic Education (CGO) with the support of the German Embassy in Montenegro.

The conference was organized under the aegis of the project ‘Corruption in Education’. The project of CEMI and CGO lasted for 11 months, and included 7 components: 1) survey; 2) capacity-building in student organizations; 3) education of high school students and teachers; 4) analysis of the legal framework; 5) national media campaign; 6) conference; 7) publication with recommendations on how to fight corruption in education.

CGO and CEMI presented the recommendations that followed the realization of the project at the conference. The recommendations were forwarded to the Ministry of Education, Universities, media, and student organizations, resulting in several additional measures proposed to the National Commission for the fight against corruption and organized crime.

The recommendations sparked quite a debate among presenters of the report and representatives of the University, which claimed that that corruption was far less present at University than it has been presented in CEMI and CGO’s study.

Project “Fight against corruption in education” continued its realization with a seminar for high school proffesors in PR center in Podgorica, February 27-28, 2009.

On a two day seminar participants had the opportunity to get information on project idea and goals, results of qualitative and quantitative research that we realized within the previous project phase, Action plan on fight against corruption and organized criminal, legal framework analysis and existing documents and recommendations for their improvement.

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