Friday, October 14, 2011

Congressman Engels to Visit Albanians in Detroit and support initiative for Malesia Municipality

Representative Eliot L. Engel (D-NY), Co-Chairman, Congressional Albanian Issues Caucus will be visiting the Albanian-American Community at Saint Paul's Albanian Community Center on Tuesday, October 18, 2011, at 7:00 p.m.

This event will invite supporters to engage in dialogue related to varuous issues affecting Albanian-Americans at home and abroad, most notably the absence of a Commune in the Albanian region in Malesia.

As Chairman of the Albanian Issues Caucus, Engel strives to champion several causes that are very important to both him and the rich Albanian communities of New York and Detroit. The caucus works to promote the welfare and progress in Albanian regions of the Balkans and US-Albanian relations in many profound ways.

Firstly, the Caucus promotes the bolstering of democratic institutions in Albania, Kosova, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro and other Albanian populated Balkans territories because a free and stable Balkans benefits everyone. Engel also strives to prevent human suffering of refugees and other troubled peoples in the aforementioned areas through the resurrection of human rights protections.

As chairman, Engel is also overjoyed to be part of the effort to advance the cultural evolution and social development in those territories. So, too, does the Caucus support the establishment of free-market economies and the preservation of good relations between Albanian Americans and their ancestral homeland. The Caucus works diligently to ensure that the Balkan regions with ethnic Albanian populations progress swiftly into the future with a strong partnership with the United States.


Anonymous said...

We need o show up in support of Congressman Engel. He has been a true voice in Washington DC for our cause.

Antoni said...

Will he actually listen or just collect and leave?

EE knows very well that Malesor help him every year get re-elected. He owes us his support and congressional action on this matter.

Anonymous said...

Engels priority is now Albanians in MZ. Especially Malesia.

It is time again to organize and execute for greater rights in Malesia. Alb intellectuals in Detroit and NY must rise to the occasion.

Anonymous said...

I'm there. Please, please, please keep the speeches to a minimum!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately these kids do not have leaders to move them forward and improve their basic civic living conditions. Unless they get some competent political leaders with vision and courage to petition for their natural rights, their future is doomed for failure.

Anonymous said...

Nice showing last night. Great presentations. Engel promised to support and push for Malesia Municipality!

Anonymous said...

YOu guys would have had more support if not for some in attendance:

I heard that the Slavic-Albanian LUVIG GJOKOVIC was in attendance last night.

I cannot believe that the Albanian community would allow that bastard to show his face in the church after what he tried to do.

I'm glad I wasn't there last night.

Same old crap with you guys, same old players. When will you learn your lesson!!

Pjeter said...

Luvig Gjokovic is a washup-up, two-faced, Slavic collaborator who works for UDBA since the early 1980s.

He has deliberately infected the Albanian community for the past 25 years.

He was kicked out of every Albanian organization that he joined. Shoqata "Malesia e Madhe" unanimously voted him off three years ago, Levizja "Atdheu Na Bashkon" kicked him out on the street after he tried to rat on the members to Montenegrin authorities, and others followed suit.

Now he poisons the community by airing his hallow bull-shit on that trivial TV channel that is more like the cartoon network.

I am surprised someone hasn't put a bullet through his empty scull!

Anonymous said...

I just watched it on Albanian TV.

Cool presentations. Engel said some very nice things about Albanians.

One thing I cannot comprehend - what's with teh entourage walking in with Engel. I mean come on people, Pal Shkreli and Luigj Gjokaj????


Who the F&#%$ are those two?

What a turn-off when i saw them.