Saturday, February 23, 2008

Another New State, Same Old Ghosts


Anonymous said...

Serbs all over the globe share Slobo's ideology -- they want all Albanians massacred. Just read the pro-Serbian blogs all over the net and read their newspapers. Better yet, read their pickets and posters at rally's; THESE ARE SICK PEOPLE!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey yo.I got to tell some to all Serbs. dont forget before 1200 years when some barbarian from Siberian forest came to Ballkan ocupate again and again territories and they called themselves serbs. Today they are speaking about Kosovo "The heart of Serbia"because of they monastires and whatewer. dont forget yo suckers that those monastires which today clamed to be serbian monastires centuries ago were ALBANIAN CHURCHES.If you see on the walls the pictures are with peoples with WHITE PLIS on their heads which mean that this church has been ALBANIAN before. Many historians believe that father of John the Baptist was Albanian,so we (Albanians)were there before Serbs came to Ballkan.I got to admitt that the BIGGEST MISTAKE of my people is changing Religion, from Catholics to muslim.My name is Altin and I am from muslim backround but not me.