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PRISHTINA, Kosova -- A decade after Serbia crushed a rebellion, Kosova's ethnic Albanian leadership convened a special session of parliament Sunday to declare independence _ a historic bid for statehood in defiance of the Serbian government and Russia.

Prime Minister Hashim Thaci began reading the declaration proclaiming the Republic of Kosova as "an independent, sovereign and democratic state." Parliament will then vote on the declaration. The move was carefully orchestrated with the backing of U.S. and key European powers, and Kosova was counting on swift international recognition as the world's newest nation.

"From today onwards, Kosova is proud, independent and free," Thaci said. "We never lost faith in the dream that one day we would stand among the free nations of the world, and today we do."


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UNITED NATIONS (Thomson Financial) - The UN Security Council will hold an
emergency meeting at 1800 GMT on Kosovo's declaration of independence from
Serbia, following a request from Russia, a diplomat said.
The meeting comes after Kosovo's parliament declared the province's
independence from Serbia, against Serbia's and Moscow's steadfast refusals to
agree to the break.
In a statement Sunday Russia's foreign affairs ministry has asked the UN
mission and NATO administration in Kosovo to annul the proclamation of

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Vienna - Thousands of Albanians celebrated the independence of Kosovo in a central Vienna square on Sunday. Large crowds gathered in the capital's Heldenplatz where the independence ceremony was broadcast live from the parliament Pristina, capital of the breakaway Serb province.

Organizers of rally draped huge banners across the square, thanking the European Union, NATO and Austria for their contribution to the UN-administered territory's independence.

Dozens of young Albanians sang folk songs on the streets and convoys of cars trailing red Albanian flags drove along Vienna's ring road with their horns blaring.

Thousand of Kosovo Albanians live in Austria. Asylum seekers and migrants from the former Yugoslavia make up the biggest ethnic minority group in Austria.

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TUZ dissapoints and has NO celebrations! What a SHAME!!!

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18 February 2008 Pristina _ U.S. President George Bush has acknowledged Kosovo's independence, according to NBC television.

Speaking during a tour of Africa, Bush noted that “Kosovars are now independent,” and added that this "is something I have advocated along with my government.” He concluded by saying that "we'll watch to see how the events unfold today."

"Afghanistan recognises the independence of Kosovo", Sultan Ahmand Bahin, spokesperson of Afghan Foreign Ministry told Radio Free Europe.

"Our decision is based on the right for self-determination and we wish the Kosovars good luck with their new state" he said

Earlier on Monday, Kosovo leaders sent letters to the authorities in 192 countries requesting formal recognition of Kosovo's independence.

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Western Macedonia is next!!!!