Saturday, October 04, 2008

Montenegro: One of the most CORRUPT countries in the World

Montenegrin ministers suspected of corruption


PODGORICA, Montenegro -- A total of 77 criminal cases involving corruption, including those against two ministers, one ambassador and a significant number of corporate directors, have been initiated in Montenegro over the past eight months, police spokeswoman Tamara Popovic told the Dan newspaper on Sunday (September 28th). She refused to give names but said 55% of the cases involve abuse of office. The rest involve bribery, embezzlement and similar violations.

Commenting on a recent report by Transparency International, which described Montenegro as one of the most corrupt countries in the world, Popovic said the organisation has also noted efforts by the Montenegrin government to fight corruption.

(RTS, Dan - 28/09/08)

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Anonymous said...

Most corrupt... after Kosovo and Albania, yes that's true.

Anonymous said...

A corrupt Eastern European country? No!

Anonymous said...

Corrupt and authoritarian with policies to not only suppress its minorities but drive them out by deminishing their sociopolitical and economic status in society

Quiet Ethnic Cleansing ...