Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Countdown to INDEPENDENCE!

The countdown to Kosova's long awaited sovereignty has begun, especially now that Serbia's president has been determined.

With most EU nations positioned to support her independence, members of parliament, including PM Hashim Thaci are making final prepatations for a declaration that is expected before 17 February.

Recently from Athens: Greece is ready to recognize the independence of Kosova, the Greek daily "Ta Nea" announced. Greece is steadily walking towards recognizing the independence of the region, since it is expected that the EU-member states will take this step.

In today's International Herald Tribune, Thaci reiterated his plans for the new state: http://www.iht.com/articles/2008/02/05/opinion/edthachi.php

The countdown has begun ... WHERE WILL YOU BE?


Anonymous said...

Please list the parties in the NY area that will usher in independence!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

NEW YORK, United States -- French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner urged the EU to adopt a unified stance if it is going to recognise Kosovo's independence. "It is time for the EU to take a decision," Kouchner said in New York on Tuesday (February 12th). He suggested this could happen on February 18th when the EU foreign ministers meet to discuss the province's status.

The same day, European Affairs Secretary Jean-Pierre Jouyet said the EU should give Serbia very clear accession prospects to alleviate tension regarding Kosovo. Serbia's EU integration is the only way to guarantee regional stability, he said. (Politika, Danas, Vecernji Novosti - 13/02/08; RTS, Beta, B92, AP, BBC, AFP, Telegrafi, RFE, RTK, Balkanweb, Monsters and Critics - 12/02/08)

Anonymous said...

BELGRADE, Serbia -- President Boris Tadic issued a statement Tuesday (February 12th) appealing for restraint if Kosovo declares independence. Tadic once again pledged that he "will not abandon the fight for the interests of citizens and the struggle to preserve Kosovo", and repeated that "only in the EU can Serbia defend its Kosovo". He insisted that politicians avoid creating a situation that would jeopardise the safety of Kosovo Serbs.

Separately, Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica reiterated that the main goal of all state institutions is to show national unity in defending Kosovo.

Also Tuesday, with Russia's backing, Serbian Ambassador to the UN Pavle Jevremovic demanded an urgent UN Security Council session to discuss the Kosovo situation. The Security Council is expected to decide on the request on Wednesday. (Politika, Danas, Vecernji Novosti - 13/02/08; RTS, Beta, B92, Tanjug - 12/02/08)

Anonymous said...

14 February 2008 Pristina _ Police anti-riot units in Kosovo have demonstrated their readiness to deal with civil unrest ahead of independence at a display put on for UN and NATO chiefs based in the UN-administered territory.

Members of the Kosovo Police Service, KPS, special intervention unit demonstrated their professional skills in a number of case scenarios at a training centre in Lebane, a few kilometres north of Pristina on Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

13 February 2008 Skopje _ With Kosovo set to declare independence, ethnic Albanians in neighbouring Macedonia are organising a huge celebration to mark the occasion.

“It will most probably be held on February 17, when Kosovo’s independence is expected to be declared”, one of the organizers, Artan Grubi, President of a non-governmental organisation, “Wake Up”, told Balkan Insight Wednesday.

“We plan to start with children’s music, then we will shift to folk songs and at the end we plan some pop artists,” Grubi says.

Skopje's municipality of Cair, a district with a large ethnic Albanian population, is backing the event.

The organisers hope to gather huge crowds in Skopje’s old bazaar, where the event will be held in front of a monument dedicated to the Albanian historical hero, Skenderbeg.

It's not clear whether members from both of Macedonia's main ethnic Albanian parties will attend.

Rivalries between the two are tense, with the Democratic Party of Albanians currently part of the ruling coalition, and the Democratic Union for Integration in opposition.

Cair's Mayor, Izet Mexhiti, hails from the opposition ranks.

Anonymous said...

13 February 2008 Pristina _ There are no more hurdles to Kosovo's independence, a meeting of UN, NATO officials and local politicians concluded Wednesday.

The Chief of the United Nations Mission in Kosovo, UNMIK, Joachim Ruecker, the Commander of NATO-led forces, KFOR, Xavier Bout de Marnhac and Kosovo's Prime Minister, Hashim Thaci, held a meeting to discuss latest developments.

Anonymous said...

Turkey to recognize independent Kosovo in 48 hours

Turkey will probably not be the first country to recognize an independent Kosovo but it will definitely be among a group of countries extending speedy recognition to the new state, Turkish government sources have said.

Anonymous said...

Just days before declaring Kosovo's independence, Prime Minister Hashim Thaci, the "Ben Gurion of Kosovo," called on Israel to recognize his nation's independence. "We would like and we expect Israel to be on board with all those democratic countries of the world which will immediately recognize Kosovo's independence," says Thaci in an interview with Haaretz. And he also wants to reassure us: Under no circumstances will independent Kosovo be an Islamic nation

Anonymous said...

The Polish foreign ministry has not confirmed rumors that Poland plans to be among the first countries to recognize Kosovo's independence.

According to unofficial sources Warsaw wants to recognize Kosovo as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

PRISTINA, Serbia: Ethnic Albanians in Kosovo took to streets to celebrate the declaration of independence from Serbia expected to come this weekend.

People gathered in groups in the outskirts of the province's capital, Pristina, late Friday, dancing in circles to the rhythm of drums and other traditional instruments.

"We are very, very happy, this is really happening," said Ahmet Jashari, an ethnic Albanian in the town of Lipljane who was draped in an American flag. "We have been waiting for this for a long time, for a century."

The jubilant crowds honked car horns and waved flags as they drove by NATO peacekeepers in charge of security. On Friday, the NATO force, known as KFOR, increased its visibility in an effort to prevent any violence.

Anonymous said...

The European Union (EU) on Saturday appointed Dutchman Pieter Feith as its special representative to Kosovo, which is to unilaterally declare independence from Serbia on Sunday.

Feith, 63, former leader of EU crisis missions, is to be responsible for political issues and chief coordinator of the EU in Kosovo, according to a news release from the EU Council.

Former French General Yves de Kermabon, 59, was named head of the EU civilian mission, EULUX, which will begin deployment in Kosovo next week.

The EU mission, which was finally approved through a "silent procedure" at midnight on Friday, will be composed of more than 1,800 police officers, judges and prosecutors.

The costs of the mission are estimated at 205 million euros (301 million U.S. dollars) for a period of 16 months, the release said.