Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Concert in TUZ Disrupted by Police Raid

24 August 2008, TUZ, MALESIA E MADHE -- As the summer season winds down in Malesia, so does the tourism, and as many "Albanian-Americans" prepare to come back to reality and return to their jobs, families, and normal ways of life, they will take every opportunity to enjoy their last few days and hours in the land they consider theirs' -- MALESIA.

One of the last summer concerts in Malesia brought Kosova's sensation Shkurte Feza to Cavalieri to perform in front of a sold-out concert, where her lyrics have drawn thousands throughout the Balkans, and have especially drawn the admiration of youth and artists in what is called, "the sound of beauty and national pride."

But on this particular night, the "concert-of-all-concerts" was disrupted when, without warning, three unmarked jeeps pulled up at the Cavalieri concert venue loaded with special police units representing Montenegro's anti-terrorist division.

As they marched in, one policeman walked on stage and abruptly grabbed the microphone from Feza while she sang in stride. The rest of the troopers guarded the exits and positioned themselves for what would come next.

An announcement was made that everyone return to their seats and remain there and to not speak a word. There was no explanation as to what was happening, and the ensuing instructions commanded that all concert-goers were to be searched on their way out of the venue.

As everyone filed out the exists, troopers searched under chairs and tables looking for what, no one knew. Every male was padded down and searched for what seemed to be possession of weapons. Women were not touched.

The incident did not go without harassment, as many concert-goers reported intimidation and sneers by the troopers. Some were asked to go directly home because they seemed to be "drunk." Others were jostled and pushed as if they were the ones at fault for crimes unknown and reasons unsubstantiated.

After everyone was searched, there were no weapons found, no bombs disclosed, and no terrorist plans unfolded. With that, everyone was told they could return to the venue, but most people decided to go home with their families.

Ms. Feza was so shaken by the event, that she decided to cancel the rest of her performance and head back home. Those that did return, only sat in their seats and muttered among themselves in shock at what took place. Before long everyone deserted the concert and quietly went home.

A conclusion to a summer in Malesia turned out to be a night polluted with fear, intimidation, and ethnic profiling. It was perhaps Podgorica's gesture to Albanian-Americans that they remember what awaits for them next year, and thereafter. Who knows.

But one local student perhaps summed it up best: "Those of you that live in the Diaspora can now go home and forget this ever happened, but what about those of us that live here very day ... ? We are never allowed to forget."


Anonymous said...

Although these raids are common throughout Montenegro, and especially at night-clubs in Podgorica, this particular one was an overkill.

The "troopers" were fully armed and prepared to take down anyone they considered a credible threat, and they were about to do this before women and children.

I was at the event, and it was funny because not one women was searched, and they all walked out with their handbags, something they could have used to hide guns, etc., or whatever they thought they were looking for.

It was no more a random raid than a plot to disrupt the concert and send fear throughout our community, period!

Anonymous said...

I've been visiting Montenegro every other summer for the past 15 years, and actually attended a few concerts in Vitoj that were raided because of unruly conduct, behavior, and such.

I've been to Montengrin concerts that have been completely raided much the same way it appears this concert has been.

Crying "fearmongering" is doing exactly what you yourselves are accussing the Montenegrin autorities of doing. Turning a raid into an "elaborate attempt to submit the local and peaceful Albanian citizens to a cruel and unruly ethnocentric government" will not only instill even more fear among the local Albanian population, but may eventually cause a few of them to do something rash.

That is something Albanians in Malesia can certainly do without.

Anonymous said...

where you there??

Anonymous said...

This will be very counter productive for the Duko's and Ferhat's criminal enterprise!!!!

This will back fire on them.

Time for war!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can understand police interfereing at events where "unruly" conduct ensues, BUT this particular event was (1) peaceful by all means, and (2) raided by anti-terrorist units.

This was nothing like those you have witnessed in your 15 years.

Anonymous said...

Time for war?

only at the breaking point ...

Anonymous said...

time to light that fucken place up!! the bullet is all those serbs understand. lets give them what they want.

Anonymous said...

"time for war"

"light the place up with bullets"

Jeez. And you wonder why Montenegrin police are going out of their way to root out separtist and terrorist acitivities amongst Albanians in Montenegro. You're giving them more and more reason to suspect that something WILL go down.

Anonymous said...

Wow, those two comments before the last comment are insane. You guys need to grow up.

I may be wrong, but I bet you can't even read and write Albanian. It's always these types that are the biggest "patriota" demek.

Anonymous said...

Go back to your facebook browsing faggot! Those two comments come from those that see the politics every day, not like you who goes there to just party with Slavs and come home when your money is spent!!

Anonymous said...

this is for the "jeez" peace is the only option guy. before you start holding hands and hugging trees, you seem to be forgetting what the montenegrins/ serbs have been doing to us until recently ok? i agree with the two "insane" guys. maybe getting treated like a bitch on your own land is ok with you, but that terrorism against albanians needs to stop. youre everything thats wrong with malesia. sissy motherfucker!

Anonymous said...

and to the other faggot, your father must be proud. then again, hes probably a self-hating albanian like the majority of malesia. dede gjon luli is turning in his grave. what a shame!