Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Parties have begun

TUZ, MALESIA e MADHE, March 4, 2009 -- The Albanians of Montenegro will pin their hopes on three political parties, including one coalition for the coming March 29th elections.

The Democratic Union of Albanians, Forca, the Party for Democratic Prosperity and the coalition between the Democratic League—Albanian Alternative—Citizens Group List for Tuz (Lista per Tuzin).

As in all other previous elections, a considerable portion of Albanian votes will be reserved for the ruling party – DPS and its head, PM Milo Dukanovic.

The citizens group formed to list Tuzi

Just two days ago, and surrounded by controversy, the city group formed “Lista per Tuzin” with its head, Muhammed Gjokaj.

Gjokaj is known as an activist for the municipality of Tuz, and was one of the founders of the Civic Initiative, of which later emerged as the Alternative Albanian Party.

Gjokaj is also a representative of the movement "Homeland Unites Us," with headquarters in New York and offices in Tuz. He was also a potential candidate for chairman of the Task Force for Malesia’s branch.


Anonymous said...

Gjokaj je izdajnik kao Gjeloshaj. Zašto ne Albanaca uče svoj sati?

Anonymous said...

What the hell is up with all this Serbian shit?!?

Speak English/Albanian, thsi is not Niksiq

Anonymous said...

Yes, if you are Albanian, write Albanian or English; otherwise, you are sending your comments to a wrong website! We do not understand your language! Please send your comments to

Anonymous said...

What's worse:

1) Being Albanian and speaking Serbian when you have your own language?

2) Being Albanian and voting for a Slavic party when you have your own?

ANSWER: Neither are bad because in the Albanian's subconsciousness, s/he thinks it is perfectly normal to act this way.

CONCLUSION: Albanians in Mongtenegro are going to become extinct.

Anonymous said...

Then why not post all comments in Albanian? If we post in English then why not in other tongues, ie Serbo-Croatian?

Anonymous said...

because the albanian language has been corrupted by hoxhas albanian n kosovar communists anyway translate in english palease

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Vaš materinji jezik je crnogorski


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Kad ćemo asimilirati Malesia, Shkodra je sljedeći

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picku mater sllav cigan!!! dhe ja qifsha nanen aj shqiptari qe flet shkijenisht..mbarre kjofte!..pisat

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