Friday, October 31, 2008

Police Officers accused of torture only get 3 months behind bars

Podgorica, Montenegro - Five members of the special anti-terrorist police (SAJ) will be spending only three months in prison for their excessive abuse and torture of 19 Albanians arrested in September 2006 in the case depicted "Eagle’s Flight.”

SAJ commander Marko Kalezić, Darko Šekularac, Nenad Šćekić, Milorad Mitrovic and Branko Radičković were found guilty for using excessive force on detainees held during trial proceedings for illicit charges of “terrorism.”

The abuses also led to the death of Pjeter Sinishtaj who later died from internal injuries suffered by blows to the head and organs, which consequently led to a fatal stroke.

According to reports, Sinishtaj was asleep beside his two grandchildren when the SAJ stormed into his house without warning and started kicking Sinishtaj on the head and body.

Sinishtaj’s daughter, Paulina Nikpreljaj, was outraged at the sentencing claiming that the SAJ purposely "killed her father." Nikprelaj stated that she witnessed first hand what passed through her father during his battle with life for 13 months. His pain and suffering ultimately led to a stroke which took his life, his honor, and left him humiliated in the hands of reckless and uncontrolled police.

An appeal is pending

Source: Vijesti

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Anonymous said...

It is corruption at it's finest moment!

Their arrests, trial, and sentencing were all made-up to appease the pressure mounting on the DPS during the real trial -- "Eagle's Flight"

On the surface, Montenegro did the right thing: arrest those police officers that beat, tortured, sexually abused, and mentally tormented 19 Albanians since 2006.

But when you scratch that surface, you get dirty politics plagued with corrupt cronies from Dukanovic's party elite that will not hesitate to carry out the same illicit tactics they used before.

The DPS and other authorities (including judges) involved in this mockery of a political system are sitting in their villas laughing until blue in the face on how they managed to FUCK the Albanians over again! And this time without any real consequences.