Monday, June 08, 2009

Homeland Unites Us, Inc. elects new officers

8 JUNE 2009, NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT -- The bloggers of freemalesia would like to congratulate the newly elected officers of Homeland Unites Us, Inc. (a.k.a. “Levizja Atdheu na Bashkon”), and wish them luck in all their endeavors to seek justice and equal rights in the Albanian-dominated regions of Montenegro.

We seek a new page in our continued struggle for freedom, liberty, self-determination, and free will as we tirelessly work to prevent Montenegrin institutions from terrifying and enslaving Albanians, while at the same time monopolizing their power and profit.

Our message is clear: Albanians with principles can penetrate where Montenegrin despots cannot. As such, Montenegro’s democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where the majority of the Slavic people take away the rights of the minority Albanian inhabitants. For these reasons we seek truth, justice, and compensation in the form of elevated human rights, afforded to us at birth, where no government gives or takes away, but instead PROTECTS what is inherently ours!

HUU has been the most progressive Albanian NGO in the Diaspora dealing with anti-Albanian policies in Montenegro. A small sample of their success is complimented by (1) staffing an office for human rights and minority protection in Tuz, Malesia e Madhe, (2) successfully promoting and expanding Albanian seats in Podgorica’s Parliament by consulting Albanian political parties, Forca e Re and Perspektiva en route to their victories, (3) consulting, researching, writing, and reporting on the unrestrained abuses perpetrated against the Albanian minorities in Montenegro and publishing for the first time in history a comprehensive account of factual and supporting data detailing a breach in human rights (forthcoming), (4) strengthening the ties with the several Albanian-American organizations throughout the United States in efforts to confront the Montenegrin assault campaign HEAD-On in a united and undeterred front.

The road is long, but the commitment is strong. Congratulations HUU:

President: Dr. Paloka Camaj
V. President: Sabri Gjoni
Treasurer: Gjon Dedvukaj
Secretary: Kol Gjelaj


Anonymous said...

Urime për të gjithë!!!!

Anonymous said...

It begins now!

Anonymous said...

The Albanians of Montenegro are a nation in exhile living in the United states.

It will be "this" nation that makes a difference in Montenegro.

Good luck to HUU and Shoqata Malesia e Madhe, they remain the true hope for a nation in crisis.

Anonymous said...

I agree that those political pundits in MZ are in no position to make any shifts in policy to increase the rights of Albanians at all.

Let the Diaspora handle this, it was a similar course the Kosovares undertook as well; without a strong Diaspoora they were in no position to achieve their lofty goals.

Do we not learn anything from the Jewish lobby in Washington?

Anonymous said...

The Albanian nation in exile worke most effectively from outside the nation, as Albanians from Montenegro have in Detroit and NY.

There are no obstacles to their campaign, they convene, communicate, delegate, and enforce action items without Slavic nuances.

Once the wheels start turning, the momentum will hurdle over any obstacle.

Anonymous said...

Come on, what difference will there be? No one could alter the decision of teh Court in sentencing the Albanians to prison terms for acts of terror!

That's how we lose, we yell and scream and then they forever go down in the record books as terrorists!

If that cold have bene prevented ALONE, then this and other organizations in the Diaspora can say they did something constructive.

- Mark

Anonymous said...

As long as there is a cause to fight for, there will always be new ideas if previous ones failed. Thus any new leadership, regardless of who is in power brings something new to the table.

We have sufferred long enough with teh incompetencies of Ferhati, Bardhi, N. Camaj, Cunmulaj, Gegaj, and their like to give up hope. In reality, they are our catalyst to move on and create something better for the next generation of Albanians seeking prosperity and longevity in a FREE MALESIA!

Anonymous said...

Don't fret my frend -- the CAmaj and Cunmulay you are referring to here will have their day.

Nikolle Camaj is nothing more than a pawn for Podgorica's campaign to shut Albanians out of the political mainstream. He receives a healthy compensation that controls his every move. On the outside he seems sympathetic to ALbanians (evidenced through his comments on websites and meaningless speeches in and around Tuz), but don't be fooled, these are tactics that he uses to show he cares, when in fact such comments are so hallow that nothing comes out of them. Camaj has an agreement with Podgorica and it goes something like this:

Monitor the activities in and around Tuz, report any disturbances to Podgorica, don't assert any aggressive rhetoric confusing Albanians into thinking they should assemble in any way, Keep the intellectuals at bay by convincing them you have the Diasporas support and you have the inside track in Podgorca, ... lie, steal, cheat, and do whatever possible to maintain teh status quo!

So far he has succeeded, but don't think that we in the Diapora are unaware of this. We are keeping a sharp eye on thsi individual, and his day will come.

As for the others, they should be worried as well.

Anonymous said...

Ah, don't worry about those wanna-be's, he is no concern here. He is a small fish. There are bigger ones to fry.