Monday, April 13, 2009

Albanian for deputy PM in Montenegro?

FOCUS News Agency

PODGORICA, MONTENEGRO, Monday April 13, 2009 -- “Montenegro’s government has to consider whether Albanians should get a deputy Prime Minister’s term of office, which would ultimately be responsible for minorities’ issues and co-operation with its neighbors.” This is what chairman of the Albanian Democratic Union for Integration, Ferhat Dinosa told Radio-television Montenegro.

He pointed to a proposal that Albanians need to have their own deputy chairman in Parliament, which would be good for all concerned. He added that Albanian representation of Montenegro must be present in all spheres of power.


Anonymous said...

ferhat dinosha's a bitch

Anonymous said...

His proposal is not a bad suggestion-Albanians to have representations in all spheres of the Montenegrin political spheres, not bad idea! But, Mr Dinosha has waited too long to pressure and/or demand from Gjukanovic’s clique more right regarding Albanians political rights. Mr. Djukanovic does not need any more Albanians; he is done with his agenda!

Anonymous said...

This is just an attempt for Dinosha to be THAT REPRESENTATIVE he proposes here.

He wants that post, and he might get it to further his political goals. The other 3 Albanian deputies should be careful and watch him closely, his motives are always suspect!

Anonymous said...

In the yeyes of many Albanians, Dinosha lost faith among us when he sided with the DPS and engaged in Slavic politicizing to thwart Albanian nationalism that was on the rise in 2006.

Now he wants to propose Albanain initiatives that will only catapult him to the top. Please.

Those newly elected MPs better do something or their asses will be toast!


Anonymous said...

Pak vone per Dinoshen!

Anonymous said...

Dinosha është humbëse. Ardhmen e tij ka qenë i dëmtuar përgjithmonë nga e kaluara e tij.

nga Ulqini