Friday, March 06, 2009

More candidates than voters ...

TUZ, MALESIA e MADHE -- And just when you thought politics in Montenegro could not stoop lower than the DPS and SNP, just drive 15 minutes south of Podgorica to TUZ and witness the greatest (circus) show in the Balkans, where five (Yes! 5) Albanian political parties have formed with on, and only one, intention in mind: SPLIT THE ALBANIAN VOTES to a degree that only the few cronies that plagued Malesia/Ulqini/Ana e Malit in the past will continue to do so again.

Congratulations Podgorica! You managed to turn us against each other again!

And the circus list goes a little like this:

The Albanian Coalition – "Perspective"

1. Amir Hollaj
2. Vasel Sinishtaj
3. Smail Maliq Çunmulaj
4. Fehim Avdiu
5. Lindon Gjelaj

The "Albanian List" – Democratic League in Montenegro & the Albanian Alternative

1. Mehmet Bardhi
2. Nik Gjeloshaj
3. Saubih Mehmeti
4. Luigj Junçaj
5. Nikollë Camaj

Democratic Union of Albanians

1. Ferhat Dinosha
2. Mehmed Zenka
3. Fatmir Gjeka
4. Fuad Nimani
5. Musa Goçaj

Force - Cungu Nazif

1. Genci Nimanbegu
2. Nazif Cungu
3. Xhaudet Cakuli
4. dr. Nail Draga
5. Mentor Lunji

The Party for Democratic Prosperity


Anonymous said...

I would rather vote for John McCain! And I am a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Çfarë mund të bëjë Diaspora nga Shtetet e Bashkuara?

A e shihni ju se ne jemi në kaos?

Këto zgjedhje mund të demtoj gjithë ne

- Simoni

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i have an idea... why not organize a wrestling match between the partys it can be a 5 on 5 tag team battle royal you can hold it on the beach near ulqin or something! 20euros a ticket and maybe have a few singers drinks would be kool